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Which Colleges Accept the Coalition Application (AKA CAAS)?

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Chances are, if you’re a high school senior applying to college this fall, you’ve heard about the Coalition Application, also known by its acronym, CAAS (the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success). The Coalition is a group of over 90 member schools committed to making college accessible and affordable for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.


All Coalition member colleges have demonstrated a significant commitment to making the process of paying for colleges a lot less painful for families. All affiliated public colleges offer relatively affordable tuition, as well as need-based aid for in-state students. Affiliated private colleges meet 100% of admitted students’ demonstrated financial need.


In many ways the Coalition Application and the Common Application are similar; both platforms ask for general demographic information, both have a set of essay prompts from which every applicant must respond to one, and both allow you to apply to multiple colleges with ease by requiring you to fill out all your basic information only once.


They do differ in some ways, however. One of the Coalition Application’s notable features is that it allows students at any stage in their high school career to create an account and begin working on their application. Students can store application materials like recommendations, arts portfolios, and essays in a “locker”, and can also share the contents of their “locker” with parents, guidance counselors, and friends. Ultimately, the Coalition seeks to give students control over their own application experience by managing all their materials in one place and starting as early as they’d like.


Whether you’re a first-generation college student interested in learning more about financial aid opportunities or a fan of the clear, straightforward essay prompts, it’s worth looking into applying via the Coalition Application. Below, we’ve listed all the Coalition’s 90+ inaugural member colleges – and you can expect this list to grow in coming years.



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