• Love Cooking? Turn Your Passion into a Quirky Extracurricular Activity

    If you’re passionate about cooking, you can turn that love into something more than just a hobby. Transforming your passion for cooking into after-school pursuits add to your extracurricular profile—which colleges love.. And it doesn’t end there! Many occupations aside from the obvious cooking-focused ones like chef, caterer, and so on involve a great degree of cooking, such as hospitality manager, food scientist or chemist, and agriculturalist.

    If you hope to incorporate cooking into your profession—or just love to be in the kitchen—here are some off-the-beaten-path ideas that can turn your passion into an extracurricular that will peak admissions committees’ interest.

  • What Student Tours and Admissions Meetings Won’t Tell You About a College

    If you decide to visit a college campus, you may be wondering what it’s like to be a student there—how do students live on their own, what is a typical day like for them, and what do they do all day? Attending an admissions session or taking a campus tour may give you some answers, […]

  • Learning Disability? There Are Lots of Resources for You to Succeed in High School

    All people learn differently. But while all students have naturally variable approaches to learning (read more about different learning styles here), others have difficulties with specific skills that generally come more easily to their peers. A learning disability is a neurologically-based processing disorder that makes it difficult for people to learn basic skills such as reading, writing, and math, or higher level skills such as organization, time planning, abstract reasoning, long or short term memory and attention.

  • How to Show Colleges You Support Sustainability

    If you care about environmental issues, it could be worthwhile to get involved in sustainability projects in high school. Not only will you be making a positive impact on the planet but you will be aligning yourself with the goals and initiatives of potential colleges you’re applying to. To discover what sustainability is, why you should show colleges you support it, and some ways to get involved, read on.

  • How to Write the Brandeis University Essays 2017-2018

    Founded in 1948 in Waltham, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, Brandeis University is one of the youngest private research universities in the nation. Despite its relative youth, Brandeis has grown rapidly, providing its 3500 undergraduate students with numerous research opportunities, a tight-knit community, and a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Although Judaism played an [...]
  • How to Write the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Essays 2017-2018

    The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is a top-ranked public university with a long history of excellence in sports, the arts, and academics. Founded in 1817 with the motto, “Arts, Knowledge, Truth,” the University now has one of the largest alumni networks in the world. No matter which of Michigan’s 19 schools or colleges [...]
  • Prestigious Photography Competitions for High School Students

    Photography contests are a great way to establish yourself as a serious and successful photographer. Not only do they highlight your photography skills, but also they prove your willingness to take a risk and your initiative to seek out opportunities.

    Photography contests can be more than simply a way to gain recognition. They sometimes offer cash, scholarships, or quality photography equipment as prizes. Winning a contest can be exciting; some contests even host shows or awards banquets that may allow you further exposure for your work and provide important networking opportunities with other photographers.

    Here, we’ve compiled our list of six top photography contests for high school students. If you’re interested in entering a photography contest, keep reading to learn more.

  • What If I Just Can’t Bring Up My Grade in That One Challenging Class?

    You’ve worked hard to achieve a shining high school transcript and standardized test scores to match. You participate in a variety of extracurriculars but have a clear area of specialty that makes you truly unique. You’re a strong leader, a hard worker, and a devoted community member. By almost every count you should be a shoe-in at any college. But what if math just isn’t your thing? Or what if your writing skills are a little lacking and always have been? What happens when you just can’t bring up your grade in that one pesky subject area? Are top colleges out of your reach?

  • 3 Strategies for Students and Parents to Start Saving for College Now

    Students and parents can be surprised to find that paying for college starts way before the student gets their admissions offer. In addition to the enormous costs of college itself, there are the application fees, the registration fees for each standardized test, the travel costs of visiting colleges, and many more expenses. With these mounting […]

  • College in Three Years? The Pros and Cons of the Fast Track

    Going to college can be an eye-opening and exhilarating four years. However, your college experience doesn’t have to last four years. Completing college in under four years will still get you many of the invaluable opportunities and memories. It is fairly common for students to look at their degree plan, financial situation, or career prospects and decide that they want to earn their bachelor’s degree a semester or even a year early. If you’re thinking that you may want to take the fast track to completing your undergraduate studies, here are some things you can start doing in high school to make that happen, along with some general pros and cons of graduating early.