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Parent Brag Sheet: How to Fill it Out + Example

What’s Covered:


A parent brag sheet is a document filled out by parents or guardians to provide information about their child to school counselors or college admissions officers. It serves as a way for parents to highlight their child’s achievements, strengths, and unique qualities, which may not be reflected in other parts of their application. This is often done in an attempt to honestly highlight the highschool experience of a student and convey their character to an admissions office. 


3 Tips for Filling Out a Parent Brag Sheet


Provide Specific Examples


The more specific you can be when filling out the sheet, the better the picture counselors can paint of your child for colleges. A good way to ensure you are being as detailed as possible is to structure your responses using the STAR interview method. Here’s a brief breakdown of each component:


Situation: Provide a concise description of the situation or context in which your child demonstrated their abilities or accomplishments. This sets the stage for the example you’re about to share.


Task: Explain the specific task, goal, or challenge that your child faced within that situation. This helps highlight their responsibilities and what was expected of them.


Action: Describe the actions your child took to address the task or overcome the challenge. Focus on their skills, efforts, and any notable steps they took to accomplish their goal.


Result: Share the positive outcome or results of your child’s actions. Discuss the impact they made, the achievements they attained, and any recognition or personal growth that resulted from their efforts.


By utilizing the STAR interview method, you provide a clear and structured framework for presenting your child’s accomplishments. This approach allows the counselor or admissions officer to grasp the specific details and understand how your child’s abilities and achievements align with the qualities they seek in applicants. Remember to strike a balance between providing enough information and avoiding excessive details, as counselors often review a large number of applications.


Use An Easy-To-Read Format


As you fill out the parent brag sheet, use an easy-to-read format. If the school provides a sheet with questions, you can organize your responses in paragraph form. Be concise, but ensure you provide enough detail to convey the significance of each accomplishment. This will make it easier for the counselor or admissions officer to understand your achievements and strengths.


Don’t be afraid to showcase their accomplishments and talents—after all it is called a brag sheet. This is the time to highlight your child’s achievements and let the counselor or admissions officer see the unique qualities that make them stand out. By providing specific examples and using the STAR interview method, you can effectively communicate their abilities and accomplishments on the parent brag sheet.


Don’t Be Afraid To Praise Your Student


This is the time to genuinely praise your child and highlight their accomplishments, strengths, and positive attributes. Emphasize their unique qualities that set them apart. Show your pride in their achievements and the positive impact they have made.


Your praise doesn’t just have to be limited to academic or extracurricular accomplishments either. Admissions committees will already get that information in other parts of the application, so the brag sheet is a good opportunity to showcase more personal traits. For example, you could discuss their undying passion for literature and how they are always staying up late to read one more chapter. Or you could describe the way they show up to the family business everyday after school with a smile, eager to assist customers.


By highlighting your child’s accomplishments, strengths, and positive attributes with specific examples, you can convey the pride you feel for their achievements and the confidence you have in their abilities. This helps the counselor or admissions officer recognize the unique qualities your child possesses and the positive impact they can make in their academic and personal pursuits


Common Brag Sheet Questions


Below are example brag sheet questions in various categories to help you navigate creating your own.


Academic Achievement and Goals


  • What are your child’s strongest subjects?
  • Has your child received any academic awards or honors?
  • What are your child’s future educational goals?


Extracurricular Activities and Accomplishments


  • Which extracurricular activities is your child involved in?
  • Has your child held any leadership positions in clubs or organizations?
  • Have they received any recognition or awards for their extracurricular involvement?
  • What do you consider to be your child’s outstanding accomplishments during the past three or four years?
  • If you were writing your child’s college recommendation letter, what would you be sure to include?


Personal Qualities and Character Traits


  • Describe your child’s personality and character traits.
  • How does your child demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges?
  • Can you provide an example of when your child showed compassion or empathy towards others?
  • What do you believe are your child’s special talents?
  • Are there any unusual or personal circumstances that have impacted your child’s education?


Community Involvement and Service


  • Has your child participated in any community service or volunteer work?
  • How has your child made a positive impact on their community?
  • Can you describe a specific instance where your child demonstrated a commitment to serving others?


Example of a Parent Brag Sheet


Using the example questions from before, here are some example responses on a parent brag sheet in regard to their hypothetical child:


Academic Achievement and Goals


I am incredibly proud of my child’s academic achievements, particularly in subjects like mathematics and science. They consistently excel in these areas, earning high grades that reflect their dedication and hard work. I am confident in their ability to continue their academic success. Looking ahead, my child has set ambitious goals for their education. They aspire to pursue a degree in their chosen field of interest and gain admission to a respected university or college. I fully support their educational aspirations and believe they have the potential to achieve great things.


Extracurricular Activities and Accomplishments


My child actively engages in a range of extracurricular activities that align with their interests and passions. They have chosen to participate in debate competitions, which provide them with opportunities to explore their diverse interests and develop important skills outside of the classroom. I am particularly impressed by their commitment and dedication in the student government, where they have assumed leadership positions. Their involvement in extracurricular activities has allowed them to grow as an individual and make valuable contributions to their community. They have received recognition and awards for their outstanding achievements in orchestra, which is a testament to their hard work and commitment.


Personal Qualities and Character Traits


My child possesses a warm and friendly personality. They are known for their kindness, empathy, and respect towards others. In the face of challenges, they demonstrate resilience by maintaining a positive attitude and seeking solutions. I am proud of their ability to show compassion and empathy towards others. An example of this was when they volunteered at a local charity, where they actively listened to, and supported, individuals in need. They have a natural talent for coding and problem solving, which they have nurtured and achieved notable accomplishments in. Their unique abilities contribute to their personal growth and allow them to make a positive impact on various activities and projects.


Community Involvement and Service


My child actively participates in community service and volunteer work. They understand the importance of giving back to their community and making a positive impact on the lives of others. They have dedicated their time to helping local shelters, where they have contributed their skills and efforts to benefit those in need. Their commitment to serving others is commendable and reflects their strong sense of responsibility and empathy.


Overall, I am immensely proud of my child’s academic achievements, their involvement in extracurricular activities, their personal qualities and character traits, as well as their commitment to community service. Their accomplishments and growth over the years have been remarkable, and I have no doubt that they will continue to shine brightly in all their future endeavors.


As you can see, this brag sheet addresses most if not all of the previous questions that we had covered earlier. By doing so, the parent has really opened a window for an admissions counselor to better understand a candidate, their character, and how well they would fit into the school they’re applying to. 


How Much Do Rec Letters Impact My Child’s College Chances


Recommendation letters have an impact on college admissions, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. While a strong letter can help, it is unlikely to make or break an application unless it is exceptionally negative or generic. Academic records, extracurriculars, and essays are the primary factors that carry the most weight in the admissions process. While it’s important to provide a comprehensive brag sheet to recommenders, stressing excessively over recommendation letters isn’t a solution. 


It’s important to stay on top of other factors of your education that have an impact on your child’s chances of admission into their dream school, thankfully CollegeVine’s admissions calculator helps you better understand just that! This intuitive tool uses numerous inputs regarding the child’s academics, extracurriculars, standardized test scores and more to find their unique chances of admissions to a school of their choosing.

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