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College Majors Quiz: What Should I Major In?

Picking a major can be intimidating. With so many fields out there, how do you know which one is best for you? Which one will make you feel fulfilled, help you earn enough money, and suit your preferences? This short, easy quiz will give you guidance on potential fields to explore.


Once you have your results, check out the links below for more info on your best-match majors!






Click the link to jump to resources about your best-fit major, plus more specific suggestions on fields of study.





You have a creative talent and want a career that gives you freedom. You are okay with having a less-competitive salary as long as you feel fulfilled.


Consider these fields: Visual arts, Digital arts, Film/Video and Photographic Arts, Art History, Theater, Dance, and Music.





You're great with people and have a strategic mind. This field is ideal for those who don't mind getting in the weeds of numbers and analytics, but still want ample face-to-face interaction and ever-changing projects.


Consider these fields: Marketing, Business, Administration, Finance, and Sales.








You want an active career with the ability to make a big impact on others. You enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with others. Consider becoming a teacher, counselor, or school administrator.





You can take theoretical concepts and apply them to real-world situations. You want to use your technical knowledge to solve problems and make a difference.



Hard Sciences


You enjoy finding answers to questions and doing hands-on work with others. Hard Sciences majors can expect to have lecture-style courses and many labs. After college, they often enjoy lucrative careers.


Consider these fields: Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, Environmental Science.




Other Hard Sciences




You want to help others improve their lives. You have no problem working under pressure, are comfortable with science/math, and have great communication skills. If you go the doctor or dentist route, you should expect to take on a substantial amount of debt, but this will be rewarded with a lucrative salary later on.


Consider these paths: Athletic Training, Nursing, Nutrition, Public Health, Pre-Dental track, Pre-Med track.




Other Health Fields


Liberal Arts


You have a broad range of interests, love reading/writing, and want your classes involve engaging discussions.


Consider these majors: English, Religion, History, Languages, Gender Studies, Philosophy.




Math/Stats/Computer Science


You have an analytical mind and enjoy finding solutions to problems. You're very comfortable with numbers and abstract concepts. Math/Stats/CS majors often enjoy lucrative careers in traditional office settings, startups, or academia. You can expect to collaborate with others on homework and work projects, though you should also be comfortable doing individual work


Computer Science




Social Sciences


You want to understand how society works and what we can do to improve it. You're good with people, but also don't mind numbers/data, especially when they provide you with insights for your work.


Consider these fields: Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Criminology, Pre-Law track.




Political Science





Lily Fang
Content Manager

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Lily Fang is the Content Manager at CollegeVine and an alum of Amherst College. In her spare time, she trains for marathons and blogs about sustainability, running, and travel.