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Scholarships for Hispanic/Latino Students


Introduction to Scholarships for Minority Students

Paying for college can be a challenge for many students. While financial aid can alleviate some of the burden, many students may need some extra support. (For more advice on how to navigate the financial aid process, check out FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC, Oh My: A Guide to Financial Aid.)


Scholarships can help you out. These monetary awards assist students with paying for postsecondary education. Some are need-based, meaning students must demonstrate that they have a financial need for help paying for college. Others are merit-based, meaning they are given based on students’ achievements. To learn more about the different types of scholarships available, read What You Need to Know for a Successful Scholarship Season.


While there are many scholarships available to which nearly anyone can apply if they are planning on attending an institution of higher education, some are geared towards students with particular interests or certain minority populations. In this post, we will look at scholarships for Hispanic and Latino students.


Scholarships for Hispanic/Latino Students

The below scholarships are specifically targeted to Hispanic/Latino students. Some of them have a financial need component, but most are merit-based. Click on the links provided to learn more about particular scholarships, including deadlines and other application details, and keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive.


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  • Presented by Ronald McDonald House Charities, the RMHC/HACER Scholarship is awarded to Hispanic students based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement. Graduating high school students are eligible for the award, which varies in number and amount.


  • The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers offers a variety of scholarships to Hispanic students intending to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines. A variety of different companies and organizations sponsor the scholarships and offer different amounts.


  • La Unidad Latina Foundation awards a varying number of scholarships to undergraduate or graduate students who have completed at least one year of college at a four-year institution (if undergraduate). The awards range from $500-1,000.


  • The Hispanic Scholarship Fund offers awards to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students of Hispanic heritage. Scholarships are open to all majors, but STEM fields are emphasized. The awards range from $500-5,000. HSF also has many mentorship programs for high schoolers and career development programs for college students.


  • The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute offers four different scholarship-internship programs, each focusing on a different field or program. Scholarships range from $1,000-5,000, and winners are also placed as interns at sponsoring organizations.


  • Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Awards are given to students as grants for education or community projects “to encourage social innovation and entrepreneurship.” The Foundation provides three awards for each category in different regions. The categories include Education, Healthcare & Science, Community Service, Accounting & Math, Innovation & Technology, Engineering, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Media & Entertainment.


Other Sources of Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Some individual colleges offer scholarships for students of specific minorities who attend their schools. Be sure to investigate whether they are available at the colleges on your list and how to apply for them.


Some Hispanic/Latino fraternities and sororities may offer scholarships for members of their organizations. Talk to your group and leaders to find out more.


If you are in a club or organization for Hispanic/Latino students, speak the organization’s leader or advisor for advice on applying for scholarships. He or she may have ideas or know of organizations that provide awards to Hispanic and Latino students. Be sure to also check out the website of the organizations in which you’re involved for scholarship opportunities.


Finally, speak to a teacher or guidance counselor. He or she may have ideas of other resources for finding scholarships.


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