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Your Complete List of Early Action Deadlines for Every EA College

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Early Action, or EA, has become a popular program among colleges in the United States. This admissions program allows students to apply to colleges and hear back from them early, but leaves them the option to apply elsewhere during the normal admissions timeline, compare options, and make a more informed decision about where to attend.


While not everyone chooses to apply somewhere under an early application program, there are notable benefits to making use of this timeline, from the potential security of knowing you’re already admitted to a college early in the process, to improved chances of acceptance at certain schools. It’s an option that’s well worth considering as you’re planning your approach to college applications.


Keeping track of deadlines during college application season can already be a challenge, and the EA process complicates your calendar further. Never fear! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of application deadlines for colleges with EA programs, as well as some helpful tips and background information to help you navigate the EA process. 


Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision: A Refresher


The “normal” timeline for college admissions involves submitting your college applications in the fall of your senior year of high school, hearing back from colleges in late March or early April, and having to make a decision about where to attend by May 1st. This timeline is known as the Regular Decision (RD) timeline.


However, you’ll also find variations on this typical timeline. In addition to the RD process, many colleges now also offer some kind of early application process, through which applicants can submit applications, have them assessed, and receive an admission decision much earlier.


If you apply under the early application option at a college, you submit your application early, during the fall of your senior year of high school. You’ll also get a decision earlier, often in December, before your fall semester even ends. While you may be deferred, meaning that your application has been pushed back to the RD round for further consideration, you may also be accepted or rejected at this point.


Early application programs come in two major types: Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA). There are a few other types of early application programs that you might encounter, and a given college may offer a variety of different application plans.


Some colleges offer rolling admissions, in which applications are evaluated and decisions are made as they’re received, rather than waiting for a standard application deadline and notification date. Some colleges offer a second, later round of ED, known as ED II. Special programs, such as Questbridge, may have early application dates as well. However, ED and EA are the main options for most applicants. 


ED programs generally have strict rules. They’re single-choice, meaning that you cannot apply to any other schools early. They’re also binding, meaning that if you’re accepted, you are contractually obligated to attend. EA programs are more flexible, and give students more freedom to delay a final decision and compare different admissions offers.


The defining feature of EA programs is that they’re not binding—if accepted, you still get to choose whether to attend that college, and usually you don’t have to make a decision right away. You can even apply to other colleges during the regular admissions round and wait for them to make admissions decisions before you make your final college choice.


Some EA programs are also not single-choice, meaning that they don’t ask you to refrain from applying to any other colleges early. However, some EA programs do have this restriction. This approach is known as Single-Choice Early Action (SCEA), or alternatively, Restricted Early Action (REA). If you apply to an SCEA program, you’re not allowed to apply to any other colleges under EA or ED programs.


The most popular due dates for EA applications are in November, either on November 1st or November 15th, or around December 1st. Top-tier, highly competitive schools are likely to use one of these dates. However, plenty of colleges have earlier or later deadlines, so it is essential to look up the dates for your particular school. We offer a full list of deadlines for EA schools at the end of this post.


Applying EA spreads out your application workload, demonstrates your strong interest in the college, and may improve your chances of being admitted at certain schools. If you’re accepted in the EA round, you get to celebrate and enjoy the security of already having one college option secured—and since EA isn’t binding, you can still consider offers from other colleges.


For more detailed information about EA and how to prepare for an EA application, visit these posts from the CollegeVine blog:



Early Action Application Deadlines: The Full List


This list is organized by the month of each school’s first EA deadline. For each application due date, you’ll find an alphabetical list of schools that use that due date as their EA application deadline. For schools that offer a second, later Early Action deadline (EA II), we have included those dates as well.


Keep in mind that these colleges aren’t the only ones that allow you to apply early. Other schools also accept early applications under ED, rolling, or scholarship application programs. The schools included here are specifically those that use EA terminology and do not have a rolling admissions process overall.


Remember, before you submit an application to any college, visit the college’s undergraduate admissions website and thoroughly read all the application instructions. Schools may have ED or other early application programs in addition to EA. When you submit your application, double-check that you’re submitting it within the correct program.


Application dates and requirements may change. Every year, a few of these deadlines switch, so it is important to double check each school admissions website. Occasionally, schools have special timeline requirements associated with their EA deadlines, so it is very important that you check out the admissions page before submitting your application.


Complete List of Early Action Deadlines for Every EA College


Schools with an EA Deadline in September


School Name Early Action Deadline Early Action II Deadline
Monash University September 1 December 1


Schools with EA Deadlines in October


School Name Early Action Deadline Early Action II Deadline
Sweet Briar College October 1 December 2
Luther College October 15 January 1
Mercer University October 15
Nebraska Wesleyan University October 15
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota October 15 November 15
University of Georgia October 15
University of Lynchburg October 15
Westmont College October 15 November 1
Georgia College October 16
Georgia Institute of Technology October 17
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill October 17
University of South Carolina—Columbia October 20
American University in Beirut (AUB) October 31
Transylvania University October 31 December 1


Schools with EA Deadlines in November


School Name Early Action Deadline Early Action II Deadline
Appalachian State University November 1
Assumption College November 1 December 15
Augustana College (Illinois) November 1
Babson College November 1
Bard College November 1
Bard College Berlin November 1
Baylor University November 1
Bellarmine University November 1
Beloit College November 1 December 1
Berry College November 1
Butler University November 1
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) November 1
California Lutheran University November 1
Canisius College November 1
Carroll College (Montana) November 1
Case Western Reserve University November 1
Centenary University November 1
Chapman University November 1
Chatham University November 1
Clark Atlanta University November 1
Clark University November 1
Colorado College November 1
Converse College November 1
Cornell College November 1
Creighton College November 1
D’Youville College November 1
Dean College November 1 December 1
Drexel University November 1
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania November 1 March 1
Elmira College November 1
Elon University November 1
Emerson College November 1
Emmanuel College (MA) November 1 December 15
Fairfield University November 1
Fisk University November 1 February 1
Florida Gulf Coast University November 1
Fordham University November 1
George Fox University November 1 January 15
George Mason University November 1
Georgetown University November 1
Gustavus Adolphus College November 1
Hampton University November 1
Hanover College November 1 December 1
Harvard University November 1
Holy Cross College November 1
Hope College November 1
Howard University November 1
Indiana University Bloomington November 1
Johnson & Wales University—Charlotte November 1
Johnson & Wales University—Denver November 1
Johnson & Wales University—North Miami November 1
Johnson & Wales University—Providence November 1
Kalamazoo College November 1
Knox College November 1 December 1
La Salle University November 1
Lake Forest College November 1 January 15
Lawrence University November 1 December 1
Lewis & Clark College November 1
Linfield College November 1
Lourdes University November 1 March 31
Loyola Marymount University November 1
Massachusetts College for Pharmacy & Health Sciences November 1 December 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) November 1
Miami University (Ohio) November 1 December 1
Minerva Schools at KGI November 1
Morehouse College November 1
Mount St. Mary’s University November 1
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) November 1
North Carolina AT&T State University November 1
North Carolina State University November 1
Northeastern University November 1
Northwest Nazarene University November 1 December 1
Northwestern University in Qatar November 1
Nova Southeastern University November 1
Oregon State University November 1 February 1
Pacific University Oregon November 1 January 15
Penn State November 1
Pennsylvania State University November 1
Pepperdine University November 1
Princeton University November 1
Providence College November 1
Purdue University November 1
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology November 1
Saint Joseph’s University November 1
Saint Michael’s College November 1 December 1
Salve Regina University November 1
Santa Clara University November 1
Sarah Lawrence College November 1
Seattle Pacific University November 1
Simmons University November 1 December 1
Soka University of America November 1
Southern Methodist University November 1
St. Mary’s College of Maryland November 1
Stanford University November 1
Stetson University November 1 January 15
Stonehill College November 1
SUNY Binghamton University November 1
SUNY University at Albany November 1
Susquehanna University November 1 December 1
Temple University November 1
Texas Christian University November 1
The Catholic University of America November 1
The New School November 1
The Ohio State University November 1
The University of Tennessee Knoxville November 1
The University of Utah November 1 February 1
Thomas Jefferson University—East Falls Campus November 1
Trinity University November 1
Union College November 1
University of Akron November 1
University of Chicago November 1
University of Dallas November 1 December 1
University of Dayton November 1
University of Delaware November 1
University of Denver November 1
University of Detroit Mercy November 1
University of Evansville November 1
University of Illinois at Chicago November 1
University of Maryland, Baltimore County November 1
University of Maryland, College Park November 1
University of Massachusetts Boston November 1
University of Massachusetts Lowell November 1
University of Miami November 1
University of Michigan November 1
University of Minnesota Morris November 1 December 15
University of Minnesota Twin Cities November 1
University of North Carolina at Charlotte November 1
University of North Carolina Wilmington November 1
University of Notre Dame November 1
University of Oregon November 1
University of Richmond November 1
University of St. Thomas (MN) November 1
University of Vermont November 1
University of Virginia November 1
University of Wisconsin-Madison November 1
University San Francisco November 1
Ursinus College November 1
Villanova University November 1
Western Colorado University November 1
Wheaton College (IL) November 1
Worcester Polytechnic Institute November 1 January 1
Yale University November 1
University of Massachusetts Amherst November 5
University of Southern Maine November 14
Agnes Scott College November 15 January 15
Anna Maria College November 15
Birmingham-Southern College November 15
Bridgewater State University November 15
Bryant University November 15
California College of the Arts November 15
College of Mount Saint Vincent November 15
College of Saint Benedict November 15 December 15
College of St. Scholastica November 15
College of Wooster November 15
Concordia College November 15
Concordia University, Irvine November 15 February 15
Concordia University, Portland, OR November 15
Covenant College November 15
DePaul University November 15
Earlham College November 15 January 1
Eckerd College November 15
Emory & Henry College November 15 January 15
Framingham State University November 15
Frostburg State University November 15
Georgia State University November 15
Hampden-Sydney College November 15
Hawaii Pacific University November 15
Hendrix College November 15 February 1
High Point University November 15
Hofstra University November 15 December 15
Hollins University November 15
Illinois Wesleyan University November 15
John Cabot University in Rome November 15
Kettering University November 15 January 15
Lasell University November 15
Le Moyne College November 15
Loyola University Maryland November 15
Loyola University New Orleans November 15
Lynn University November 15
Lyon College November 15 February 1
Marist College November 15
Marymount University November 15
McDaniel College November 15 December 15
Menlo College November 15
Merrimack College November 15 January 15
Mills College November 15
Millsap College November 15
Monmouth College (IL) November 15 January 15
New Jersey Institute of Technology November 15 December 15
Oglethorpe University November 15
Ohio University November 15
Point Loma Nazarene University November 15
Purchase College, SUNY November 15
Randolph College November 15
Randolph-Macon College November 15
Reed College November 15
Regis College November 15
Rhodes College November 15
Rider University November 15
Rivier University November 15
Roberts Wesleyan College November 15 February 1
Roger Williams University November 15
Saint Anselm College November 15
Saint John’s University (MN) November 15 December 15
Saint Joseph’s College of Maine November 15 December 15
Saint Mary’s College of California November 15
School of the Art Institute of Chicago November 15 January 15
Seattle University November 15
Seton Hall University November 15 December 15
Shepherd University November 15
Siena College November 15
Southern New Hampshire University November 15
Spelman College November 15
St. John’s College (MD) November 15
St. John’s College (NM) November 15
Suffolk University November 15
SUNY College at Old Westbury November 15
SUNY College at Oneonta November 15
SUNY Cortland November 15
SUNY New Paltz November 15
SUNY Oswego November 15
SUNY Polytechnic Institute November 15
SUNY University at Buffalo November 15
Texas Lutheran University November 15
The American University of Paris November 15 February 1
The College of Idaho November 15 January 15
The Culinary Institute of America (CA) November 15
The Culinary Institute of America (NY) November 15
The Culinary Institute of America (TX) November 15
The University of Scranton November 15
Tulane University November 15
University of Colorado Boulder November 15
University of Hartford November 15 December 15
University of Maine at Farmington November 15
University of Mary Washington November 15
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth November 15
University of Michigan—Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute November 15
University of Minnesota Crookston November 15 January 1
University of New Hampshire November 15
University of Puget Sound November 15
University of Redlands November 15
University of the Pacific November 15
University Tampa November 15 January 15
Warren Wilson College November 15
Western Michigan University November 15
Westminster College (Pennsylvania) November 15
Wheaton College (MA) November 15
Whittier College November 15
Whitworth University November 15 January 15
Willamette University November 15
Wofford College November 15
Becker College November 16
Underwood International College, Yonsei University November 16
University of Guelph November 17
Lake Erie College November 20
Maine Maritime Academy November 30
University of Maine November 30


Schools with EA Deadlines in December


School Name Early Action Deadline Early Action II Deadline
Adelphi University December 1
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences December 1
Albion College December 1
Allegheny College December 1
Austin College December 1 February 1
Bennington College December 1
Bloomfield College December 1
Caldwell University December 1
Centre College December 1
Christopher Newport University December 1
Colby-Sawyer College December 1
College of Charleston December 1
Colorado State University December 1
DePauw University December 1
Franklin University Switzerland December 1
Furman University December 1
Goucher College December 1
Guilford College December 1
Hamline University (MN) December 1
Heidelberg University December 1
Illinois College December 1
Illinois Institute of Technology December 1
Iona College December 1
Ithaca College December 1
Jacobs University Bremen December 1 February 1
John Carroll University December 1
Juniata College December 1 January 15
King’s College December 1
Lesley University December 1
Lewis University December 1
Long Island University December 1
Lycoming College December 1
Maine College of Art December 1
Manhattanville College December 1
Maryland Institute College of Art December 1 January 5
Marymount Manhattan College December 1
Massachusetts College of Art and Design December 1
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts December 1
Molloy College December 1
Monmouth University December 1
Montserrat College of Art December 1
Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles December 1
Neumann University December 1
New College of Florida December 1
New England Institute of Technology December 1
Notre Dame de Namur University December 1 February 1
Notre Dame of Maryland University December 1 February 1
Ohio Wesleyan University December 1
Old Dominion University December 1
Otis College of Art and Design December 1
Pace University December 1
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts December 1
Presbyterian College December 1
Queens University of Charlotte December 1
Quest University Canada December 1
Radford University December 1
Russell Sage College December 1
Salisbury University December 1
Sewanee: The University of the South December 1
Southwestern University December 1
St. John’s University (NY) December 1
St. Louis College of Pharmacy December 1
The College of Saint Rose December 1
The University of Virginia’s College at Wise December 1 February 1
University of Cincinnati December 1
University of Kentucky December 1
University of New England December 1
University of North Carolina Greensboro December 1 March 1
University of Rhode Island December 1
Wabash College December 1
Wagner College December 1
Washington College December 1
Wittenberg University December 1
Longwood University December 2
Meredith College December 2
Nichols College December 2
Bonaventure University December 10
Coe College December 10
Centenary College of Louisiana December 15
Curry College December 15
Drew University December 15
Otterbein University December 15
Ramapo College of New Jersey December 15
Sacred Heart University December 15
Sterling College December 15 January 15
University of New Haven December 15 February 15
Wells College December 15


Schools with EA Deadlines in January

Note that none of these schools have EA II Deadlines, so none are listed in this table.


School Name Early Action Deadline
Hampshire College January 15
Kean University January 1
Marlboro College January 15
Washington & Jefferson College January 15


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