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The Admissions Process at Xavier University

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Aja Altenhof in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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When Can Students Apply to Xavier University? 


Xavier University’s application deadline is on May 1 every year. Their applications open on August 1 and are evaluated on a rolling basis beginning in mid-September. The first round of decisions is released starting in mid-October, and they continue to be sent out on a rolling basis. 


It is important to check Xavier’s website for specific application instructions and deadlines for the program that you are interested in applying to. Certain deadlines may be earlier than May 1, such as for the Honors and Nursing programs. 


For students applying for financial aid, there is also an incentive to file the FAFSA early. Those who file before December 1 receive a $500 early file grant, which you are eligible for all four years of your degree. 


What Materials Are Needed for the Xavier University Application? 


To apply to Xavier University, students must submit an official high school transcript with a cumulative weighted GPA, a sample essay, and a letter of recommendation from either a high school teacher or guidance counselor. The letter has to be from someone who can specifically talk about your performance from an academic standpoint. 


Xavier University’s application is a test-optional school. That means if you feel like your standardized test scores are not a good representation of your academic ability, you do not need to submit them. If your scores fall within 60 points of the 25th percentile score (SAT) or three points of the 25th percentile score (ACT) for students that Xavier accepts, submitting your test results could be a good idea. If they don’t fall within this range, don’t submit them, as they will only hurt your application.


How Can Prospective and Admitted Students Learn More About Xavier University? 


Each spring, Xavier University hosts events for prospective and admitted students to explore the campus, meet other students, and attend information sessions. There are also information sessions for parents. 


The school also hosts information sessions and other events in various states so students can find out about the school and make contacts more easily. These events also offer an opportunity for students who are seriously considering attending Xavier University to meet and connect with others from their region before making their final decision. 


For more information on admission, cost, or academic opportunities, check out CollegeVine’s Xavier University profile.