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Which Colleges Award Automatic Scholarships Based On SAT Scores?

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Merit scholarships, which are awarded based on academic excellence or excellence in other areas, can go a long way in reducing your college attendance costs. While many outside scholarships require you to submit essays or other materials to be considered for an award, some offer them automatically based on factors such as your GPA or SAT/ACT scores.


Here’s a list of colleges that offer scholarships automatically based on test scores. (Note: These scholarships are generally awarded on the basis of SAT or ACT scores but many also require a certain minimum GPA).


A Word About the National Merit Scholarship


Top 1% scorers on the PSAT by state are given National Merit Semifinalist status, and can go on to compete for finalist status and scholarships of $2,500. In addition to the $2,500 awards the roughly 7,500 National Merit Scholarship winners receive, some colleges grant additional scholarships if you list them as your first choice on your National Merit materials.


For example, Iowa State offers full tuition, while Michigan State offers full ride to these individuals. Some colleges, such as Washington State, even offer additional scholarships to National Merit finalists and semifinalists.


For more information about National Merit, see our post: What is National Merit? How do I Qualify?


Opportunity Scholarships From the PSAT/NMSQT


Junior and senior high schoolers living in the U.S. and its territories may also qualify for College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Comprised of six steps, this scholarship is designed to help students plan, prepare, and pay for school. Students may earn multiple chances to enter, and the organization gives out awards through monthly drawings. Below are the steps for earning money toward college:


1. Build Your College List: $500

2. Practice for the SAT: $1,000

3. Improve Your Score: $2,000

4. Strengthen Your College List: $500

5. Complete the FAFSA: $1,000

6. Apply to Colleges: $1,000

7. Complete Your Journey: $40,000


Automatic College Scholarships Awarded Based on SAT/ACT Scores


Alabama State University


Presidential Academic Scholarship: Full Ride

Requirements: 3.76 GPA and 26 ACT or 1240 SAT


Academic Excellence Scholarship: Full Tuition Plus (Tuition plus additional fees and books)

Requirements: 3.51 GPA and 22 ACT or 1190 SAT


Academic Incentive Scholarship: Full Tuition Plus (Tuition plus $500 for books)

Requirements: 3.00 GPA and 20 ACT or 1020 SAT



Baylor University


President’s Gold Scholarship: $19,000-22,000


Provost’s Gold Scholarship: $16,000-18,000


Dean’s Gold Scholarship: $13,000-15,000


Founder’s Gold Scholarship: $7,000-12,000


Requirements for all: Varies; estimate using this calculator.



Clemson University


Trustee Scholarship (in-state residents): $1,000

Requirements: Top 10% of class and 1270 SAT or 27 ACT


Trustee Scholarship (out-of-state residents): $7,500

Requirements: Top 10% and 1360 SAT or 29 ACT

(higher amounts available for higher scores; renewable)

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Colorado State University


Residents: $1000-$4,000

Requirements: 3.6-4.0 GPA and 1260-1450 SAT


Non-Residents: $5,000-$10,000

Requirements: 3.20-4.0 GPA and 1130-1330 SAT


Florida Gulf Coast University


President’s Gold: $5,000

Requirements: 3.9 GPA and 1320 SAT


President’s Silver: $3,000

Requirements: 3.5 GPA and 1220 SAT


Blue and Green Scholars (non-residents): $15,000

Requirements: 3.9 GPA and 1320 SAT


Blue and Green Directors (non-residents): $10,000

Requirements: 3.5 GPA and 1220 SAT


Georgia State University


Eligibility requirements are not available. However, the school offers several automatic scholarships ranging from $500 one-time awards to $3,000 renewable scholarships. Apply by November 15th to be considered.


Howard University


Presidential: Tuition, Fees, Room, Board, $950 Book Voucher, & Laptop

Requirements: 3.75 GPA and 34 ACT or 1530 SAT


Founders: Tuition, Fees, Room, Board & $500 Book Voucher

Requirements: 3.50 GPA and 32 ACT or 1450 SAT


Capstone: $3,500 – $32,231

Requirements: 3.30 GPA and 28 ACT or 1270 SAT

(Renewable pending college GPA; scholarships available on a first-come, first served basis; need taken into account)


Louisiana Tech University


Many scholarships available starting at $2,000 for 23-24 ACT and 3.0-3.749 GPA. The highest scholarships available is the:


Presidential: $9,000 for 3.0-3.749 GPA and 33+ ACT or $9,500 for GPA of 3.75-4.0 and 33+ ACT


Texas State University


President’s Honor Scholarship: $26,000 to $38,000 total award

Requirements: Top 25% of graduating class or IB diploma or AP Capstone Diploma

1450 SAT or 32 ACT


Renewable pending:

  • 3.25 Cumulative Texas State GPA
  • Complete 28 passing Texas State hours/year (fall/spring)
  • Undergraduate status


Texas Achievement Scholarship: $10,000 to $22,000 Total Award

Requirements: Top 25% of graduating class or IB diploma or AP Capstone Diploma

and 1270-1440 SAT or 27-31 ACT

(Renewable pending same criteria as above)


Texas Tech University


Presidential Scholarships: These awards are automatic and are guaranteed for applicants who apply by December 1 and are admitted by April 15.

Requirements: 1100+ SAT for students in the top 20% of their class; required class rank drops as SAT score goes up.


Tuskegee University


Distinguished Presidential: Full tuition, room/board, and $800 books

Requirements: 3.7 GPA and 1390 SAT or 3.0 GPA


University Merit: Full tuition and $800 books

Requirements: 3.5 GPA and 1250 SAT or 26 ACT


Additional scholarships available for 2.8 GPA and 1000 SAT or 21 ACT.


University of Alabama-Huntsville


Charger Distinction: Full Tuition

Requirements: 3.5-4.0 GPA and 30 ACT or 1390 SAT


Charger Excellence: Full tuition and housing + an additional two years of housing

Requirements: 4.0 GPA and 36 ACT or 1600 SAT


Additional scholarships available for GPAs started at 3.00 and 25 ACT or 1200 SAT.


University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa


Presidential Scholar: Full Tuition/$25,000 for out-of-state residents

Requirements: 3.5 GPA, 32-36 ACT or 1420-1600 SAT


Presidential Elite Scholar: Full Tuition plus 1-year housing, $1k stipend-4 years,$2k summer research/study abroad, $500/yr books

Requirements: 4.0 GPA, 36 ACT or 1600 SAT


University of Arizona


Resident Wildcat Awards: $3,000-$15,000

Requirements: The highest awards go to students with 4.0+ GPA and 1420+ SAT scores.


Non-Resident Arizona Awards: $2,000-$35,000

Requirements: The highest awards go to students with 4.0+ GPA and 1420+ SAT scores.


University of Louisiana-Monroe


President’s Distinguished: $10,000 + Study Abroad + iPad

Requirements: GPA 3.7 and 33-36 ACT


Smaller awards available for lower ACT and GPA combinations.


University of Mississippi


Residents: $1,000-$8,718

Requirements: 3.0 GPA and 1050 SAT


Non-Residents: $1500-$8,718 plus $16,272 towards non-resident fee

Requirements: 3.0 GPA and 1130 


University of Missouri


Mizzou Scholars Award: $10,000

Requirements: Must be a state resident and have a 1450 SAT


Chancellor’s Award: $6,500

Requirements: Must be a state resident and have a 1390 SAT


Curators Award: $4,500

Requirements: Must be a state resident and have a 1300 SAT


Excellence Award: $3,000

Requirements: Must be a state resident and have a 1200 SAT


Mark Twain Scholarship: $7,000 to $15,000

Requirements: For non-residents with a 1260-1360 SAT


Black & Gold Scholarship: $7,919 to $15,838

Requirements: For non-residents with a 1200-1260 SAT


Border State Scholars: $2,500

Requirements: Must have a 1200-1350 SAT and live in a state bordering Missouri


University of Oregon


Summit: $24,000 ($40,00 for out-of-state)

Requirements: 3.80 GPA, 1250 SAT


Apex: $12,000 ($30,000 for out-of-state)

Requirements: 3.60 GPA, 1220 SAT


Utah State University


Residents: From $750 per year to 100% Resident Tuition & Student Fees

Requirements: Awards granted based on academic stats, from a 3.0 GPA and 900 SAT to 4.0 GPA and 1600 SAT


Non-Residents: From 67% of tuition for 1 year to 100% Tuition & Student Fees

Requirements: Awards granted based on academic stats, from a 3.4 GPA and 900 SAT to 4.0 GPA and 1600 SAT


Next Steps


Make sure you look at the requirements for any scholarships for which you might be eligible thoroughly; some still require applications, while others are awarded to anyone who qualifies. You should also take note of whether you can apply them in conjunction with other scholarships you earn from outside organizations.


And work hard! Many scholarships are renewable pending minimum college GPAs.


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