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Frequently Asked Questions About Clemson University

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Amanda Poore, an Admissions Counselor at Clemson University, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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Scholarships at Clemson


Do you have to apply to the Honors College in order to get a substantial scholarship if you’re from out of state?


The Honors College does not automatically award scholarships to every single accepted student. The best way to be considered for aid at Clemson is to apply by the priority deadline. You can also be considered for grants, loans, and scholarships by filling out the FAFSA by January 2nd of your senior year of high school.


Students are also encouraged to seek out outside scholarship opportunities. For out-of-state students, Clemson merit-based scholarships alone will not bring tuition down to an in-state level. These can help offset the cost, but due to the competitive admissions process, Clemson cannot award everyone a merit-based scholarship. Prospective students can ask for assistance from their guidance counselor and do their own research about other scholarship opportunities to make sure Clemson will be affordable for them and their families.


Are SAT scores required for scholarship consideration?


Since Clemson currently has a test-optional admissions process, SAT scores are not required for scholarship consideration. You will still be considered for merit-based scholarships even if you don’t submit test scores as part of your application.


However, keep in mind that if you do not submit test scores, the admissions committee will rely more heavily on your academic performance to determine your eligibility. If you’re at the top of your class, for example, it could benefit you to not submit test scores. If you’re in the top 15% or 20% of your class, however, not including test scores in your application could hurt you because of the competitive applicant pool.


The prevailing advice among admissions officers is to take the SAT as many times as you can and try to do as well as possible. Once you receive your scores, you can determine whether sending them to Clemson will be beneficial.


GPA Requirements


What is the average GPA that Clemson accepts? Will Clemson accept a weighted GPA?


Yes, Clemson will accept a weighted GPA if it is provided. Since some students’ GPAs come from weighted scales, the university does not provide an average GPA of its accepted students. Most have rigorous high school course loads, with mainly A’s and perhaps a few B’s on their transcripts; however, this can vary depending on the competitiveness of the major to which they’re applying.


There are also curriculum recommendations and requirements for prospective Clemson students, but you shouldn’t let them keep you from applying. Requirements vary by state and by school, and not all students will have access to the same classes during their high school careers. Admissions officers want to see that you’ve taken as rigorous a course load as possible in your specific situation.


Majors at Clemson


Does the website have a list of majors that are hard to get into?


Clemson doesn’t post the most competitive majors online because they change from year to year. For example, in 2021, the psychology major, which is a popular major at Clemson, was not filled. This year, however, it was closed due to an increase in applications.


There isn’t space to fill every single major, but there are some majors that receive a great deal of interest from applicants and are therefore more competitive than others. As you fill out your application, you’re welcome to reach out to the Clemson admissions office and ask about the status and popularity of specific programs.


Prospective students should note that it is easier to be admitted to a major with limited space and to transfer out of it than it is to be admitted to an open major and then try to switch to a more competitive program.


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