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How to Pursue a Pre-Med Path at City College of New York

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by a City College of New York Admissions Officer, Gail Fong, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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Interested in becoming a doctor? The City College of New York, also known as City College or CCNY, can provide you with the undergraduate education needed to help you succeed in medical school, and later as a practicing physician. City College’s BS/MD track, the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program, can even help those sure about their choice of career earn their medical degrees in an expedited period. 


This article will take you through the different options you have as a pre-med student at City College of New York and offer guidance to those interested in applying.


Pre-Med at City College of New York


The premedical studies track, or Pre-Health Program, at City College is a program, rather than a major. Students are free to major in any field of study they would like, but they do have to take certain courses, such as biology and chemistry. These classes will help pre-med students prepare to meet medical program admission requirements, which can include a professional medical degree, as well as degrees in veterinary medicine or dentistry. 


The pre-med program provides resources such as academic advisement, tutoring, workshops, internship opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. They will also advise students as they navigate medical school admissions and the application process.


Applying to the Pre-Health Program


As the oldest of City University of New York’s (CUNY) higher education institutions, CCNY is one of the top-ranked universities within the system. The acceptance rate is 51%, and academics are very important for admission.


Once admitted to City College, students must apply to the Pre-Health Program. Before applying, you should have completed a year of general biology, as well as a semester of chemistry and a semester of calculus. To remain in the program, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA. 


What is the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program? 


The Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program is a BS/MD program. If you’re committed to becoming a physician, this program can help you achieve your goals—and in a shorter time frame, too.


Unlike the Pre-Health Program, the Sophie Davis Program is a committed major. For the first three years of the program, students complete the requirements for a BS degree in biomedical sciences. After this, you get to jump right into the MD degree at the CUNY School of Medicine, which will take four years. 


There’s no MCAT requirement, and students get a specialized integrated curriculum that provides early exposure to clinical practice. The program also provides academic and personal support services—for those who are already sure that medicine is the field for them, this program is a great pick to make that possible. You’ll be able to get your medical degree faster than most, and you’ll be able to depend on the Program’s network of advisors whenever you feel like you could use some assistance.


Applying to the Sophie Davis Program


A BS/MD program is a very attractive option for aspiring doctors, but admissions standards are often more competitive than general school admissions. The Sophie Davis Program at City College is no different; the school has a holistic approach to admissions and asks for a strong academic background, proven community service, and demonstrated motivation. 


Prospective students need to have strong backgrounds in math and science. Test scores are optional, but you should make sure to have a good academic record—the Sophie Davis Program wants students with a 3.0 GPA at minimum. 


The application for the Sophie Davis Program also requires three essays, and five letters of recommendation. Because this program is looking for well-rounded, motivated individuals, some letters of recommendation should come from your teachers and counselors and some should come from work or volunteering sources. 


The program has their own admissions process and admissions counselors. They provide open houses and tours throughout the year, if you’re interested in learning about what they have to offer. They only admit students in the fall semester, and have a December application deadline. 


If you’re sure about your decision to pursue medicine, and City College seems like the right college for you, the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program could be just what you’re looking for!