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What’s harder than studying for the SAT? You might think that’s the first half of a bad joke, but in our experience, prepping for the SAT isn’t the hardest part—it’s the waiting that really gets you. All that studying and stress gets poured into your work on a single test, and then you have to sit and wait to find out how you did.


So, how long exactly can you expect to wait for your SAT scores? The short answer is that it depends on when you took it. To learn more, including the score release dates for the 2018 SAT test administrations, keep reading.



How Long Does It Take To Get Your SAT Scores Back?

In general, the first test scores become available online about 13 days after you take the test. The exact date varies according to the date you took the SAT and according to your region, as not all test scores are released on the same date.


The first scores released will be for the multiple choice portion of your test. This includes the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores, and also includes your cumulative score. These scores are usually available online 13-19 days after you take the test, though for some summer test administrations it can take up five and a half weeks.


When Is Your SAT Essay Score Available?

When you check your scores initially, you will probably only see your cumulative score and section scores. These won’t include the optional essay section, even if you chose to take this part of the test. Essays take a little longer to score because they are physically reviewed by two essay scorers, rather than being scanned by a machine as the multiple choices are. Your essay score is generally available about five days after your multiple choice scores are released.



When Are Your SAT Subject Test Scores Available?

Subject test scores are released on the same schedule as the multiple-choice scores for regular SATs. This means that if you took SAT Subject Tests on March 10, 2018, your scores will be released on March 23, 2018, the same day as scores on the regular SAT are released.



SAT Score Release Dates 2018-2019


SAT Test DateMultiple-Choice Scores Release DateEssay Score Release Date
March 10, 2018March 23, 2018April 3, 2018
March 21, 2018April 13, 2018April 13, 2018
April 10, 2018May 3, 2018May 3, 2018
April 24, 2018May 17, 2018May 17, 2018
May 5, 2018May 18-24, 2018May 29, 2018
June 2, 2018July 11, 2018July 11, 2018
August 25, 2018September 7, 2018September 9, 2018
October 6, 2018October 19, 2018October 21, 2018
November 3, 2018November 16, 2018November 18, 2018
December 1, 2018December 14, 2018December 16, 2018
March 9, 2019March 22, 2019March 24, 2019
May 4, 2019May 17, 2019May 19, 2019
June 1, 2019July 10, 2019July 14, 2019

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How Do I Get My SAT Scores?

The easiest and quickest way to receive your SAT scores is through your online CollegeBoard account. Simply visit the CollegeBoard homepage, and click on the blue box that prompts you to login with your username and password. Then, click on the “My SAT” link underneath your name. You’ll then be able to view all your available test scores, listed by test date.



Keeping Track of Test Dates and Score Release Dates

It can be tricky to track all these dates, especially if you’re also juggling AP tests and SAT Subject Tests. We recommend keeping a calendar all these dates clearly noted on it. Some students find that a physical calendar provides the visual reminder that they need to stay organized. Others prefer to use a virtual calendar or app to help keep track. If this is the method you choose, we recommend that you set alerts for important dates so that they don’t go unnoticed.



What If I Didn’t Get the Score I Wanted?

If you didn’t get the SAT score you were hoping for, don’t stress. Unless it’s December of your senior year, you probably have time to improve significantly before you apply to college. If you didn’t get the score you wanted, review the SAT calendar and set your sights on a new test date. Then, review your complete score report to get a better idea of what areas tricked you up the most. Focus on these areas to improve your score over the next few weeks.


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