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What Does It Take to Get Into the University of Delaware?

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With a beautiful campus located in Newark, Delaware—a short drive away from both Philly and New York—and a growing reputation as a respected research institution, the University of Delaware is on the rise.


In fact, the 2017-2018 admissions cycle saw a record season, with application numbers approaching 30,000. Applicants hailed from 48 states and over 100 different countries, continuing a culture of thriving diversity on the UD campus.


However, as the number of applications goes up, it can only be that the acceptance rate comes down. In 2017, UD saw its acceptance rate drop almost ten percent, from 67 to 60%.


Coming years will only see this university continue its climb in popularity, so for UD hopefuls it is now more important than ever to stand out in the dense population pool. Read on for the CollegeVine rundown of what it really takes to get into the University of Delaware.


Applying to UD: A Quick Review


The University of Delaware accepts both the Common Application and the Coalition Application, making it a convenient addition for students already applying to schools on either of these platforms. As an added bonus, there is only one deadline to keep in mind: applications for prospective first years must be submitted by January 15th.


Here’s a review of the steps to a complete UD application:


  • Add the University of Delaware to your college list on the Common or Coalition Application
  • Complete the personal statement
  • Complete the required information. If you are interested in the UD Honors Program, be sure to indicate this on the application in the provided space
  • Send official high school transcript
  • Send your standardized test scores, SAT or ACT, through the testing agency’s website (Note: UD is test-optional for first years who are residents of Delaware. More information can be found here)
  • Provide two letters of recommendation, one of which must come from your school counselor
  • Submit the $75 application fee or fee waiver
  • Optional: Answer the UD supplemental questions


UD Acceptance Rate: How Difficult Is It to Get In?


With an acceptance rate of 60%, the University of Delaware is considered a moderately selective institution. Of their nearly 30,000 applications, about 12,000 are ultimately rejected, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years. Prospective applicants have to put their best foot forward in order to have a shot at acceptance into the University of Delaware’s incoming class. 

So, How Does One Get Into The University of Delaware?


The following is a list of requirements that must be satisfied in order to be considered for admissions.


  • English: 4 years
  • Mathematics: 3 years (4 recommended)
  • Science: 3 years (4 recommended)
  • History/Social Sciences: 4 years
  • Foreign Language: 2 years; Same language (4 recommended)
  • Electives: 2 years
  • Total: 18 units (20-22 recommended)


More information regarding specific classes and programs can be found here.


GPA & Courseload. During the 2017-2018 admissions cycle, students admitted to the University of Delaware had an average weighted GPA between 3.60 and 3.99. For the Honors Program, it was an even more prestigious 3.92 to 4.17. In other words, the profile of the average accepted student consists of both strong grades and a rigorous course load.


Your transcript must demonstrate a desire to push yourself beyond your comfort zone through challenging courses. That said, the closer you are to the upper end of the GPA range, the greater your chance of acceptance. Therefore, don’t feel pressured to take a course load so challenging that your grades suffer. Strive to achieve a balance.


Standardized Testing. If you are not eligible for the test-optional policy offered by the University of Delaware (more information here), which requires a B+ average or above as well as proof of Delaware residency, you are expected to submit official SAT or ACT results. Here is a rundown of UD’s 2017-2018 admitted student averages:


  • Middle 50% SAT: 1200-1350
  • Middle 50% ACT: 25-30
  • Middle 50% SAT Honors Program: 1380-1475
  • Middle 50% ACT Honors Program: 30-33


If your GPA is on the weaker side, the standardized tests provide a great opportunity to redeem the academic strength of your application. It is therefore highly encouraged that you take the SAT or ACT a few times, using test prep to improve your composite score. While the University of Delaware does not employ an official cutoff score, we recommend getting as close to the upper end of the above range as possible.


How to Make Your Application Stand Out


Apart from the required personal statement that you will complete as part of the Coalition or Common Application, UD offers the opportunity to respond to five optional writing prompts. You can respond to as many or as few as you choose, but if you’re serious about wanting to go to UD, you’ll answer all of them.


By not answering the UD supplemental essays, you risk giving the admissions committee the impression that you are not all that interested in their school. Even if you consider yourself highly qualified, not answering the prompts could be mistaken for an indication that you consider UD a safety school. In this case, they may reject you as a means to protect their enrollment rate. Don’t take this chance.


That said, you don’t have to view the essays as merely an obstacle between you and a completed application! Many students feel the numbers on their application are an unfair representation of who they are and what they’ve done; the essays are on opportunity to give a voice to your application. Use the essay as an opportunity to provide context for your accomplishments and interests–tell them who the person behind the numbers is.


If you’re still confused on how to write the University of Delaware supplements, check out this post.


What If You Get Rejected?


First, take a breath. Know that it is going to be okay. For most, a dose of rejection is an inevitable part of the trying process that is college admissions. It can be hard, particularly when you’ve had your heart set on a specific school, but remember: the University of Delaware is just one school in a country full of thousands! You will find your school.


In fact, here’s a list of colleges that are remarkably similar to the University of Delaware. Whether you’ve been rejected or not, they may be worth considering.


  • Penn State University
  • Temple University
  • Drexel University
  • Delaware State University
  • Suffolk University
  • Goldey-Beacom College


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