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An Introduction to the University of Pennsylvania

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Aja Altenhof in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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You may know the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn or Penn) as the school that throws toast on the football field during their football games or as the creator of the first all-purpose electronic computer, called “Enoch.” You may even know of some of Penn’s most famous alumni, such as Elon Musk, John Legend, and fashion icon Tori Burch. In this article, we introduce you to UPenn and discuss its location, application process and deadlines, and academic programs.


UPenn’s Location


The University of Pennsylvania is a great place to live as a student. It’s located in Philadelphia, and while it is just two hours from Washington, D.C., Philly is a city that’s great in its own right. There is much to do on campus and in the surrounding area.


The Penn Museum is located on campus, a quick walk from most of the dorms, and the Mütter Museum at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia is also nearby. UPenn’s campus is a 20-minute walk to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where students can go up the iconic rocky steps to view galleries.


Philadelphia does experience snowy winters, which can be a bit of a shock to students from warmer places. Penn students should be sure to have a good winter coat and a pair of snow boots to stay warm during the winter.


Deadlines and How to Apply


Penn accepts the Coalition Application and Common App. Penn does not have a preference for either of the two application platforms, so students should choose to apply using whichever application is easiest and most strategic for them to use. 


UPenn has two application deadlines, each with its own considerations. Its Early Decision deadline is November 1 and students who apply by this date get their decisions by mid-December. The Regular Decision deadline is January 5, and the decisions are released by April 1.


Academics at UPenn


Penn’s Academic Offerings


UPenn is an Ivy League school that prides itself on its academics. The school is divided into four colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Nursing, the Wharton School, and College of Engineering.


Regardless of what school or major you choose, Penn encourages students to take courses across all four schools. The curriculum makes it possible for students to sample among more than 4,000 courses, choose from a variety of interdisciplinary majors, and pursue more than one degree. 


Penn’s Four Colleges


The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 50 majors and is where most freshmen at Penn study.


Penn’s School of Nursing, which is an undergraduate nursing program, is an excellent choice because the in-class learning is supported by hands-on clinical training in the nearby Penn Medicine medical center.


The College of Engineering offers 14 majors, as well as four interdisciplinary majors where students can study cutting-edge topics like data science and sustainability.


The most famous school at Penn is the Wharton School, its business school. It’s one of the few schools in the nation that offer an undergraduate business program. At Wharton, you can choose from more than 20 different concentrations, including social impact and responsibility, art, science, and medicine. Whatever direction you want to take in business, you can do it at Wharton.