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How to Write the University of Wyoming Essay 2020-2021

The University of Wyoming is the state’s flagship university and its premier public university. U.S. News ranked it as 228rd on the 2020 National Universities list and 109th in Top Public Schools. Located in Laramie, Wyoming, it lies in the southeast corner of the state.


UW has a 96% acceptance rate, and of the admitted students, the middle 50% SAT scores were 1080-1270, and 22-28 for the ACT. With over 190 areas of study, and an average undergraduate class size of 29 students, UW provides its attendees with copious opportunities while retaining a student-focused approach.


UW has also been recognized for being one of the top “adventure colleges” by Outside magazine, which may be due in part to its programs through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). NOLS is an immersive wilderness exploration program that teaches topics such as mitigating risk or treating injuries in the wilderness, affording students the skills to “adventure with confidence.”


If you’re ready for adventure and the complete UW experience, read on to learn how to answer its supplemental essay prompt. Want to know your chances at UW? Calculate your chances for free right now.


What is your top reason for applying to the University of Wyoming? (250 words)

In essence, this prompt is asking “Why University of Wyoming?” It is not enough to respond to this prompt with generic sentiments such as the breadth of curriculum offered by UW. To start addressing this prompt, you should do some research–the school’s site is a great starting point. 


Dig into programs and extracurriculars that pique your interest, as well as your major’s departmental offerings and available concentrations. If anything catches your eye, explore it further until you feel confident speaking about the opportunity in detail, and how it would help you achieve your goals. 


Here’s a good and bad example:


Bad: University of Wyoming’s amazing Marketing and Management program appeals to me because I want to become Director of Human Resources at a major company. 


Good: As long as I can remember, I was the friend others could rely on when they were dealing with a tough time. I used to mediate my younger siblings’ conflicts by talking to them over a plate of cookies I would bake for what we called our “family chats.” In high school, I realized that I could use my mediation skills in school and professional settings too, whether in Student Council or between my co-workers at the local ice cream shop. So naturally, I gravitated towards Wyoming’s Management and Marketing program, where I can pursue my passion for peaceful conflict resolution through human resources. Courses like Human Resources Management will equip me with the skills to serve as a strong link between a company’s management and its employees, and teach me new ways to deal with conflict when it arises.”


The former response is vague, and doesn’t really demonstrate strong interest in UW. This latter response, written after a quick perusal of the Management and Marketing program, not only teaches you more about the school, but demonstrates a genuine interest in a unique opportunity. This response gives specific information, while the anecdote creates imagery that makes the passage more vivid in readers’ minds. 


It is important to remember that college isn’t only about academics, but also what you do outside of the classroom. Many students often forget that “Why School” prompts are also asking about your potential extracurriculars and social life. Tie the clubs and organizations that you would like to join into your current interests. This is a way to show genuine interest in UW’s specific offerings outside of the classroom. 


Here is an example of a response that takes personal past experience and connects it to future opportunities at the University of Wyoming. 


“I’ve always been very environmentally conscious – from repurposing old clothes to buying my friends reusable straws, I go the extra mile to ensure I am living as sustainably as possible. At the University of Wyoming, I look forward to joining ROaR!; participating in this restoration program will allow me to continue working with others to reduce our environmental impact.”


The specific details of this passage adds authenticity to the essay, and the program mentioned shows a strong fit with an extracurricular at UW.


With these tips in mind, you are ready to begin crafting an effective and powerful essay for your application to University of Wyoming! We at CollegeVine wish you the best of luck! 


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