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20 High School Internships in Atlanta in 2023

What’s Covered:


High school internships have become increasingly common in recent years as students have gotten more career-focused and are now vying for admission at top schools. Internships let high schoolers test drive potential careers (before even committing to a major), gain work experience, and build skills that will serve them in both the collegiate and professional worlds.


Internships also allow students to bolster their networks and meet mentors who can help guide them on a career path. Additionally, internships look great on a college application—they demonstrate maturity and show that you are committed to pursuing opportunities in fields of interest.


Home to world-class universities, globally recognized businesses, and a variety of cultural sites, Atlanta provides numerous internship opportunities to high schoolers.


20 High School Internships in Atlanta


1. UGA Young Scholars Internship Program (YSP)


Application deadline: January 31, 2023

Duration: 6 weeks (May 31 – July 14, 2023)


The University of Georgia YSP provides six-week, paid internships to students interested in agriculture, food, and environmental sciences. Participants engage in research under the guidance of a faculty mentor at UGA’s Athens, Griffin, or Tifton campuses. The program culminates in the three-day Young Scholars Pre-Collegiate Research Conference, where scholars are given the opportunity to present their research through oral and poster sessions.


The program is open to students 16 years of age or older who’ve completed their sophomore year of high school. Participants also need to have completed at least a semester of algebra and one high school science course that included a laboratory.




Application deadline: January 22, 2023

Duration: 5 weeks (June 12 – July 21, 2023)


This five-week, paid internship enables high schoolers to engage in real-world science and engineering research at one of Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) laboratories or its Warner Robins field office. Interns work under the mentorship of GTRI researchers on projects ranging from piezoelectric systems to rapid prototyping, and from robots and drones to the physics of radar emissions. The program concludes with a final presentation in which participants showcase their work.


The program is open to Georgia residents attending high school in the state. Students must be in their sophomore, junior, or senior years and at least 16 years old. Participants are expected to work 24 hours per week over the course of the program’s five weeks. Admission to the STEM@GTRI program is selective—just 50 to 60 students are chosen to participate annually.


3. Atlanta Bar Association Summer Law Internship Program


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 6 weeks


For three decades, the Atlanta Bar Association has offered six-week, paid internships to Atlanta-area high schoolers. Participants are placed with local law firms, government agencies, and corporations where they learn about potential careers in law. Interns also receive educational and professional support—such as financial assistance for LSAT preparation or Bar Review classes—at the end of the internship.


4. Fulton County Youth Commission


Application deadline: May 19, 2023

Duration: Approximately 120 hours annually


The Fulton County Youth Commission is a service-oriented leadership program that deepens young people’s knowledge of local government. The aim of the program is to get the leaders of tomorrow involved today. Participants tackle issues facing today’s youth by addressing problems and influencing government mandates, policies, and legislation—all while interacting with local- and state-level politicians.


Youth Commissioners volunteer up to 20 hours a week and 120 hours annually. The program is open to Fulton County residents who are freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at a school within county lines.


5. Bank of America Student Leaders


Application deadline: January 12, 2023

Duration: 8 weeks


Bank of America Student Leaders address social issues while building their resumes and job skills. The program pairs community-minded high school juniors and seniors with paid internships at local nonprofits—like the Boys and Girls Club and Habitat for Humanity—through which they gain work and life experience. The program wraps up with a weeklong, all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., where participants will attend the National Student Leaders Summit.


The Bank of America Student Leaders Program is open to students in over 100 communities across the U.S., including Atlanta. Participants should plan on working 35 hours a week during the internship.


6. DPR Construction Build Up Internship


Application deadline: March 31, 2023

Duration: 8 Weeks


This program, provided by DPR Construction, introduces high school students to careers in construction management. Participants work in the job trailer and learn from project managers about the administration of multi-million dollar building projects, a process that involves a lot of technology and a number of professionals.


This paid opportunity is available to rising high school juniors and seniors from eligible communities, including Atlanta. Interns must come from families with an income below the HUD Median Family Income (MFI) in their county. They should expect to work between 35 and 40 hours a week.


7. C.W. Matthews Contracting High School Internship


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 8-12 weeks


C.W. Matthews Contracting Company, a leading heavy highway construction contractor that operates throughout Georgia, offers paid internships to high schoolers. In addition to a paycheck, interns learn about the process of building roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure while also exploring potential career paths in the construction industry.


Students are encouraged to follow the path they find most interesting. Opportunities are available in a range of fields, such as:


  • Heavy equipment operations and equipment maintenance
  • Surveying
  • Traffic control
  • Asphalt manufacturing, asphalt milling, and asphalt/concrete installation
  • Bridge construction
  • Quality control


8. Georgia Power High School Summer Internship


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 8 weeks


This eight-week, paid internship shows high schoolers what it’s like to work as an apprentice lineworker. Interns gain job experience working alongside Georgia Power line crews performing basic work, learning about power line construction standards, and exploring potential career paths—such as lineworker or meter tech. Interns also spend time developing soft skills and doing CAST (Construction and Skills Trade test) preparation.


To qualify for this program, interns must possess a driver’s license and a clean driving record, must be able to perform physically demanding activities, and must be capable of working outside in all conditions. Interns also need to pass pre-employment screenings, including a drug test and a criminal background check. Interns are paid $15 an hour.


9. Emory University Winship Summer Scholars Research Program


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 6 weeks (June 5 – July 14, 2023)


This prestigious paid internship invites just 10-12 students to participate annually and provides an immersive experience in the world of cancer research. Interns work one-on-one with a Winship Cancer Institute researcher or clinician who serves as their mentor in a laboratory or clinical research experience.


Participants listen to lectures and go on field trips aimed at deepening their knowledge of cancer research and potential careers in the field. The program culminates in a symposium where interns present their research to friends and family along with Winship doctors, researchers, and graduate students.


The program is open to rising and graduating high school seniors who are at least 17 years old. Students work a typical nine-to-five schedule and receive a $2,400 stipend at the conclusion of the program.


10. Next Gen High School Internship Program


Application deadline: February 15, 2023

Duration: 1 week (June 1 – July 7, 2023)


This paid internship is provided by the Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Human Genetics. The internship is open to rising high school juniors and seniors who are at least 16 years old and from historically underrepresented minority groups in Metropolitan Atlanta. Participants gain clinical and lab experience working one-on-one with a mentor.


The program seeks to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in STEM. Interns are paid $2,000 for completing the program.


11. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta VolunTEEN Program


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 8 weeks (June 5 – July 28, 2023)


Students with an interest in healthcare will want to check out the VolunTEEN program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. VolunTEENs support hospital staff, play games with patients, and provide a valuable service to their community while gaining firsthand healthcare experience. Interns also are given special opportunities, like the chance to attend information sessions with healthcare professionals.


The program is open to high schoolers between the ages of 15 and 18. VolunTEENs are asked to commit to volunteering at least one day a week for a minimum of three hours.


12. Wellstar Kennestone High School VolunTeen Program


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: June – July 2023 (other sessions available during the school year as well)


This program allows high schoolers to explore potential healthcare careers while gaining real-world experience at a world-class medical center. Volunteer opportunities are open to high schoolers between the ages of 15 and 18. Volunteers assist in a variety of tasks, including customer service, clinical and non-clinical departments, patient transport, and wayfinding. Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one four-hour shift per week.


This is a selective position and the number of applicants regularly outstrips the number of open volunteer positions—that is, not all applicants are given volunteer positions.


13. Senator Raphael Warnock Georgia Internships


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 4 weeks

  • Session 1: June 6 – July 3, 2023
  • Session 2: July 11 – August 8, 2023


Senator Raphael Warnock offers internships at his Atlanta office to highly motivated, detail-oriented, and energetic individuals with strong ties to Georgia. Interns should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills and should be team-oriented and highly organized. Interns assist in a variety of day-to-day activities, including answering phones, logging constituent opinions, and assisting office staff.


14. Atlanta Botanical Garden High School Summer Internship


Application deadline:  April 2, 2023

Duration: 7 weeks (June 6 – July 20, 2023)


Students 16 years of age and older with an interest in science and plants will want to explore this opportunity at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Interns work with staff to cultivate, conserve, and teach others about the garden’s plant collections. Internship experiences vary and can include working in a plant conservation research lab, greenhouses, the Fuqua Orchid Center, or outdoor spaces like the Edible Garden or Storza Woods.


Interns will also build college and career readiness and their professional network. Students are paid $10 an hour and are asked to commit to working 18 hours a week.


15. ACLU of Georgia Internships


Application deadline: April 1, 2023

Duration: 12 weeks (May 22 – August 11, 2023)


The ACLU of Georgia provides internships to high schoolers, undergraduates, and graduate students. Opportunities are available in six fields:


  • Communications
  • Community engagement
  • Development
  • Legal
  • Policy
  • Voter rights


Interns are expected to commit to working 15 hours a week and are paid $15 an hour.


16. High Museum of Art Teen Team


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: Yearlong (with regular meetings and an 8-week summer intensive)


The High Museum’s Teen Team is a collection of 15 creative high school students interested in art and community engagement. Participants learn about the inner workings of the museum, help plan Teen Nights and public programming, and learn about the museum’s collections and exhibits. Interns also develop civic and team-building skills while learning about possible career paths.


The Teen Team is a yearlong commitment that includes participating in an eight-week summer intensive. The position is paid and open to rising high school juniors and seniors.


17. Atlanta Film Society Internships


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: Minimum 16 weeks (June – August 2023)


This internship with the Atlanta Film Society—an organization that presents film screenings, hosts an annual screenplay competition, and operates the Atlanta Film Festival—is sure to catch the eye of film buffs. Interns assist with administrative duties, membership, and event planning while gaining real-world experience working for a non-profit. Interns will also gain an understanding of what goes into producing a film festival. Internships are available in a variety of concentrations, including:


  • Business development
  • Community relations
  • Content writing
  • Marketing
  • Media/video tech
  • Operations
  • Outreach


Interns must be at least 18 and high school seniors are considered on a case-by-case basis. Interns are asked to work 10 hours a week for a minimum of four months. This is an unpaid position. Nevertheless, interns are granted free membership to the organization.


18. Georgia Aquarium Internships


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 8-12 weeks


While not a high school internship—since the Georgia Aquarium requires interns to be at least 18 and a high school graduate—this is a great opportunity for graduating seniors. Interns support both the aquarium’s zoological operations teams and non-zoological operations teams, and have clearly defined learning and professional goals. Interns aren’t paid, but they do receive some benefits, like free admission and parking and a variety of discounts around the aquarium.


High school students who are interested in working at the Georgia Aquarium—but who aren’t yet eligible for an internship—will want to check out their Beginner Environmental Leadership Program, which is open to high school students between the ages of 15 and 18.


19. TAG-Ed Summer Internship Program


Application deadline: March 31, 2023

Duration: 5 weeks (with variable start dates in June)


TAG-Ed pairs STEM-oriented, high-achieving high schoolers with Georgia companies interested in investing in STEM talent and the future technology workforce. Opportunities are available in the Greater Atlanta area and span a variety of industries.


Internships are open to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are 16 years of age or older. Interns should be prepared to work between 20 and 30 hours a week over the course of a five-week internship.


20. Fulton County Summer Youth Internship Program


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 5 weeks


The Fulton County Summer Youth Internship Program provides paid summer employment in a wide range of career fields to people between the ages of 16 and 24. Interns are provided with job-readiness training and career guidance.


Interns will work a maximum of 150 hours over this five-week internship.


How Do Internships Impact Your College Chances?


Extracurricular activities, like internships, play an important role in college admissions. This is particularly true at selective schools where an attention-grabbing extracurricular can help you stand out from a crowded field of academically excellent candidates. However, not all extracurricular activities are equal; some carry more weight than others.


The four tiers of extracurricular activities provide a good example of the lens admissions officers view your activities outside of the classroom through. Tiers 1 and 2 hold the most influence on college admissions and are reserved for the most outstanding and uncommon activities. Tiers 3 and 4 include more common extracurriculars and have less impact on admissions.


Generally, any given internship will fall under Tier 2 or 3, depending on the internship’s selectivity and prestige, as well as the responsibilities interns have to take on. Internships are less common than typical Tier 4 activities, but are not quite as rare and distinguished as typical Tier 1 activities.


CollegeVine’s free chancing calculator can help you better understand your odds of getting into college. It uses a variety of factors, including academics, extracurricular activities (like internships), and demographics to estimate your chances of getting into hundreds of colleges across the country.

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