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Guide to Applying to University of Colorado Boulder

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Maddie Harvey and Kate Stricklan in a CollegeVine Livestream. You can watch the full Livestream for more info.


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Are you interested in attending the University of Colorado Boulder? As part of the illustrious University of Colorado system, CU Boulder is the state’s flagship university, home to a host of academic programs and a vibrant community.


Undergraduate Admissions Process


If you’re applying to CU Boulder as a first-year undergraduate student, your first step is to complete the Common Application, available online via commonapp.org. Transfer students should use the transfer application at colorado.edu. Both applications open on August 1st.


After completing the application, you will submit it, along with your required documents and your application fee. This includes the application itself, one essay, two short answer questions, and a $65 application fee ($70 for international students).


Your high school should also send any official high school transcripts, along with college transcripts, if applicable. SAT and ACT scores are optional — it’s completely up to you whether you choose to submit them. You will also need to submit one academic letter of recommendation and a resume or activities list.




The first deadline is November 15, which is the Summer and Fall early action deadline. Then, January 15 is the Summer and Fall regular decision deadline for first-year students.


You can view the transfer deadlines, which differ slightly from first-year deadlines, on the school’s official website.


How CU Boulder Evaluates Your Application


CU Boulder performs a holistic review of your application. The factors it assesses include the difficulty of your classes, your course load, your cumulative GPA — a positive, upward grade trend is helpful — any test scores that you choose to submit, and the strength of your current schedule. 


In terms of extracurriculars, they will look for any volunteer and work experiences that you’ve had, any leadership positions you’ve held, and unique talents in your background. 


They will also pay attention to any extenuating circumstances that you choose to share on your application. 


Final Steps


To see the status of your application, check your email for instructions on how to access the application status page. It’s important for you to put down an email that you have access to because of all of the important updates you’ll receive. Even your admission decision is going to be sent to the email that you have registered with your Common Application.


Remember there are many rewards to attending CU Boulder. The opportunities aren’t just limited to your years on campus — they extend far beyond graduation. 


Being a part of the community means joining a group of bold people doing bold things. Eighty-nine percent of CU Boulder graduates were employed or in grad school within six months of graduation, and 80% of graduates are accepted into their first-choice grad school. It’s an exciting place to be and grow!