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10 Georgia Scholarships to Save You Thousands on College

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Graduating in the Peach State? Looking at ways to pay for college? We’ve got you.


As of 2020, there were 551,411 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in Georgia. Congrats, you’re about to add to that number! Right now, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to pay for your education. Luckily for you, Georgia has many scholarships specifically for its high school grads. That’s you! 


Before you take a look at these scholarships, make sure you complete the FAFSA and a CSS profile. These are some of the easiest ways to get aid for college. Done with those? Let’s take a look at some scholarships in Georgia.


10 Georgia Scholarships to Save You Thousands on College


1. HOPE Scholarship

Amount: Varies based on the type of institution and hours of enrollment

Deadline: The last day of the school term or a student’s withdrawal date, whichever occurs first


  • Must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Meet the postsecondary institution’s residency requirements
  • Be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at a USG, TCSG, or eligible private HOPE college or university in Georgia
  • Be in compliance with Selective Service registration requirements
  • Meet academic achievement standards
  • Be in good standing on all student loans or other financial aid programs
  • Be in compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990


Application Requirements: Complete the FAFSA or Georgia Student Finance Application (GSFAPP)


The HOPE scholarship is awarded to Georgia students who have shown a high level of academic achievement. It provides tuition assistance at HOPE-eligible colleges and universities. Applications can be tracked online, and eligibility can vary based on the individual situation of each student. The scholarship offers a calculator to determine the GPA you should report, as well as your chances of being chosen.


2. Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program

Amount: $500-$1,000

Deadline: February 19th


  • Must be a high school senior attending school in a county where the Georgia Mining Foundation maintains operations
  • A minimum score of 960 on the new SAT or a minimum score of 18 on the ACT
  • Completed required high school courses


Application Requirements

  • Fill out the application information
  • Submit a faculty recommendation
  • Complete a 200-word essay
  • Provide evidence of a financial need
  • HS transcript


The Georgia Mining Association comprises over 40 mining and mineral producers who have operations in 112 counties in Georgia. It employs over 7,000 people in the state and has established a $40,000 scholarship fund to distribute as $500 scholarships. The essay should talk about one of the following: extracurricular activities, home life, plans for the scholarship money, how it will help you in the future, and any other information you would like the committee to know about you. The point is to give the judges a more personal insight into you as a student. The entire application packet must be mailed to the Foundation and postmarked by the due date.


3. Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia Scholarship

Amount: $500

Deadline: March 15th

Eligibility: The student must be a Georgia HS senior accepted to a Georgia college or university


Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Letter of acceptance or enrollment from an accredited institution in Georgia
  • Proof of Georgia residency
  • Submit a 1000-word essay


COAG offers three scholarships per year to deserving Georgia students. All application materials are to be emailed to the Association by the due date. The essay must be typed, and cannot contain any reference to the high school attended by the applicant, the applicant’s name, or the town or county the applicant resides in. The committee members will select the recipients primarily based on essay content.


4. Greenhouse Scholarship

Amount: Varies per recipient

Deadline: September 1st


  • Graduating HS senior planning to attend a four-year accredited academic institution
  • US citizen or permanent resident and a legal resident of Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, or North Carolina
  • A cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above
  • An annual household income no greater than $70,000


Application Requirements: Complete the online application


The Greenhouse Scholars program hopes to inspire change in low-income communities through cultivating leaders and role models for those communities. Scholarship recipients must possess excellent leadership skills, the ability to persevere through difficult circumstances, and a strong interest in and commitment to their community. The application consists of four rounds, including essays, a video, and informational responses. Students who make it to the final rounds will participate in an in-person interview and will be notified of their acceptance by phone and email.


5. Zell Miller Scholarship

Amount: Varies based on the type of institution and hours of enrollment

Deadline: The last day of the school term or a student’s withdrawal date, whichever occurs first

Eligibility: Varies based on institution graduated from


Application Requirements: Complete the FAFSA or Georgia Student Finance Application (GSFAPP)


The Zell Miller Scholarship is offered to Georgia residents who show a high level of academic achievement and promise. The student must attend a Zell Miller-eligible college or university, and applications can be tracked online. Program eligibility varies widely based on the situation of the individual student, so be sure to check your specific information on the Zell Miller website!


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6. Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships

Amount: $2,500 per semester

Deadline: February 8th


  • Student’s permanent address must be in one of the following counties: (Georgia) Burke, Columbia, Elbert, Glascock, Hart, Jefferson, Jenkins, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond, Screven, Taliaferro, Warren, Wilkes; (South Carolina) Abbeville, Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Edgefield, Greenville, McCormick, Spartanburg
  • A current high school senior or undergraduate student
  • Plan to attend a 4-year, regionally accredited, non-profit college


Application Requirements

  • Complete an online application
  • HS transcript
  • Provide a letter of recommendation


The Watson-Brown Foundation seeks to provide the need and merit-based scholarships to students in South Carolina and Georgia who are going to attend four-year colleges and universities. Founder Walter J. Brown believed that a college education was the best avenue toward success, and wanted to help bring that opportunity to disadvantaged students. He established the Foundation in 1970 to serve that purpose. Students will apply online, submitting their supporting materials and the full online application.


7. Riding Forward Scholarship

Amount: $3,500 or $5,000

Deadline: March 31st 


  • Be a legal US resident of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Texas
  • Be age 13 or older
  • Be enrolled in 12th grade at a public, private, or home school
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Plan to attend an accredited college in the next school year


Application Requirements

  • Complete the online application
  • Submit an essay


The Regions Riding Forward Scholarship is meant to celebrate Black progress and achievement from the Civil Rights Movement to today. Students will choose a Black American who has inspired and motivated them. In their essay, students should discuss how this person’s story has been an inspiration in their lives, and how their contributions have inspired or motivated the student. 15 high school seniors will receive $5,000 as the winners of the essay contest.


8. Public Safety Memorial Grant

Amount : Award covers the total cost of attendance, minus any other financial aid, not to exceed $18,000 per year.

Deadline: Varies


  • The dependent child of a Georgia Public Safety officer who was permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty
  • US citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Legal resident of Georgia 12 months prior to receiving aid
  • In compliance with Selective Service registration requirements
  • Satisfactory academic progress
  • In compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990


Application Requirements:

  • Complete the application documents
  • Certify eligibility through the college financial aid office
  • Provide documentation of death or disability


This grant provides educational assistance to dependent children of Georgia Public Safety officers who were permanently disabled or killed in the line of duty. To receive this award, the student must complete the application and have their eligibility certified by their college’s financial aid office. Once deemed eligible, the student will be asked to submit documentation about the accident or incident resulting in the parent’s death or disability to the Georgia Student Finance Authority. They will be notified when processing is complete and the award is made. Students must reapply each year.


9. REACH Georgia Scholarship Program

Amount: Up to $2,500 per year for four years

Deadline: Depends on the school system


  • A US citizen or eligible non-citizen for 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of classes on the spring semester of their 7th-grade year
  • Be enrolled in a REACH participating school system
  • Qualify according to the federal income eligibility guidelines
  • No more than two in-school suspensions during the two semesters or four quarters immediately prior to the spring term of the student’s 7th-grade year
  • No crime/drug convictions
  • No truancy record 


Application Requirements

  • Selected in the 8th-grade year to participate throughout high school
  • Nominated by school counselors, principals, superintendents, or other school faculty
  • Parents/guardians must complete a release of information form
  • Demonstrate academic promise


The REACH Georgia program is meant to provide high school students with the support to graduate and reach their highest potential in post-secondary studies. REACH students are chosen based on need and academic potential and are provided coaches to mentor them. The Academic Coaches monitor student progress, help students develop plans for their education and careers, and identify needed supports. They model positive behavior for the student and provide knowledge, advice, guidance, and support related to education and goals. 


10. Georgia HERO Scholarship Program

Amount: Up to $2,000 per year

Deadline: June 1 of each year


  • An active member of the Georgia National Guard or US Military Reserves who is a Georgia resident and has served in a combat zone for at least 181 days
  • OR the child of a member of the Georgia National Guard or US Military Reserves and Georgia resident and born prior to or within 9 months of the deployment
  • OR the child of a member of the Georgia National Guard or US Military Reserves and Georgia resident whose parent was killed, died of injuries sustained in, or 100% disabled due to injuries sustained in a combat zone


Application Requirements : Students must file a Georgia HERO application each year of their scholarship.


The Georgia HERO Scholarship program is designed to aid members of the Georgia National Guard, US Military Reserve, and their families. Students using this program can receive up to $8,000 over the course of their university education but must file a renewal application each year. Students must submit copies of the DD214 military record or other documentation of service, along with their birth certificate, adoption documentation, or legal guardianship documents. 



3 Tips for Applying for Scholarships


1. Start early


All scholarships have deadlines, usually in the winter or spring before graduation. It’s important to make sure you are being proactive when you’re applying so that you don’t miss out. You want to be sure you are researching and filling out applications well before the deadline so that when it comes, you’re already good to go! That way you can spend the end of your senior year enjoying all the wrap-up festivities, and not stressing about college money.


2. Look close to home


National programs are great, and they often give large rewards, but they usually attract a large number of applicants. Local scholarships tend to have a much smaller applicant pool, making it easier for you to stand out and impress. These awards tend to be smaller than the more well-known scholarships, but you have a much better chance of wowing the committee. You can also personalize the application to where you’re from, showing how your community has impacted you. We’ve offered you some scholarships in your state, but also check out opportunities in your county; your school counselor may be able to help with those!


3. Make a plan


The last few months of your senior year are going to be extremely hectic, and you need to be organized so you don’t miss anything. As early as possible, you should get a planner and use it! If you’re not a paper and pencil person, there are plenty of free online planners and apps you can use. Write down application deadlines for schools and scholarships, along with your high school’s end-of-year activities. Make a to-do list to keep track of application requirements. This will help you stay organized and on top of things.

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