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A Guide to Applying to the Engineering Program at CCNY

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Gail Fong, Admissions Counselor for CCNY, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:



Engineering Majors and Opportunities at CCNY


The Grove School of Engineering is one of the most popular programs at the City College of New York (CCNY). Some majors within the engineering program are biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering. There are many more as well, so if you are interested in engineering, CCNY is a great option to consider. 


There are many opportunities for growth within the engineering school. Many students take part in national engineering competitions. One example is the Concrete Canoe Metropolitan Conference where a group of engineering students from CCNY entered and built canoes out of concrete. The CCNY team ended up placing first in this competition! Other competitions include the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chem-E-Car Competitions where students construct a car powered by a chemical energy source. These are just a couple of the different opportunities that engineering students at CCNY have to learn outside of the classroom.


Student Life and Study Abroad Programs


Students in the school of engineering have their own study abroad program. They can participate in the US Global Engineering Education Exchange Programs, where engineering students have the opportunity to study engineering in other countries. There is also the Engineers Without Borders project where students have traveled to El Salvador to build clean water systems. Both of these study abroad programs show the growth opportunities available for engineering students. Each country approaches its engineering projects differently. There are different rules and regulations, so the ability to travel and learn about different projects around the world is very special. 


The Council of Engineering Student Organizations meets every month to monitor and add new clubs to the Grove School of Engineering. Some of these clubs include the aerospace club, robotics club, and steel bridge club. In these monthly meetings, the organization discusses how best to serve the student life and engineering community at CCNY. One of the benefits to come from these meetings is special tutoring programs for engineering students.


Applying to The Grove School of Engineering


Freshman applicants interested in any of the majors within The Grove School of Engineering will need to have a competitive academic background. Most students admitted have grades around an 85 or higher in their classes. You will want to make sure your math and science courses in high school are particularly high. Engineering involves a lot of math and science ability, so the engineering program is looking for students who excel in these areas. By your senior year, you should have at least one calculus class under your belt.


The City College of New York requires students to submit either their ACT or SAT scores to apply. Admitted students get on average 1160 on the SAT and a 24 on the ACT. If you are looking to apply, aim for these scores. The Grove School of Engineering is especially competitive, so an ACT or SAT score above the school average would be a great addition to your application.


There are two application deadlines for engineering majors. The fall deadline is February 1st and there is also another deadline on September 15th for spring applicants. The engineering majors tend to fill up quickly so the first deadline is your best shot at being admitted. 


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