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How You Can Get Involved in the Community at Xavier

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by MacGregor Yates, Admissions Counselor at Xavier University, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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Student Life at Xavier University


Campus life is an integral part of any student’s college experience. At Xavier University, students can join a vibrant community as soon as they arrive on campus. With many clubs, student organizations, and varsity club or intramural sports, you can dive deeper into an existing interest or hobby or try out something new. 


Xavier University is located in the city of Cincinnati, a great location for students to get involved and have off-campus experiences year-round. The city is easily accessible for students living on campus and offers different restaurants and cuisines for students to try. For the sports enthusiast, Cincinnati is home to the Reds, Bengals, FC Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Cyclones, all of which are located around downtown. If you want a bit of southern comfort, you can go across the river to Northern Kentucky to either Covington or Newport.


Home to eight Fortune 500 companies, Cincinnati offers many opportunities for professional development. Whether it’s getting an internship as a business student or completing a research or rotation program at one of the hospitals as a nursing or pre-medical student, students can take advantage of numerous opportunities to expand their academic and professional interests both on and off campus. Students can even get involved at one of the Cincinnati public schools, teaching in some of the classes as early as freshman year.


Professional development and internship opportunities are not limited to students in pre-professional academic programs. Whether a student is interested in nonprofit work, curating or partnering with a museum, sustainability, or the environment, Cincinnati is home to several organizations where students can get involved and get a bit of professional experience under their belt, even before they walk across the stage and grab that diploma at graduation.


Opportunities to Get Involved on Campus


In terms of athletics, Xavier offers varsity, intramural, and club sports for athletes of all skill and interest levels, everyone from the talented hobbyist to the retiring high school athlete. Xavier is home to 19 D1 sports teams, including both men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s soccer. With the fame of Xavier’s men’s basketball team in the Big East Conference, it’s not unusual for home games to be fully packed. 


Student ticketing for these events is included in your tuition, so students always have an opportunity to go to these games. Cincinnati locals and Xavier alumni, staff, and faculty will often come out to support the team.


The basketball court holds sentimental value even outside of games. All first-year students go through orientation in this building in the fall, and in the spring of their senior year, those same students will graduate there. The court plays a nice beginning, middle, and ending role in each Xavier graduate’s career.


Outside of athletics, Xavier has over 160 clubs and student organizations for students to get involved in. Greek Life, identity-based organizations, and interest-based and academic clubs are among the organizations that students can join as early as their first year. Students are also encouraged to seek out community service opportunities as a way to stay connected and give back to the community around them. Xavier students log an average of over 80,000 service hours each year at the local, national, and international levels. 


As Xavier is of the US’s 27 Jesuit colleges and universities, service and community are at the root of the school’s mission. If you’re looking for more information on Jesuit colleges and their philosophies, check out this post on all the Jesuit colleges and their CollegeVine rankings!