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15 Summer Programs in Ohio for High Schoolers

What’s Covered:


Summer might not be here quite yet, but with the sun coming out and the school year rounding the corner into the fourth quarter, it’s time to start thinking about your summer plans. Summertime is a great opportunity to try something new, explore an interest, or get a head start on the school year ahead. Summer programs are an excellent option for those looking to accomplish all three. 


Summer programs, or pre-college summer programs, offer structure to the summer months and allow students a glimpse of what it’s like to attend college and explore interesting fields. Topics range from STEM to theater, with no shortage of options, no matter where your interests lie.


15 Summer Programs in Ohio for High Schoolers


1. Reynolds Young Writers Workshop


Affiliate College: Denison University 

Grades: 10th and 11th 

Cost: $650-$1,350

Deadline: N/A

Additional requirements:

  • Short answer questions
  • Writing sample
  • Letter of recommendation¬†


Hosted by Denison University, the Reynolds Young Writers Workshop offers a great opportunity for students who want to advance their writing in an intimate setting. Each day consists of a morning and afternoon workshop, with groups not exceeding 12 students. Attendees will have the opportunity to work with visiting writers and core faculty in a setting conducive to one-on-one instruction. Beyond the workshops, students forge connections with peer writers while engaging in a variety of recreational activities, from hiking a bio-reserve to bowling and volleyball.


2. Nikki Kukwa Aeronautics Camp


Affiliate College: Kent State University 

Grades: 9th-12th 

Cost: N/A

Deadline: 6/1/22

Additional requirements:

  • Essay¬†
  • Teacher recommendation¬†

Just fifteen lucky female high school students are chosen to participate in this incredible three-day summer experience. Participants explore careers in aviation while sampling college life‚ÄĒstaying in dorm rooms and interacting with university faculty. Program highlights include a tour of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, an up-close look at Kent State University‚Äôs (KSU) Air Traffic Control Lab, and a flight out of the KSU airport.¬†


3. Summer High School Music Theatre CAMP


Affiliate College: Muskingum University

Grades: 9th-12th 

Cost: $395-$595

Deadline: 4/22/22

Additional requirements:

  • Letter of recommendation¬†
  • Two vocal selections¬†


Is your student passionate about singing, acting, dancing, or performance in general? Muskingum University holds a week-long program geared toward honing musical performance talents. Activities will include movement classes, improvisation, mock auditions, vocal lessons, and more. At the end of the week, students will get to perform in front of a public audience in the university’s brand new theater.


4. Summer Academic Camps in the Arts and Sciences 


Affiliate College: Ohio Northern University

Grades: 9th-12th 

Cost: $495

Deadline: N/A


These super-interesting week-long summer programs allow high school students to explore one of six subjects exploring everything from music to athletics to science. The six courses are:


  • Music Cultures
  • Biological Illustration
  • Teaching Social Studies for Fun and Profit
  • The Physics of Cedar Point
  • Global Problems and World Peace
  • Applications of Statistics in Sports and Games


5. Summer Music Camp


Affiliate College: Ohio Northern University

Grades: 7th-12th 

Cost: $300-$495

Deadline: N/A


Aspiring musicians will want to explore this week-long summer program at Ohio Northern University. Students can participate in band, choir, and/or orchestra, along with taking courses in areas such as music theory, music technology, world music, music history, rock and roll music, conducting, piano classes, and jazz improvisation. The camp culminates with a concert featuring performances from both current and alumni campers. 


6. Ross Mathematics Program


Affiliate College: Ohio Dominican University

Ages: 15-18 

Cost: $6,000

Deadline: 3/31/22

Additional requirements:

  • Transcript¬†
  • Teacher recommendations¬†
  • Essays
  • Sample math problems¬†


Ohio Dominican University hosts an annual summer intensive for students who are passionate about the world of mathematical discovery. Multiple levels of instruction are offered depending on how many times a student has participated, but first-year participants must enroll in number theory. Throughout the course, attendees will consider new questions and learn how to justify answers using novel methods. Classes will fill about eight hours per week, but during unstructured time, participants are expected to continue working through their problems. Throughout the process, students will work closely with counselors who live in the dorms alongside the program participants and provide feedback and assistance as needed.


7. High School Media Workshop


Affiliate College: Ohio University

Grades: 9th-12th

Cost: $550 

Deadline: N/A


Ohio University invites high school students to live on campus and learn from their faculty for four days of intensive media arts training. Students will have the chance to hone skills in music, video, animation, and more, with unlimited access to Ohio University’s state-of-the-art facilities. When participants aren’t busy learning the art of media, they’re given time to explore campus and engage in activities hosted by the Living Learning Center.


8. High School Journalism Workshop


Affiliate College: Ohio University

Grades: 9th-12th

Cost: $300-$330 

Deadline: 6/30/22


If you‚Äôre thinking about a career in journalism, you‚Äôll want to check out this workshop‚ÄĒit dates back to 1946 and is one of the oldest journalism programs of its type in the country. The workshop is overseen by faculty from OU‚Äôs Schools of Journalism and Visual Communication, providing ample time for students to ask questions, learn about the industry, and gain a better understanding of the latest journalistic techniques.¬†


9. Otterbein Summer Music Experience 


Affiliate College: Otterbein University

Grades: 9th-12th

Cost: $500-$625

Deadline: 5/15/22

Additional requirements: A recording of a recent performance containing two or more contrasting pieces


Participants in this summer program gain insight into what a college music program is like while developing their talents as a performer and collaborating with other serious musicians. Young composers, pianists, guitarists, classical singers, and players of string, wind, brass, and percussion instruments are welcome and will explore everything from musical history to music theory over the course of this week-long program. 


10. Martin W. Essex School for the Gifted and Talented


Affiliate College: Ashland University

Grades: 10th-12th

Cost: $150

Deadline: 5/1/22

Additional requirements: A sample of your gift or passion (academic, creative, artistic, leadership, or talent); for example, a piece of writing, a series of photographs, a video, a piece of music, or a choreographed dance


No matter what your student is interested in studying, there’s a place for them at the Martin W. Essex School for the Gifted and Talented. Topics include arts, sciences, and humanities; the subjects are introduced to students through an array of seminars, workshops, and field trips. In past years, students have participated in workshops on sustainability, poetry, acting, and more. The diversity of subject matter provides an environment in which a student can explore multiple topics of interest in just four days.


11. Women of Color Engineering Summer Camp


Affiliate College: University of Cincinnati 

Grades: 9th-12th

Cost: Free

Deadline: N/A


Over the course of a week, attendees of the Women of Color Engineering Summer Camp will have the opportunity to complete projects alongside professional engineers within a variety of engineering departments at the University of Cincinnati. When students are not working on their projects, they will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of engineering corporations and meet professional engineers. For students interested in engineering, this program is a great opportunity to learn more about the different fields they enter.


12. Men of Color Engineering Summer Camp


Affiliate College: University of Cincinnati 

Grades: 9th-12th

Cost: Free

Deadline: N/A


For young men interested in engineering, the University of Cincinnati offers another camp analogous to the female version. Throughout the week-long program, attendees will delve into an engineering project with the help of professional engineers. By the end of the program, students will also gain exposure to the different engineering departments.


13. The Young Writers Workshop


Affiliate College: Kenyon College  

Ages: 16-18

Cost: $2,475

Deadline: N/A

Additional requirements:

  • Transcript
  • Personal statement¬†
  • Letter of recommendation¬†¬†


Held at Kenyon College, the Young Writers Workshop is a two-week workshop for passionate writers to hone their skills. Workshop groups are limited to between 12-14 students and meet for five hours a day, ensuring that each student gets ample opportunity for one-on-one instruction and feedback. Workshops will employ prompts and exercises to get students to explore different genres of writing. In addition to workshops, the program includes genre sessions that enable participants to hone in on an element of writing that interests them. 


14. Ohio Business Week


Affiliate College: Ohio University   

Grades: 9th-12th 

Cost: $599

Deadline: 5/31/22

Additional requirements: Minimum 2.0 GPA


The Ohio Business Week offers an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in business and entrepreneurship. Over the course of a week, participants will go through a simulated business startup, during which they will have to overcome various challenges as they arise. Each team is assigned an advisor with business expertise who they will work closely with throughout the week. Students leave this program with hands-on business experience and, according to past participants, tight bonds forged with team members.


15. Camp Muskingum


Grades: 9th-12th 

Cost: $375

Deadline: N/A


An ideal summer program for outdoorsy high schoolers, the FFA Camp sits at an intersection of the traditional camp experience and an educational academic opportunity. Activities will include campfires, a talent show, forestry lessons, and more. If you’re interested in conservation, wildlife, or the great outdoors, the week-long FFA Camp might be the program for you.


How do Summer Programs Impact Your College Chances?


Participation in summer programs can have varying degrees of influence on your odds of getting into college. Everything from the prestige of the program to the value a particular college places on extracurriculars, like summer programs, will factor into the weight an admissions office places on them. 


The four tiers of extracurricular activities are a good guide for understanding how colleges view summer programs. Tiers one and two are reserved for summer programs held in high esteem and with selective admissions, like Kenyon’s Young Writers Workshop. These top-tier activities are extremely impressive, a lock to grab the attention of admissions offices, and ultimately hold a lot of sway in college admissions. 


Tier-three and -four extracurricular activities include less-distinguished summer programs and consequently are less influential to college admissions. That said, participation in a lower-tier summer program can still give you a leg up when it comes to getting into college by helping you hone the skills that colleges value and improve your college readiness. 


Wondering what colleges think of your participation in a summer program? CollegeVine can help! Our free chancing calculator uses a variety of factors including grades, standardized test scores, and extracurriculars like summer programs to estimate your chances of getting into hundreds of colleges and universities while also providing insight into how to improve your profile.

Short Bio
Rebecca Weinstein is an undergraduate student at Stanford University, where she plans to study English with an emphasis in creative writing. When she is not studying at college, she lives in Morris County, New Jersey with her two dogs and three cats.