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What Does it Take to Get into Texas Christian University?

Texas Christian University’s acceptance rate is 41%. What does it take to get in?


Texas Christian University (TCU) is a private Christian university located in quaint Fort Worth, Texas. Established in 1873, it was one of the first coed colleges in the southwest. The college has over 100 undergraduate degree programs, 200+ student organizations, and student representation from 75 countries. TCU currently boasts a 13:1 student to teacher ratio, so it offers a more intimate learning environment with plentiful opportunities.


U.S. News ranked Texas Christian University as #80 among the best national universities. It was also ranked #75 in the rankings of Best Value Schools. Tuition is $49,160 for all undergraduates, plus extra fees for room and board and textbooks. 50% of students live in on-campus housing.


Interested in learning more about this institution and what it takes to get in? Read on.


Applying to Texas Christian University: A Quick Overview


TCU offers a couple of ways to apply to its undergraduate program. First, TCU uses the Common App, which is the most popular way to apply to colleges.


Otherwise, TCU also uses the ApplyTexas portal, an application portal similar to the Common App but meant just for universities in Texas. Both applications require you to input similar information, but if you’re already using one for other schools’ applications, save yourself the extra work by applying to TCU with that same platform.


Here are the components you’ll need to submit:


  • Your official high school transcript (sealed in an envelope and sent by your high school)
  • An essay responding to any of the prompts provided by the Common App, ApplyTexas, or TCU (only one essay is required for submission)
  • A high school counselor recommendation/evaluation
  • A teacher evaluation/recommendation letter
  • Your SAT/ACT scores (essay optional)
  • Any other documents that apply (e.g. transcripts from any college that you’ve taken classes at, or your early decision agreement)


At this time, TCU does not require students to submit SAT Subject Test scores to be considered for admission.


TCU Acceptance Rate: How Hard Is It To Get In?


Texas Christian University reports a 41% acceptance rate for undergraduate students.


Of those accepted students, 46% are from outside of Texas, 59% are female, 88 countries are represented, 60+ faiths are represented, and 77% of students receive some form of financial aid.


Overall, Texas Christian University strives to be a diverse campus for all. 


So, How Does One Get Into Texas Christian University?


While there are no specific GPA or test score requirements for TCU, you have a better chance of standing out if your grades and test scores are higher. For some perspective, the average SAT score range for admitted TCU students in Fall 2018 was between 1150-1340. On the ACT, the range was between 26-31.


Other than that, you can stand out on your application in a couple of ways:


1. Write a Stellar Essay: You only need to submit one essay on your TCU application, and there are several prompts to choose from. Make sure the essay you submit is on the topic you feel most comfortable with, and on which you can tell an engaging story about who you are. Also, double check that your essay is free of glaring grammatical and spelling errors, as those can severely detract from the effectiveness of your essay. You have one opportunity to showcase your voice on your application. Make sure it’s good.


2. Take Advantage of the “Free Expression” Section: This is an optional section on the TCU application that allows students to showcase anything about themselves that they think makes them a strong candidate. It can be anything from a poem to a business that the student has started. As long as it can be uploaded, it’s fair game. Take advantage of this section, and upload something that really showcases the best parts of your personality and creativity. Some examples of things you can upload are poems, essays, special projects, URL’s to a blog, etc. Be sure to get a second opinion on whatever you plan to share, as mediocre supplemental materials will not help, but instead hurt, your application.


3. Build Up Your High School Resume: TCU loves to see that their students have excelled not just in the classroom but outside of a school context. This means that you should try to take on a few projects and activities outside of school that align with your interests. Some examples include a job, a community service project, or even starting your own club.


What if You Get Rejected?


TCU is unique in that if you get rejected by the university, all hope is not lost. As long as you have applied within one year, you have the option to reactivate your application to be considered for the new term. If you choose to reactivate your application, you will still need to submit a new application fee, resume, and essay.


Otherwise, TCU does offer a transfer student program for students who attend community college for the first two years of college, especially those who attended Texas community colleges. So if it doesn’t work out at first, that doesn’t mean that you won’t gain admittance in the future.


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Sadhvi Mathur
Senior Blogger

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Sadhvi is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, where she double majored in Economics and Media Studies. Having applied to over 8 universities, each with different application platforms and requirements, she is eager to share her knowledge now that her application process is over. Other than writing, Sadhvi's interests include dancing, playing the piano, and trying not to burn her apartment down when she cooks!