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What Does it Cost to Attend Connecticut College?

A private liberal arts college in New London, Connecticut, Connecticut College has a competitive admission rate and is a top-choice school for many prospective students.


Like most private institutions of its caliber, Conn College has a high list price, which may seem intimidating to many students and their families. Fortunately, few students actually end up paying this price. Financial aid, which encompasses federal, state, and local government aid; institutional financial aid; and merit scholarships, often helps make the school considerably more affordable.


What can you actually expect to pay if your student attends Conn College? Find out below.


Why Are College Costs Highly Variable?


Colleges publish the list price of attendance in most of their materials, but few students actually pay it. The net cost, or out-of-pocket price, takes into account financial aid, which will vary significantly from student to student depending on her family’s income and other factors.


What is the List Price at Connecticut College?


The “list price” provides a rough idea of the overall expense of a college. The list price, or published cost of tuition, room, and board combined, for in- and out-of-state students at Conn College is $67,000. Usually, the people who end up paying the list price at Connecticut College are families earning a combined salary greater than $175,000, and who were not among the top 30 percent of accepted students at Conn College.


What is the Price of With Financial Aid at Connecticut College?


Financial aid net factors in any merit- or need-based aid a student receives via grants or scholarships and deducts them from the list price of college. At Connecticut College, in- and out-of-state students who receive financial aid but no merit aid pay an average net price of $57,429.


Connecticut College’s Cost Based on Household Income


The more financial need a student’s family has, the more need-based financial aid a student will qualify for – resulting in a lower net cost of Conn College. Below are the average net prices families can expect to pay based on their income bracket.


Family Income Average Net Price
$0-$30,000 $15,498*
$30,001-$48,000 $12,920
$48,001-$75,000 $23,651
$75,001-$110,000 $26,844
Over $110,000 $42,811


* The above figures may not reflect the Pell Grants families receive from the federal government. Families whose incomes are between $0 and 30k may qualify for Federal Pell Grants, which limit the amount of financial aid paid by private colleges. For this reason, families with $0-30k may have higher tuition rates than those in the $30k-48k bracket.


What is the Merit Aid Net Price at Connecticut College?


A small number of students receive merit scholarships regardless of financial aid status at Conn College. These scholarships are awarded upon acceptance to students who show exceptional promise in high school. Students do not need to complete a separate application to be considered for the awards, which range from $5,000-$25,000.

Student Loans and Debt at Connecticut College


Even with financial aid and Conn College’s merit aid, many students will need to take out student loans to cover part of the cost of college. Loans, unlike most other components of financial aid packages, must be paid back after graduation. At Connecticut College, more than half – 73% – of students take out loans, with an average federal student loan per student of $4,592 across four years. It’s worth noting that some students will also take out private loans to finance their college education.


Other Ways to Save at Connecticut College


Even with financial aid, college can be expensive. Because of this, many students take on part-time or summer jobs. Connecticut College offers many jobs to students, including those who are not completing a work-study program as part of their financial aid package. Your child can also look into jobs in the surrounding New London area.


Your child can also apply for scholarships from outside organizations, foundations, and corporations. Many offer scholarships to students of certain demographics or those who are planning on studying a particular field or discipline. Some simply offer awards to high-achieving students. These can be an important source of revenue for many college attendees. Keep in mind that outside scholarships may affect your child’s financial aid package, so it’s a good idea to look into the policies regarding each one for which they apply.


For example, your child may automatically qualify for a $2,500 scholarship by taking the PSAT and entering the National Merit Scholarship competition. The qualifying scores vary by state.

Student Outcomes for Connecticut College


No matter what cost figure you’re looking at, a Conn College education is a big investment, and, like any big investment, you should expect an ROI. Conn College graduates are generally well-rewarded for the time and money spent during their college years. The outcomes for graduates of Conn College are strong. 84% of students graduate within six years, and after 10 years, alumni earn an average salary of $54,900.


Local Area Cost Considerations in New London, Connecticut


The cost of living index in New London, Connecticut, where Connecticut College is located, is 96.8. That means it is marginally (3.2%) less expensive than the national average cost of living.


Conn College believes that learning and living go hand in hand and guarantees housing is for all four years , so students do not need to worry about finding off-campus apartments. Students are required to live on campus unless they live with their parents, guardians, spouses, or dependents within a 50-mile radius of Conn College.


Another way college students can cover some of the cost of college while attending is to have a part-time job. Connecticut’s minimum wage is $10.10 per hour. . The average hourly wages in New London can vary significantly depending on the industry, experience level, position itself, and many other factors.


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