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The Ultimate Guide To College Admissions Counseling

What’s Covered:


In 2022 Harvard University’s admissions rate was 3.19%, Dartmouth College’s was 6.2%, and New York University’s was 12.2%. These staggeringly low figures are reflective of a new college admissions landscape, one where getting into top institutions is more competitive than ever before.


How, then, can students navigate this unprecedented world? For many, the answer is college admissions counseling.


What is College Admissions Counseling?


College admissions counseling is a comprehensive process that guides the student through the admissions process from beginning to end. The student is matched with a one-on-one advisor who will assist them with activities like building a college list, putting together a quality profile, reviewing essays, preparing for interviews, making final college choices, and navigating financial aid and financial barriers.


Pros and Cons of College Admissions Counseling




Personalized guidance

The admissions process is complex and often confusing. An expert counselor will assist the student with every stage of the process, tailoring their guidance to the individual, taking into account their unique interests, goals, skills, and talents.


Help strengthening your profile

A college admissions counselor will work closely with the student to assist them with building and strengthening their profile, guiding them on how to choose the best courses and extracurricular activities and coaching them on ways to build their qualifications.


Targeted advice

Beyond guiding the student through the admissions process, the college counselor will offer targeted advice on how to improve their chances of admission, create a college list that aligns with their objectives and profile, and ultimately select the best fit school for them.





College admissions counseling is often expensive. Students and their families will need to weigh the benefits of this dedicated service against the cost associated with it.


Difficult finding the right fit

Not all counselors are the right fits for all students. The relationship must be based on trust and strong communication, and this may not come naturally to everyone.


Time investment

The college admissions process is time-consuming, and students must also factor in their coursework and extracurricular activities. College counseling takes time, too — students must build relationships with their counselors and work with them to improve their chances of admission to top schools.


Where to Find Admissions Advisors


CollegeVine’s Expert College Advising can help you navigate the admissions process from start to finish through services like personalized advising and essay review. Book a free consultation to chat with an advisor one on one and find out whether they’re the right fit for you.


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