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What Studying at the University of New Hampshire is Like

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Karoline Gouda in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:



In this article, we will discuss what studying at the University of New Hampshire is like, from the benefits of its location for marine and environmental studies and ease of traveling to nearby cities, to what makes studying there unique. 


What Makes the University of New Hampshire Unique?


Connecting with the Faculty 


UNH  is considered a medium-sized institution, with about 15,000 students total. As a medium-sized institution, UNHoffers perks like small class sizes while still offering students the opportunities they would find at larger institutions. The faculty-student ratio is about 16:1 and this ratio changes to 5:1 when we include university staff. Most students within the first month or two that they’re on campus can establish a pretty strong connection with at least one adult on campus. This really makes a difference in a student’s college experience, especially in that first year when you’re learning to navigate the resources around you. 


Class Sizes


The average class size is about 35 students, and as you get further along in your studies the smaller your class sizes become. It’s not out of the ordinary to have one or two large lecture classes within your first two years. These tend to be your math and science classes. The largest lecture hall on the campus fits about 200 students and there are only a few classes that actually utilize the space. About 84% of the classes offered have under 50 students. This way you can still maintain that small class feel that you are used to.


Marine and Environmental Studies 


The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is located in Durham, New Hampshire, which is right on the coast. Located about 20 minutes from the beach, the university is a great place for students interested in aquatics, marine life, or any type of environmental studies. Your classroom is right in your backyard. 


There are also a lot of marine and environmental research opportunities at UNH. The Shoals Marine Laboratory is a research facility shared with Cornell University. They specialize in marine studies and are a great resource for students interested in learning more about marine life. Shoals Marine Laboratory offers a variety of internships and research programs for students studying at UNH.


Traveling to Nearby Cities


When the weather is nice, many students at UNHlike to travel down to Boston. The campus is located only an hour away from the city, so if you want to take a trip with your friends, participate in an internship, or explore, there are very easy ways to get there. In addition, UNH is about an hour south of Portland, Maine, which is a nice quaint New England location. There is an Amtrak train station right on campus that can take you all the way up to Portland or down south to Boston. 


From Boston, you can pretty much connect to anywhere across the country or around the globe. UNH has around 15,000 students in total and about 12,000 of those are undergraduate students coming from all over the world. With Boston so close by, it makes traveling home a lot easier.