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Academic Opportunities and Resources at New College of Florida

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Sharon Alcock, Associate Director of New Student Recruitment at New College of Florida, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:


Overview of Academic Resources at New College


New College of Florida offers a variety of resources and programs to support its students throughout their college careers. One particular program, called Set Sail, is dedicated to helping first-year students get acclimated to college life and its rigor. First-year students will need to sign up for at least one of the courses associated with this program when they first arrive.


All the campus services are available to undergraduates, including counseling and wellness services. In terms of getting involved, students have several clubs and organizations where they can meet their peers and develop their academic and extracurricular interests. 


At New College of Florida, students can home in on specific areas and interests about which they’re passionate. They can complete an internship, go overseas to learn and immerse themselves in a new language, or shadow a working professional in an industry that they’re interested in. Students can also conduct independent study projects on a topic that they are passionate about during January, when there are no classes.


Students also do a senior capstone project in their fourth year, which is a culmination of all their studies. Depending on your major, you can either write a paper, create a portfolio, or conduct a performance as part of this project.


Study Abroad and Domestic Study Opportunities 


New College offers many opportunities for students to pursue their interests both on and off campus. As a participant in the EcoLeague, New College offers students with an interest in environmental studies the opportunity to study at partnering colleges and universities in Wisconsin, Arizona, Alaska, or Maine as part of a specialized exchange program.


New College also participates in the National Student Exchange, where students can take a semester or two and study either in the United States or abroad in one out of 200 different schools. During the semester away, students pay New College tuition rates and the host college’s room and board. 


In addition, as a participating college in the Cross College Alliance, New College students can complete coursework and study at a handful of neighboring institutions right in Florida. For example, students can take classes at the world-renowned art and animation school, Ringling College of Art and Design, which is right down the street. As with the other exchange programs, New College students pay New College tuition regardless of the host school they’re studying with. As a public college, New College offers students the opportunity to take courses at private institutions like Ringling at a substantially lower price point.


New College also offers opportunities for students to be paired with career mentors early on in their studies. Your mentor can provide personalized coaching and support as you apply to internships, build your resume, and practice your interviewing skills. From the moment that you step foot on campus, as a New College student, you’ll have access to incredible opportunities and resources that will prepare you to succeed throughout your college career and beyond. 


With such a wide range of opportunities to study abroad at New College, you’re probably wondering what completing a domestic or foreign exchange program would look like. Check out our other posts to learn more about the full cost and what to consider if you’re planning to study abroad in college.