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Introduction – Admissions Hero Blog

Welcome to the Admissions Hero Blog and what we hope is the start of something big. Here at Admissions Hero we have a passion for helping you get into the college of your dreams, and we’ve started this blog to help express that passion. In the coming weeks, we will be providing content covering all facets of college admissions – news, data, views, analysis, and advice. As a preview, coming up this week, topics covered in our posts include “Declining Admissions Rates at Elite Universities,” and “Harvard Supplement Essay – to send or not to send?”

Be sure to check out our consulting services under the Services tab. We do everything from editing your essay for the Harvard supplement, to prepping you for an interview at a prestigious 7 year medical program.

You can engage with us via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Our email address is vinay [at] admissionshero [dot] com. Feel free to reach out to us via any of these venues with questions, concerns, or requests for advice.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the blog!

Zack Perkins
Business Development Head

Short Bio
Zack was an economics major at Harvard before going on indefinite leave to pursue CollegeVine full-time as a founder. In his spare time, he enjoys closely following politics and binge-watching horror movies. To see Zack's full bio, visit the Team page.