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How to Write the University of Tulsa Supplement Essays 2018-2019

The University of Tulsa has a remarkably complex institutional history of many twists and turns. The university’s website tells the story of how Tulsa started as the Presbyterian School for Indian Girls in 1882 before a series of financial difficulties and an influx of money from oilmen resulted in Tulsa University’s founding in 1920.


Today, the University of Tulsa is a large private research university with an admissions rate of about 39%. The middle 50% of incoming students have SAT Math scores between 560 and 720, SAT reading scores between 590 and 720, and ACT scores between 25 and 32.


While Tulsa’s application does not ask for much in terms of writing, the few words that it does offer requires you to distinguish yourself and should be chosen with care. In order to give you the best chance to gain admissions to Tulsa, the team at CollegeVine has put together the following guide.


University of Tulsa Application Essay Prompts

Prompt #1

Please complete this sentence: My favorite inspiration quote is…

With only 250 characters, the response to this question is straightforward: You should choose a quote that reflects your values and says something about the kind of words you turn to. You might want to avoid generalized clichés like the quote  (often misattributed to Gandhi) “Be the change you want to see in the world,” unless it really is deeply meaningful to you.


Another thing to consider: What if your favorite quote is more acid wit than inspiration? You’ll want to use your judgment here, but you should avoid putting in a quote that runs the risk of being offensive. Even if you find yourself regularly turning to a quote that uses vulgar language, you do not want to put in something that reflects poor judgment or a lack of professionalism. Something quirky or unusual is fine; “So it goes,” the catchphrase of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse Five, can be understood as “inspirational” in its stoicism.


One last thing: If you use a quote, include some words noting the source. A simple dash with the speaker or writer’s name is sufficient. What if the quote comes, not from some fancy piece of literature, but from your grandmother? Then give her credit! You are going into college where you will be writing papers, and you should always cite your sources.

Prompt #2

Why are you interested in the University of Tulsa? (Response required in 250 words)

In this short essay, the University of Tulsa is trying to understand why you want to come to this school in particular, among all other schools. As you write, you don’t want to speak in generalizations about how you are “excited to work with experienced professors” or that you are “looking forward to making new friends from different walks of life.” Those are things that you might do at any university. What does Tulsa have to offer that speaks to your interests and commitments?


To answer this question well, you will need to do some research into the resources and traditions that make the University of Tulsa unique. Maybe you are an aspiring history major with a drive to learn more about the tangle of international alliances that drove Europe into World War I? If so, you might mention that you are especially excited to dig through the Algot F. Carlson World War I Archives in the McFarlin Library’s Special Collections.


Maybe you are interested in engineering and like going outside to build things; you might talk about how you hope to join Tulsa’s top-ranked McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering. Or maybe there is a specific research program that you are excited to get involved in through the Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge.


Rather than discussing every single aspect of Tulsa that speaks to you, with only 250 words it is probably best to focus in on something specific. If you have taken the time to do your research and find an aspect of the University of Tulsa that speaks to you, the admissions committee will assume you have a sincere interest in coming to their university and will be more likely to offer you admission.


Best of luck with your essays!


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