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19 High School Internships in Boston in 2024

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Internships provide a host of benefits to high school students. For example, they provide a glimpse into future career paths, build job skills, and provide real-world experience. Another benefit of internships is that they look great on a college resume—they show admissions officials maturity, responsibility, and willingness to pursue fields of interest. As an added bonus, many internships are paid, which demonstrates financial responsibility and can help pay for college. 


Boston is home to a multitude of renowned colleges, universities, organizations, and businesses; consequently, there is no shortage of great internship opportunities for local students.


20 High School Internships in Boston


1. Massachusetts Life Sciences Center High School Apprenticeship Challenge


Application deadline: N/A 

Duration: 6 weeks 


More than 100 internship opportunities are available to underrepresented, low-income students at small life science and research institutions across Massachusetts. Students must be at least 16 years old at the start of the internship and from a public high school in a “gateway city,” which includes:


  • Brockton
  • Chelsea
  • Chicopee
  • Everett
  • Fall River
  • Haverhill
  • Lawrence
  • Lowell 
  • Lynn
  • Malden
  • Methuen
  • Peabody
  • Quincy
  • Revere
  • Salem


Both full-time and part-time six-week internships are available and interns are paid $17 an hour. Some interns also receive pre-internship lab training in biotechnology/biomedical and professional skills development.


2. BU RISE Internship


Application deadline: February 14

Duration: 6 weeks (June 30 -August 9 residential | July 1 -August 9 commuter) 


The BU RISE Internship is primarily a six-week residential program for high school juniors, although some students commute. Interns work 40 hours a week on a research project under the mentorship of faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. In addition to hands-on research experience, students also participate in workshops designed to build academic and professional skills. 


Research opportunities are available in a variety of fields, including:


  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Public health


Applicants are required to submit three essays and two letters of recommendation. 


3. Forsyth Institute Student Scholars Summer Internship Program


Application deadline: Not listed

Duration: 8 weeks (July 8 – August 16)


This eight-week paid internship program pairs STEM-curious high school sophomores and juniors from the Boston metro area with world-renowned scientists to engage in cutting-edge research. Participants learn basic lab techniques, conduct independent research, and ultimately present a scientific poster to the Boston-area scientific community. 


In addition to research, participants are treated to weekly presentations from fellow students and mentors along with college-level lectures in fields such as oral health research, immunology, and microbiology. 


Students from historically underrepresented or economically disadvantaged backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply and given preferential consideration. 


4. Mass General Hospital (MGH) Youth Scholars


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: N/A


This program for high schoolers in grades 9-12 from Boston, Chelsea, and Revere seeks to increase student awareness of careers in science and healthcare along with providing academic support through high school and college. Participants in the program have gone on to achieve success on every level. Of the 186 participants between 2012 and 2019, 100% have graduated from high school, 87% have entered post-secondary education, 53 have graduated from college, and seven have earned graduate degrees. 


5. Museum of Science Summer Youth Internship Program 


Application deadline: Rolling 

Duration: 7 weeks (July-August) 


The Museum of Science offers both paid and unpaid internship opportunities to high schoolers between the ages of 14 and 19. Interns work three days a week over seven weeks on a multitude of projects and tasks, gaining a behind-the-scenes view of how the museum operates. Interns are also provided with weekly workshops covering a variety of useful topics, such as financial literacy and resume writing, plus field trips to important cultural sites and local colleges. 


6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Science Institute (RSI)


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 6 weeks


This prestigious cost-free program accepts just 100 of the world’s most accomplished high school student juniors and provides them the chance to experience the research cycle from start to finish. The first week of the program is spent taking intensive STEM classes. Students spend the following five weeks conducting an individual research project under the mentorship of experienced scientists and researchers. 


It recommended that applicants have a minimum 740 SAT Math Score and a minimum Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Score of 700. Or, a minimum 33 ACT math score and 34 verbal score. Applicants are also required to submit an essay detailing their STEM goals and provide two letters of recommendation.


7. UMass Chan Medical School High School Health Careers Program (HSHCP)


Application deadline: March 1

Duration: 4 weeks (June 30- July 26)


This four-week, tuition-free, residential program targets Massachusetts sophomore and junior high school students from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds. The internship  provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the broad spectrum of careers in biomedical research, biotechnology, and health professions. It also encourages students to build important skills like communication and time management. 


8. Northeastern Young Scholars’ Program (YSP)


Application deadline: March 15

Duration: 4 weeks (June 24 – August 1)


Massachusetts residents who are rising juniors and dream of a career in science or engineering will want to check out the YSP. This free program enables participants to gain firsthand research experience working in Northeastern University’s laboratories. YSP also provides participants with education and career counseling, seminars exploring career paths, and field trips to see engineers in action. Students also gain familiarity with what life is like at college. 


An even number of male and female participants are chosen to participate in the program and an attempt is made to select students from a diverse range of demographic backgrounds. That said, priority is given to students with low access to similar programs who live within commuting distance of Northeastern. 


9. Tufts University Biomedical Engineering Research Scholars (TUBERS)


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 6-8 weeks  


TUBERS is a free program for talented high schoolers over the age of 16. The beginning of the program is spent at Tufts’ biomedical engineering labs learning about general research techniques while the final weeks are devoted to focusing on a project in a particular field.  Participants are encouraged to use their projects to participate in local and national science competitions. Applicants are required to submit a reference letter detailing their interest in science from a science teacher. 


10. MFA Boston Teen Programs


Application deadline: Rolling

Duration: 12 months 


This 12-month paid program is an awesome opportunity for rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with an interest in the arts—the program is open to Boston residents and attendees of Boston public schools. Participants are able to get a firsthand look at the inner working of the museum, enjoy its collections, and engage in studio art classes along with workshops with artists, leaders, and innovators. 


11. Artists for Humanity Teen Jobs 


Application deadline: Rolling

Duration: Varies


Artists for Humanity—an organization dedicated to providing under-resourced teens the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design—recruits high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to work in its creative studios. To qualify, students must be 14 or older and a Boston resident or attend Boston public schools. Participants work with professional artists in a variety of fine art and design mediums while working in seven creative studios: 


  • Painting
  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Printmaking
  • Creative Technology
  • Video Production
  • Photography


Participants must complete a 36-hour unpaid apprenticeship (which doubles as community service hours) before becoming paid employees. 


12. Today’s Interns, Tomorrow’s Professionals (TIP) Internship Program


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: N/A


Boston public school students with an interest in finance and banking will want to check out the TIP program. This program provides income-eligible students who’ve completed their sophomore year with work experience in a bank along with job coaching and skills workshops on topics like workplace success and personal financial stability.  


13. City Mission Social Justice Summer Internship


Application deadline: Rolling

Duration: 6 weeks 


This internship aims to engage the next generation around issues of human rights and equality. The opportunity is provided by one of the nation’s oldest social justice organizations, City Mission Social Justice, and is available to current high school students and recent high school graduates. 


Students will gain experience working for a small local nonprofit and focus on both academics and action—participating in workshops, group discussions, and research projects while also creating change in their communities. The program adapts to the interests of the group and, in the past, has focused on: 


  • Ecological justice
  • Voting rights  
  • Covid-19 resource sharing
  • Translation services for recent immigrants 
  • Serving community meals
  • Attendance at the Massachusetts State House in support of relevant bills
  • Art as activism


14. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) High School Apprenticeship


Application deadline: Variable

Duration: Variable


The AEOP has internship opportunities at sites in both Cambridge and Lowell. The program provides students with the chance to immerse themselves in research—working with high-tech equipment and employing cutting-edge techniques under the mentorship of professional scientists and engineers. Participants are also provided with workshops focused on college readiness and professional skills. 


Interns are provided a stipend, which varies depending on the location and length of the internship.


15. Dana-Farber’s Office of Workforce Development Student Training Summer Program 


Application deadline: N/A

Duration: 7 weeks 


Dana-Farber’s Office of Workforce Development Student Training Summer Program is a seven-week program that enables students to intern in a hospital department aligned with their interests. Through the program, students build professional and personal skills via mentorship, student retreats, and college tours. 


The program is open to rising sophomores who are Boston residents and affiliated with one of the following groups:


  • Fenway High School
  • John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics & Science
  • Madison Park Technical Vocational High School
  • Sociedad Latina
  • Youth Enrichment Services


Eligible applicants must also possess a minimum 2.0 GPA and commit to working 30 hours a week for the duration of the program. 


16. Ragon Institute Summer Experience (RISE)


Application deadline: March 15

Duration: 7 weeks (June 24 – August 9)


RISE aims to increase the interest of students from groups underrepresented in medical research and inspire them to consider carers in the field. This paid, 25-hour/week internship pairs students with mentors and assigns them to lab projects. Students also participate in a variety of activities such as coursework in immunology, lectures, and workshops. 


Participants are chosen from schools within commuting distance of Cambridge and priority is given to gateway communities like Cambridge, Boston, Everett, Revere, Lynn, Brockton, and Chelsea. The program is open to rising seniors with an interest in STEM. Applicants are required to submit a personal statement and letter of recommendation. 


17. LEAH Knox Data Science and Biomedical Research Summer Internship


Application deadline:March 31

Duration: 5 weeks (July 8 – August 9)


This summer research experience is aimed at rising high school juniors and seniors within commuting distance of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Participants will conduct research and learn quantitative methods, data analysis, coding, and molecular biology techniques while also building college readiness. Students conclude the program by presenting their research findings at a symposium. Participants can earn up to $2,250 over the course of the summer. 


Students of color and from low-income backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply for this internship. Applicants are required to respond to four short-answer questions and submit a letter of recommendation and resume. 


18. Boston Public Library Teen Volunteer Program


Application deadline: Rolling 

Duration: N/A


High schoolers in grades 9-12 are invited to volunteer at the Boston Public Library. Students build career and customer service skills and participate in career-readiness workshops, such as resume writing and interview skills. 


This program is available at a host of sites throughout the city: 


  • Adams Street Branch
  • Brighton Branch
  • Central Library (Teen Central)
  • Chinatown Branch
  • Connolly Branch
  • Fields Corner Branch
  • Grove Hall Branch
  • Roslindale Branch
  • Roxbury Branch
  • Uphams Corner Branch


Volunteers assist in a variety of library tasks, like shelving books, building displays, and locating missing books. 


19. New England Aquarium Teen Internships


Application deadline: March 23

Duration: 7 weeks


The New England Aquarium offers two internship tracks for high school students interested in marine sciences and protecting our world’s oceans. Visitor Services Assistants will focus on customer service and making sure visitors have a positive experience at the aquarium, while Conservation Learning Aquarium Guides will help teach visitors about animals and the ocean. The internship is listed as a paid position and most internships are open to residents of Boston and Cambridge


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