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Hach & Rose, LLP, Annual Scholarship

The cost of attending college can often seem overwhelming. Fortunately, a number of resources, including financial aid, loans, and scholarships can provide some financial relief for students. This post focuses on one scholarship that aims to provide financial support to a very specific group.


Graduating high school seniors whose lives have been touched by someone injured by someone else’s negligence may qualify for the Hach & Rose scholarship. Sponsored by the eponymous law firm, this $10,000 award can help you cover your college expenses.

The Hach & Rose, LLP Scholarship: Application Instructions and Requirements

Created out of the firm’s desire to give back to the community, this scholarship helps deserving students fund their education. In addition to being affected by someone who was the victim of another person’s negligence, applicants must:


  • Be a legal United States resident, and
  • Be at least 18 years old when they receive the award, and
  • Have been accepted to or enrolled in a college, university, or graduate program in the U.S.


In order to apply, respond to an essay prompt (check out our tips for writing scholarship essays) and submit your transcript to Hach & Rose. The scholarship is awarded to the qualifying candidate who writes the most compelling essay.

Tips on applying for scholarships

Applying for scholarships is an important step in the college process. While it may seem like a huge challenge to complete scholarship applications in addition to your college applications and schoolwork, putting aside time for scholarships now can significantly ease your financial burden in the long run. Belo-w, you’ll find a few tips to ease this crucial process.


Explore and research. Be sure to explore a range of scholarships that meet your interests and demographics. There are a wide variety of scholarships out there, from those designated for students who intend to pursue STEM majors and careers to people of particular ethnicities and backgrounds. Put in the time to find the scholarships that best fit your identity, talents and interests!


Get organized early. As you find scholarships that fit you, compile a list of potential scholarships you’ll apply to. Having a list early on in the process will not only save you time senior year, but will also allow you to take advantage of scholarships with early deadlines.


Stay on top of requirements. To maximize your chances of getting an award, make sure you meet all the requirements for the scholarship. Keep track of the materials you’ll need and any deadlines through whatever system works best for you, whether by setting up daily reminders on your phone, making yourself a scholarship spreadsheet, or adding the dates to your Google calendar. And don’t forget to proofread all your work!


For more advice, read Helpful Scholarship Resources & Tips.


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