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Your Guide to Applying to the City College of New York

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Gail Fong, an Admissions Counselor from City College of New York, in a CollegeVine Livestream. You can watch the full Livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:



City College of New York (CCNY) is the founding institute of the City University of New York (CUNY) state school system. The school offers its students an array of academic options, each centered on research and knowledge advancement. For more information on the Cuny system and schools, check out our Guide to the CUNY Schools + Complete List and our Ranked List of the Best CUNY Schools.


What is CUNY’s Ideal Freshman Applicant?


At City College of New York (CCNY), a Freshman applicant is classified as an individual who is applying to attend CCNY directly following high school graduation. As there are a multitude of CUNY schools; admission requirements will vary depending on the institution and the applicant’s selected major. 


On average, however, CCNY’s accepted applicants’ grades averaged a low B or higher. Numerically, those are average grades of about 82%. Starting Fall of 2023, CUNY schools will make the SAT and ACT optional, which means that submitting scores is determined by each individual applicant. However, for your information,the ACT scores of incoming CCNY freshmen currently range between 23-31. 


Finally, every applicant must be proficient in reading, writing, and math. CUNY Central will verify this information and determine proficiency based on the student’s transcript. 


How to Apply


The CUNY Application


All CUNY applications are completed in an online format. Applicants can apply to multiple CUNY schools at once using the application on the CUNY website. You can also apply to CUNY schools using your Common Application. 


When you go to complete the online undergraduate application on CUNYs website, you will notice that there are two applications: one for fall, and one for spring. Freshman applicants will complete the Fall application. Applications for Fall enrollments are normally due on or around February 1st; however, it is best to complete your application well before the deadline. 

You will see information regarding a September application deadline, but that does not pertain to freshman students and is for potential spring admits only. 


Additional Application Requirements


In addition to completing the application online and submitting it, do not forget that there are additional steps to ensure the completion of your application. 


After you submit your online application it is vital that you ensure your high school transcripts are submitted as well. Keep your high school counselor updated on your application plans and discuss when you plan to apply so that the counselor can make sure that the transcripts are submitted.


Official submission of a CUNY application also requires the payment of a fee of $65 for Freshman applicants, and $70 for transfer students. With this fee, you have the ability to apply to six CUNY schools for one price. Once you select the six CUNY schools you would like your application submitted to, all your applicant information will go directly to these institutions without separate submissions. Students in need of application fee waivers should contact CUNY Central for assistance. 


Undergraduate Majors


There are over 70 undergraduate majors available for CCNY students to choose from. 

At CCNY, you will not struggle finding some of the more popular majors, which consist of the following: education, economics, business psychology and sociology, biology and chemistry, math, english, art, music, and even film. However, CCNYs most well known and sought after majors are in the schools of architecture, medicine, and engineering, where applicant requirements will look significantly different for students looking to apply.


Outside of the more popular majors discussed above, other majors may have additional admissions requirements, which could require you to submit further information including portfolios, writing supplements, or even a separate application. Some majors that require these additional steps are electronic design, multimedia film advertising, public relations, and any majors in the school of education. It is best to research the admissions requirements for your specific majors and reach out to those departments directly with questions about their requirements.


If you found this to be helpful, watch the rest of the livestream, City College of New York Info Session, or our guide to the CUNY schools.