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Are There Free CEUs for Counselors?

What’s Covered:


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are an essential component of professional development for many careers, including school counseling. CEUs are designed to allow professionals to maintain, enhance, and update their skills and knowledge after their initial training and education. The primary aim is to keep professionals current, competent, and effective in their practice.


For school counselors, CEUs can play a significant role in maintaining licensure. Many states require school counselors to obtain a certain number of CEUs or continuing education hours (CEHs) for license renewal. These units demonstrate that the counselor is committed to ongoing learning and staying updated in their field.


Free CEUs: Myth or Reality?


Free CEUs for counselors are not just a myth, they indeed exist. The need for ongoing education in the dynamic field of school counseling is critical, and the cost of such continuing education can often be challenging for many. This is where free CEUs come into play.


Numerous respected organizations and platforms offer free Continuing Education Units. These are typically delivered in formats like webinars, online courses, or workshops that span a variety of pertinent topics in school counseling. They are legitimate opportunities offered by established entities in the counseling profession.


The value of free CEUs lies in their potential to help school counselors fulfill licensure requirements, expand their knowledge, and augment their professional skills without incurring additional expenses. However, while free CEUs are beneficial, they shouldn’t entirely substitute paid opportunities. A blend of both free and paid CEUs usually offers the most comprehensive learning experience.


Free CEUs also offer accessibility—being primarily online, they can be accessed at one’s convenience, providing flexibility for busy professionals. In summary, free CEUs are not just a myth; they are a valuable reality that can offer school counselors a wealth of professional development opportunities without straining their budget.


Organizations Offering Free CEUs


American School Counselor Association (ASCA)


The American School Counselor Association is a reputable organization that occasionally offers free webinars eligible for CEUs to its members. These webinars cover various topics related to school counseling and can be a useful tool for maintaining licensure.


National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)


The National Board for Certified Counselors regularly hosts free webinars that are eligible for NBCC credit. These webinars are available to both NBCC-certified counselors and non-certified counselors. Topics range from ethical issues in counseling to specialized counseling techniques.


Other Organizations


There are other platforms like Counseling.org, CEU-Hours.com, and GoodTherapy that also offer free or low-cost CEU opportunities. These platforms host courses and webinars on a variety of topics relevant to school counselors.


Leveraging Free CEUs for Professional Growth


While free CEUs can play a crucial role in your professional development, it’s important to ensure that you’re selecting high-quality, relevant opportunities. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Relevance: Choose CEUs that are relevant to your current practice or future goals. This way, the time and effort you invest in learning will directly benefit your work with students.
  • Balance: Balance your CEUs between paid and free options. While free CEUs are cost-effective, paid CEUs often offer more comprehensive and specialized training.
  • Quality: Look for CEUs from reputable organizations or platforms. Check if the course or webinar is approved by recognized certification boards.
  • Reflection and Application: Take time to reflect on what you’ve learned and think about how you can apply new knowledge and skills in your work.


Free CEUs are a valuable resource for school counselors looking to stay current and competent in their practice. By carefully selecting and thoughtfully applying the knowledge gained from these opportunities, you can enhance your professional skills and provide the best possible support to your students.


Using CollegeVine To Help Your Students


While not a source of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), CollegeVine offers a plethora of resources that school counselors can utilize to augment their professional practice, particularly in guiding students through the college admissions process.


CollegeVine’s free network for counselors provides a platform where school counselors can directly interact with admissions officers. This gives them the unique opportunity to gain insights into the admissions process of various institutions, thereby equipping them with the knowledge to better guide their students.


Counselors can also take advantage of other free tools on CollegeVine’s platform like helping students build school lists, tracking their application process, and drafting recommendation letters within minutes with our AI Rec Letter Assistant.


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