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Frequently Asked Questions About City College of New York

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Aja Altenhof in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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Questions about Student Life


How Many Students Live on Campus?


Most students at CCNY commute to the college, so it is a commuter school. Students tend to live either with their families or around campus. It is a little cheaper to live off campus, but if you would prefer to live on campus that is definitely an option. Because there are so few students who choose to live on campus, keep in mind that you might not be able to live on campus for all four years. 


What are the Iconic Events at CCNY?


There are multiple events at CCNY that are great student activities. Within your four years as a student, you will be able to participate in many iconic events. The most iconic is an event that takes place near the end of the school year called lavender week. This is a collection of all the clubs and programs on campus getting together for a week and making this giant school party. There are mechanical bulls, bouncy houses, and so many different foods for you to try. Even though CCNY is a commuter school, there are many activities that make students want to stay on campus and feel a part of the student body.


College is about getting to know different students from all over the world and creating a community together for four years. There is more to life than studying inside of a classroom. The community aspect of college is something CCNY takes a lot of pride in. 


Where is CCNY located?


The City College of New York is located in the heart of Manhattan. You get the best of both worlds as a student. Not only do you get to live in New York City, but you also get the feel of a college campus. CCNY has multiple buildings, libraries, and outdoor spaces for students to connect with their school. If you are a city person, but still want the feeling of being on a college campus, CCNY is the perfect place for that.


What is the Best Part of CCNY?


The diversity of CCNY is truly unmatched. It strongly reflects the diversity that you see in New York City. The college is a great introduction to living in a big city, so when students graduate they are ready to take on that big adventure on their own. There are also a lot of great research opportunities for students to be involved in. CCNY really prepares students for life inside and outside of the classroom. 


Some students end up doing internships in Washington, DC, others study abroad in Zimbabwe working on biology projects, and engineering students work on competitions. There are so many students who are so knowledgeable in the area they are studying. The City College of New York fosters that passion in students and helps them achieve their academic and life goals.


What are the Application Requirements for CCNY?


The average GPA for an admitted student is 82 and ACT and SAT scores are optional for applicants. Not sending in your SAT and ACT scores with your application won’t negatively affect your application in any way. 


If you have the opportunity to take any of these tests and you receive a competitive score, this will help your application. The admissions office won’t look at your application negatively if you don’t submit your scores though. They made the test score optional for a reason and that is because CCNY understands that not every student has the ability or time to prepare for these tests. Submitting your scores is completely up to you.