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Frequently Asked Questions About University of Charleston

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Beth Wolfe, an Admissions Officer at the University of Charleston, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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Applying While Undecided


Do I need to have a major when applying to the University of Charleston?


You can apply undecided at the University of Charleston and remain undecided until you hit 60 credit hours. Then you must declare a major. By the end of the fall semester, every one of Charleston’s undecided students has a major declared. 


Are there any programs offered at the University of Charleston to help me decide on a major?


The University of Charleston takes pride in its advisor program, which dedicates itself to helping undecided freshmen pick a major by the end of the fall semester. Most students who are undecided lose sight of their direction and require more years of school than necessary to graduate, or they fail to complete it at all. This program does its best to prevent that from happening by offering both educational and emotional support. 


UC’s Scholarship and Admission Policies


Are there any test requirements for admissions or scholarships?


There are standard test requirements for scholarships, but they don’t specify a certain score period for admissions or scholarships. So, if you don’t submit a score for mathematics, Charleston will look at the math classes that you took in high school and your grades for those courses. Then, it will assign an advisor to review which math is required for your major and ask you to self-assess your math skills. All that information is collected to properly place you into a math class.


Does the University of Charleston offer a scholarship for international students?


The University of Charleston does offer scholarships to international students. Most schools don’t offer scholarships to or have smaller scholarship ranges for international students, but UC has a presidential scholarship for these students, which is its biggest scholarship. The presidential scholarship covers the entirety of tuition and room and board for four years. A scholarship of this magnitude is only offered three or four times a year, but other basic scholarships can be applied to.


UC’s Application Requirements for International Students


I’m an international student who wants to attend the University of Charleston. What do I need in order to apply?


If you are an international student applying to Charleston, be aware that while it doesn’t have additional GPA requirements, there is an English proficiency requirement. English proficiency is the only additional requirement for international students coming from countries where English is not the official native language. This can be fulfilled through various kinds of testing, such as an ACT score, an SAT score, or even a Duolingo test score.


What if my English isn’t perfect?


It is not a dealbreaker if your English is not perfect. Charleston will interview you to gauge your English-speaking skills. Depending on how well you do, the university may have you take an English class as a second language course when you arrive. It will also accept any forms that you are willing to submit for proof of English proficiency, but even if you don’t score quite at that threshold, you will still be considered for admission.