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10 New Jersey Scholarships to Save You Thousands on College

What’s Covered:


The Garden State is full of opportunities for learners of all ages. But if you’re a student with higher education ambitions, then you may be wondering how you can pay for college — whether you want to go to school in New Jersey or elsewhere.


Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships just for people from your home state to help you fund your education.


10 New Jersey Scholarships


1. Governor’s Urban Scholarship Program


Amount: N/A

Deadline: N/A

Eligibility: Must rank within the top 5% of graduating class and have a minimum 3.0 GPA by the end of junior year of high school; must reside in a designated community in New Jersey

Application Requirements: FAFSA or NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application, application, transcript


Establish in 2012, the Governor’s Urban Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students in economically-challenged communities in New Jersey. Recipients are required to enroll in an approved degree or certificate program at an approved New Jersey college, university, or degree-granting proprietary school. Scholarships are renewable.


2. Bernard Kilgore Memorial Scholarship


Amount: $5,000

Deadline: February 7

Eligibility: High school seniors graduating from a New Jersey school with a minimum 3.0 GPA who plan to pursue a degree in journalism or media studies; must have participated in high school journalism for at least two years

Application Requirements: Application, 46 sample pages


The Bernard Kilgore Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the New Jersey Press Foundation and the Garden State Scholastic Press Association, honors young journalists with this scholarship. The winner, selected by a panel of New Jersey newspaper editors, will also be named GSSPA’s New Jersey High School Journalist of the Year. To enter the competition, students must be nominated by teachers or newspaper editors.


3. Janet Logan Daily Foundation Scholarship


Amount: $10,000

Deadline: April 1

Eligibility: Graduating high school seniors who have worked an average of 30 hours/week during the summer since age 16 and actively participate in at least one extracurricular activity; must have a minimum 2.5 GPA

Application Requirements: Digital application, references (upon request), guidance counselor verification of information


Established in memory of a beloved teacher, the Janet Logan Daily Foundation awards one scholarship to a New Jersey senior who enrolls full-time in a U.S. college or university. The $10,000 award is distributed event over four years, contingent upon the recipient maintaining satisfactory academic standing. Financial need may be considered. 


4. John Lepping Memorial Scholarship: Education Assistance for Disabled Youth 


Amount: Up to $5,000

Deadline: May 1

Eligibility: Must reside in NJ, NY, or PA; must have a physical or psychological disability

Application Requirements: Proof of disability (after award notification), essay, transcript, application, 3 letters of recommendation


Granted by the Lep Foundation, this scholarship supports students with physical or psychological disabilities in their pursuit of higher education. Recipients must demonstrate academic achievement and be accepted to an institution of higher learning. They should also write an essay describing their condition and how it presents a financial challenge, along with their goals and future ambitions.


5. Clanseer & Anna Johnson Scholarship


Amount: $6,500

Deadline: April 10

Eligibility: Black/African American students born in the U.S. and living in NJ; must have a minimum B average

Application Requirements: Unified application


The Clanseer & Anna Johnson Scholarship provides financial assistance to Black/African American students who plan to pursue an undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university of their choosing. The Community Foundation of New Jersey grants four of these awards every year. In addition to the above eligibility requirements, students should excel in science and mathematics courses.


6. Lou Manzione Scholarship


Amount: $1,000

Deadline: February 1

Eligibility: High school seniors registered with USA Hockey (one granted to a student from NJ and one granted to a student from PA or DE)

Application Requirements: Essay, application, coach’s recommendation, teacher evaluations, transcript, SAT score


The Atlantic District (AAHA) of USA Hockey offers two high school scholarships in the name of Lou Manzione. These awards support two students per year as they pursue their higher education and professional goals. As part of their applications, students should submit an essay addressing the topic “The Value of High School Hockey to My Personal Development.”


7. Benjamin Venezia Memorial Scholarship


Amount: Up to $1,000

Deadline: May 20

Eligibility: Must be a Bergen County resident enrolled in high school

Application Requirements: Application, transcript, essay, two letters of recommendation


Named in memory of Benjamin Venezia, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia shortly after his 13th birthday, this scholarship recognizes Bergen County students and assists them with their college expenses. As part of their application, students should write an essay describing their community service and how it has impacted their lives.


8. NJUA Excellence in Diversity Scholarship


Amount: $1,500 per year (maximum $6,000)

Deadline: May 16

Eligibility: High school senior who is a woman, a person with a disability, and/or a member of a minority group; must demonstrate financial need

Application Requirements: Application, 2 letters of recommendation, essay, transcript


The New Jersey Utilities Association (NJUA) awards two scholarships to students who are minority, identify as female, and/or have a disability and plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in New Jersey. Students should demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. 


9. New Jersey Foster Care Scholars Program


Amount: N/A

Deadline: February 1

Eligibility: NJ students who have experienced a CP&P out-of-home placement, CP&P independent living arrangement or transitional living program and are seeking a post-secondary degree at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, or a career/technical school

Application Requirements: Application, FAFSA


In partnership with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), Embrella provides assistance to scholars who have been in the NJFC system. The scholarship may be used for tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, computers and tablets, and childcare costs. 


10. New Jersey First Generation Scholarship


Amount: $2,500

Deadline: April 25

Eligibility: High school student or undergraduate with a minimum 3.5 GPA; must be a first-generation college student

Application Requirements: Essay


This scholarship was established to assist first-generation college students, many of whom face financial burdens, with pursuing their dreams of pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Two students who are active in extracurricular activities will receive the award every year. As part of their application, students should explore what being a first-generation college graduate means to them.



Tips on Applying for Scholarships


1. Look to your college first.


While outside scholarships like the ones listed above can help supplement your aid, usually, the best source of funding is your college itself. Often, they will provide a combination of need-based and merit-based aid to help you pay for your education. But if you don’t earn enough aid from your college, you can use awards from external organizations to fill in the gaps. 


2. Start early.


Don’t wait until senior year to start looking for scholarships. You can even begin as early as ninth grade to begin your search. That way, even if you can’t apply until senior year (which is not always the case — there are many earlier deadlines), you’ll be able to map out your strategy and gather together your materials before you’re bogged down with college applications.


3. Use plenty of resources.


You’re probably starting your scholarship search online, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But look to other sources, too, such as your guidance counselor and your local community. Don’t forget to search for scholarships on CollegeVine, too! We have plenty of guides to help you.


4. Apply strategically.


Niche scholarships, such as those we’ve discussed here, are an important part of your strategy. Focus on awards designated for students with your specific qualities or qualifications, such as particular demographics or talents. Consider scholarships that target people who intend to study certain majors or programs, too. You have a better chance of winning these awards than those that appeal to a wider pool.

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Laura Berlinsky-Schine is a freelance writer and editor based in Brooklyn with her demigod/lab mix Hercules. She specializes in education, technology and career development. She also writes satire and humor, which has appeared in Slackjaw, Points in Case, Little Old Lady Comedy, Jane Austen’s Wastebasket, and Funny-ish. View her work and get in touch at: www.lauraberlinskyschine.com.