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An Overview of Campus Life at Bard College

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Chase Williams in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:



On-Campus Extracurricular Activities at Bard College


Bard College has over 150 clubs and activities available for students, ranging from the Bard Law Society and the Rollerskating Club to its Surrealist Circus. 


For students interested in athletics, Bard is home to division-three varsity sports teams, as well as club and intramural teams for those who enjoy playing less competitively. 


Living on Campus at Bard College


Many students live on campus during their first and second years at Bard College, as it is required for most students. 


Small community living is important at Bard, with the largest residential hall housing ninety-nine students. Each residence has community kitchens for students to cook, bake, or bond with others. 


Peer Counselors—generally Upper College students familiar with life at Bard—are fully trained to help students navigate any issues that may arise, whether that be acclimating to campus living, addressing issues with their living situation, or handling conflict in their family. These staff members also host residential events to facilitate student bonding and build support networks among students, a vital part of the on-campus experience. 


There are over forty different styles of dorms, enabling students to engage with their peers in the way that fits them best. For returning students, a selection of room styles and living spaces are available. Women’s only housing, substance-free housing, and themed housing are also available. 


Are you curious about whether this kind of on-campus living is right for you? Check out CollegeVine’s guide to how much college housing really matters


Bard College’s Dining Halls


The campus includes three main dining halls, each with a different style of food service to ensure flexibility for students’ frequently changing schedules. Klein, the recently renovated main dining hall, has buffet-style food. Down the Road Cafe is close by, with grab-and-go-style service and made-to-order meals. Manor House Cafe, which is on the north side of campus, offers a unique combination of both for students who may not be able to travel to other dining locations in between classes or while studying. 


Accommodations for students with dietary restrictions—including those who are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and kosher—are available. Bard college has an on-campus farm that contributes approximately 20,000 pounds of produce to the dining hall and prioritizes sustainability on campus. 


Student Life in the Bard College Conservatory of Music


Students in the Bard College of Conservatory of Music are fully integrated into the general College. Every Conservatory student is a double major. Not only are they getting a degree from the Conservatory, but they will also complete a major program in the College itself. Whether that be in the field of history, physics, Chinese, or anything in between, this double major requirement makes students’ course load more rigorous and facilitates engagement in the interdisciplinary mission of Bard College. It also ensures that Conservatory students are taking classes with those in the College.