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What is the Californians For All College Core Program?

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Neeley Allen in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full Livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:



What is the California for All College Corps Program? 


The Californians for All College Corps Program is a new initiative launched by the state of California starting this fall. Both National and State level programs like this one reward students who take the time to volunteer and give back to their community during their undergraduate career.


Over the next two years, 6,000 student fellows will volunteer 450 hours with each receiving a $10,000 education grant through the Californians for All College Corps Program. That’s a $60 million initiative set forth by the state in order to create debt free pathways to college while encouraging students studying at a wide range of colleges and universities to get involved in their community. 


In addition to the grant, fellows will be provided with ongoing training, networking and professional development opportunities as they join this growing cohort of student leaders. Participants will also be eligible to receive academic credit in accordance with the guidelines determined by their campus. 


Who is Eligible for the Program?


The program consists of over 40 partnering institutions, including the University of Southern California and Cal State as well as some private and community colleges. In order to apply, students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates at one of the partnering institutions and in good academic standing with the ability to commit to the program for the full academic year. They must also have demonstrated financial need as evidenced by their qualification for one of the following programs:


  • Federal Pell Grant
  • State Cal Grant
  • Middle Class Scholarship
  • Eligible for work/study or to receive student loans


The program focuses specifically on a few types of volunteer work — K-12 education, climate action, and food insecurity. Eligible students who choose to dedicate their 450 hours to volunteer opportunities in those areas can essentially earn the $10,000 grant for tuition and expenses, making this a great opportunity to get real world experience and discover new interests all while earning some funding toward their education.


Why Volunteer as a Student?


The Californians for All College Corps is not the only opportunity for students to receive college funding based on their volunteer work. In fact, you don’t need to wait until freshman year to explore volunteer-based grant and scholarship opportunities. 


Students of all ages can contribute to their local community through volunteering and a growing number of organizations are beginning to recognize and reward their impact. While your state may not have a program quite like the California for All College Corps, exploring opportunities to volunteer can help bolster your college applications and single you out for unique scholarship opportunities regardless of your prospective college or major. 


Looking to kickstart a long term career in public service? Check out this article for prospective majors and programs that are geared toward social impact and community service.