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An Overview of Academics at The College of The Holy Cross

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Kamela Dino, an Assistant Director of Admission at the College of the Holy Cross, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


What’s Covered:



Concentrations at Holy Cross


Concentrations at the College of the Holy Cross work similarly to minors. If having two majors is not feasible, students at Holy Cross can major in one field and have a concentration in another. For example, a student can major in chemistry and have a concentration in Latin American studies. 


Every major and concentration requires specific classes, and sometimes these classes satisfy requirements for both. If that is the case, you can pair up classes. This will help because you can take one class that will fit and count toward your necessary classes for both your major and concentration. 


Focused Career Programs


Holy Cross has a focused career program that helps students specialize in their future careers. In these programs, students actually get two bachelor’s degrees in five years. A recent addition to these programs was the engineering focus, where students spend three years at Holy Cross and then two years at Columbia University. 


There is also a program for health professionals where students can follow the pre-health profession track. Other focused career programs include business, law, and teacher education, which all have specific classes. These programs are great because students have access to the directors of their departments, which can help them learn about and get recommended for different internship options. Students can become involved in their program’s community, which can help them grow both inside and outside of the classroom. 


Montserrat Classes


Holy Cross has a unique course called the Montserrat class that takes place during a student’s freshman year. This class lasts one year and is taught by the same professor for the entirety. It counts as two classes, one for each semester. This makes a freshman student’s life easier because they only have to apply for three other classes each semester.


Montserrat classes are designed by professors, and they get to create a unique class based on something that they are passionate about. Examples include jazz, philosophy, and psychology. The professors make sure to tie the topic into the other classes that the students at Holy Cross will take during their time at the college. These classes aim to dive into contemporary challenges and core human questions around divine global society, the natural world, and the self. 


The Classroom Environment at Holy Cross


Professors at Holy Cross value their students and take an interest in their education. Most classes have office hours where students can ask professors any questions on their minds. The professors are also happy to work with students on their assignments and help with internships and research opportunities. 


Holy Cross has a community-based environment that has an academic learning component and is central to the school’s structure. Besides meeting with the professors, interacting with your fellow students inside and outside of the classroom is a great way to expand your knowledge and helps develop a great sense of community. This ties into the Jesuit aspect of the college, where learning from others and giving back to the community are valued.