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A Complete List of All BS/MD and BA/MD Programs

The road to a career in medicine is long and often filled with potholes. However, there may be a way to shave a little time off that seemingly interminable journey. Also known as direct medical programs, combined BS/MD and BA/MD programs allow gifted students with a passion for medicine to complete both their bachelor’s degree and their doctor of medicine in one go. While most programs last seven years, some can be completed in as little as six years.



Along with offering students an accelerated timeline to practicing medicine, combined programs allow students to pursue their doctorate at the same schools where they earned their undergraduate degrees. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that you can stay in the same location while continuing to cultivate relationships with familiar peers and faculty. And of course many students feel more confident knowing they’re on the road to a medical career from the time they’re freshmen.


So, what BS/MD or BS/MA school is right for you? And what does it take to get accepted to these competitive programs? Read on for a complete list of accelerated programs, along with tips on getting into your school of choice.


Colleges With 7-Year Medical Programs


Below is a complete list of colleges and universities that offer seven-year combined medical programs. (Note: there are other schools offering combined programs, but they take eight years to complete.)


Albany Medical College

Boston University School of Medicine

California Northstate University School of Medicine

City College of New York (Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education)

Drexel University College of Medicine

Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Howard University College of Medicine

Meharry Medical College

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Sidney Kimmel Medical College

University of Miami School of Medicine

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

University of Nevada School of Medicine

University of Oklahoma School of Medicine

University of South Florida College of Medicine

University of Texas Medical School

University of Toledo School of Medicine


Wondering which program is right for you? Check out CollegeVine’s list of the top 25 combined BS/MD programs available to incoming freshmen. 


How Competitive Are BS/MD Programs?


BS/MD and BA/MD programs are known for being highly competitive. According to a survey by U.S. News & World Report, medical schools in general have an acceptance rate of just 7 percent. And the numbers for accelerated programs are even more intimidating. Here at CollegeVine, we found that only 10 percent of BS/MD program applicants are invited for interviews, and just 10 percent of those interview recipients are asked to matriculate. On average, these programs accept just 20 students a year, and most of them boast stronger applicant profiles than the average Harvard University student. The average ACT score for an accepted student was 32, with most students also boasting impressive GPAs and extracurriculars. Additionally, a number of BA/MD students had participated in prestigious research camps and summer programs prior to applying.


Juniors, this is the last year to improve your admissions profile

Junior year is the last year to make a big impact on your admissions profile before college applications. Our free guide to 11th grade will tell you exactly what to focus on, from academics to creating a school list.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting in?


BS/MD programs are undoubtedly competitive, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream of pursuing an accelerated medical degree. If you want to boost your odds of getting accepted at the above schools, you’ll need to find ways of standing out from the crowd.


Unsurprisingly, academics are a major factor in BA/MD acceptance decisions. It’s not enough to boast an impressive GPA, though; you also have to register for a challenging high school curriculum. Aspiring combined BA/MD students should register for multiple AP and honors courses, with a particular emphasis on lab sciences and other quantitative classes. Additionally, students can earn points by participating in IB courses and by ranking in the top 5 percent of their graduating classes.


Additionally, BS/MD programs favor students who go above and beyond to demonstrate their passion for medicine. Increase your odds of getting accepted by participating in internships and volunteer activities in the healthcare field. Consider shadowing a doctor or nurse on the job, or getting a part-time position in a medical office. Not only does taking these steps make you a more competitive candidate, but it also helps you determine early on if medicine is the right field for you.


Finally, students who are interested in seven-year medical programs should pay special attention to their college application essays. Recognizing that these programs represent a significant commitment, schools want to be sure that the people they enroll are truly passionate about becoming doctors. Use your essay to showcase your personal connection to the field, along with the activities and experiences that have prepared you to succeed in the program.


At CollegeVine, we have extensive experience helping students apply to BS/MD programs. We understand what admissions officers are looking for in candidates and can help you every step of the way, from fine-tuning your essay to preparing for interviews.


Curious about your chances of acceptance to your dream school? Our free chancing engine takes into account your GPA, test scores, extracurriculars, and other data to predict your odds of acceptance at over 500 colleges across the U.S. We’ll also let you know how you stack up against other applicants and how you can improve your profile. Sign up for your free CollegeVine account today to get started!

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