It’s not too early for Juniors to think about college

Junior year is an important time for college applications, as it’s the last year to make big changes that can impact your admissions profile. As a junior, you should start with

Narrow down your school list

Plan your school visits

Learn about college application processes

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To help high school juniors prepare for college admissions and make the most of 11th grade


Hear from our experts on topics that will help you navigate high school and college admissions

Elevate your extracurriculars

Junior year is the time when many students’ extracurricular profiles really come together

Improve your standardized test scores

Resources to help you get the best scores possible on your standardized tests

Calculate your chances of admission at any college

See your real chances at any college and start building your college list. We’ll recommend schools based on your profile and walk you through how you can make college more affordable!

Strategize your summer activities

Admissions Officers take a close look at the summer before your Senior year — make sure to have a plan.