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Your Guide to Free SAT Prep Classes

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The SAT is a standardized test used by many colleges to measure a high schooler’s preparedness for college. The value a school places on the SAT varies from institution to institution, but in general, the stronger score a student receives on the SAT, the more doors will open to them.


The Benefits of SAT Prep Classes


The benefits of SAT prep classes have been heavily debated over the last two decades. A study conducted by the College Board, the organization that administers the SAT, showed that SAT coaching only resulted in an average increase of 8 points in verbal and 18 points in math. A 2009 study by the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) produced similar results, showing a roughly 10-point improvement in verbal and 20-point gain in math. These results were repeated again in a study by Derek Briggs of the University of Colorado Boulder and Ben Domingue of Stanford University.


While the effect test prep has on your overall SAT score is debated, the simple fact is that you wouldn’t want to take a regular high school test without studying for it, nor do you want to take the biggest test of your high school career without proper preparation. Plus, 30 points might sound insignificant, but a 30-point difference on your SAT is able to swing the list of schools you’ll likely get admitted to. 


Luckily for high schoolers planning to take the SAT, there are numerous free SAT prep classes, giving students a multitude of ways to brace themselves for this important exam without breaking the bank. Whether you’re dubious of the claims made by for-profit test prepping companies, or lack the financial resources for expensive tutoring, the free SAT prep classes listed below will have you exam ready.


Free Online SAT Prep Classes and Resources


Khan Academy


Khan Academy partnered with the College Board to bring free, personalized SAT prep to everyone. With numerous items to help students study, Khan Academy offers thousands of practice questions, videos, lessons, and hints, along with eight full-length practice tests. Perhaps most eye-catching about Khan Academy is how a study showed that 20 hours of practice on Khan Academy is associated with an average 115-point score increase from the PSAT/NMSQT to the SAT.


For a more in-depth look at what Khan Academy offers, and how to get the most out of their free resources, check out our blog post The Most Helpful Khan Academy SAT Resources.


The Princeton Review


The well-known test prep company, The Princeton Review, makes a number of their SAT resources available to students. They hold free paper-and-pencil SAT practice tests, allowing students to get a firsthand feel for the testing environment, and follow up with a score report which shows the areas where a student needs to improve. In addition, The Princeton Review frequently offers webinars on a variety of SAT-related topics. 




Kaplan, one of the biggest names in test prep, offers a variety of free services to students preparing for the SAT; favorites for time-crunched students include their pop quizzes, 20-minute workouts, and the question of the day. Another fantastic service, you can take a free, full-length SAT and Kaplan will provide a detailed score analysis, showing your strengths, weakness, and where to best focus your study time. 


Veritas Prep


Veritas Prep provides a variety of free resources, including a 61-page book, a free practice test, and webinars covering a broad spectrum of SAT-focused concepts and strategies. 


Varsity Tutors


Varsity Tutors believes everyone should have the tools and opportunity to earn their best SAT score. They offer a free, ten-session, 25-hour, live online class assisting students to maximize their SAT score. Along with live classes, students gain access to Varsity Tutors’ mobile app for studying on the go, their 650+ page SAT eBook, an adaptive assessment tool that helps identify areas that need improvement, and practice exams. Instructors, or teachers’ assistants, also keep office hours to answer questions and provide extra help. 


B Line Test Prep


B Line Test Prep provides an interactive, self-paced, and engaging learning experience for students preparing for the SAT. Entirely web-based, all you need is a regular web browser and speakers to take advantage of B Line’s software to begin prep. A few standout features are: instant audio and video feedback, no classroom peer pressure, flexible scheduling, and the ability rewatch videos and retake tests as many times as needed.




PrepFactory helps students prepare for the SAT by making existing strategies, study guides, and other SAT-related content more accessible and approachable. Students on their personalized study path earn experience points (XP) through watching videos, taking practice tests, and answering questions correctly to advance through a level-up system, gamifying studying for the SAT. 


Union Test Prep


Union Test Prep has a unique solution for delivering high-quality SAT prep to students for free—they create revenue by selling advertising on their site. Access Union Test Prep’s study guides, flashcards, and practice tests with the occasional interruption of an ad, or turn them off for a nominal fee. 




Magoosh believes that everyone deserves an equal shot at academic achievement, regardless of finances. In addition to compiling a comprehensive list of free SAT resources, they also offer a variety of their own, including an eBook, a practice test, a variety of helpful infographics, and a YouTube channel




Better known as a textbook rental company, Chegg offers a healthy amount of free resources to those preparing for the SAT. On Chegg’s site, you’ll find video lessons, SAT strategies, 1,700 practice problems, pop quizzes, and practice tests. 




Helping students eliminate test-induced anxiety and ace the SAT, PowerScore delivers a wide offering of SAT prep materials. From info about the test itself to puzzles and practice tests, PowerScore even provides an abbreviated reading list, based off the College Board’s list, highlighting the easiest and most interesting books. 


High School Test Prep


Lighter on features and extra resources than some of the other sites listed, High School Test Prep provides students the chance to take free interactive tests. High School Test Prep has automated scoring and provides thorough explanations of the answers. 




TestPrepPractice delivers students a handful of free resources to prepare for the SAT such as primers to understand the test, tutorials, and practice exams. Best of all, TestPrepPractice doesn’t require students to register to gain access to these awesome study aids. 




4Tests doesn’t offer the diverse number of resources that other sites listed here include, but they do provide a free SAT practice test—perfect if you’re looking to take the test one more time, before doing it for real. 




Discover all types of tips and tricks for scoring well on the SAT from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or phone. SuperTutorTV’s YouTube page is packed with information helpful to those preparing for the exam. 




At CollegeVine, we also offer a variety of free resources to students preparing for the SAT. Here’s just a sampling of the numerous blogs we have devoted to helping students earn their best score on the SAT:




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Free In-Person SAT Prep Classes 


If online learning isn’t for you, or you feel like you’d benefit from face-to-face interaction, there are numerous places to find free in-person SAT classes. Whether it’s the local college or university, or the local library, numerous organizations offer in-person assistance. Below are just a few free SAT prep classes, but a Google search or meeting with your high school counselor are sure to turn up more. 


PTPS at the University of California, Berkeley


For almost 25 years, the People’s Test Preparation Service (PTPS)—a non-profit, student-run organization at Cal Berkeley—has offered free SAT assistance to students in the East Bay. Providing both 10-week long SAT prep courses and single-day workshops, those enrolled can expect dedicated teachers working hand-in-hand with students to ensure students success. 


Whatever It Takes at the University of Chicago


The Whatever It Takes (WIT) program aims to level the playing field in test prep and eliminate the financial burden of receiving first-rate test preparation. Available to Chicago-area students, WIT offers free, 10-week-long SAT prep courses led by students trained in SAT prep from the University of Chicago. 


Johns Hopkins University Homewood Student Affairs, Center for Social Concern


Johns Hopkins students provide personalized SAT prep for Baltimore City Public School students. Helping connect students to a collegiate environment, Johns Hopkins students provide skills, strategy, and mentorship. 


Study Smart Tutors and the San Francisco Public Library


Another great Bay-area resource for students preparing for the SAT is found at the local library. Study Smart Tutors and the San Francisco Public Library teamed up to bring free, in-person college prep to their community, offering both a 10-hour SAT prep courses and four-hour hyper focused single subjects classes. 


Frisco Public Library; Frisco, Texas


The Frisco Public Library has a suite of free SAT resources, including a host of practice tests. Students can also gain access to Brainfuse and Gale test prep with their library card.  


University of California San Diego Extension


Another option for students searching for free assistance preparing for the SAT is to look for a program such as the one being run by the UC San Diego Extension in collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District. Together, these two entities are providing free, intensive SAT prep to qualifying students. 


Don’t see a free in-person prep class near you?


Ask your counselor, search online, or check out whether your local library or university has any programs.


A lot goes into getting into your dream college besides the SAT. Sign up for your free CollegeVine account and get assistance with developing your college list, writing an attention-grabbing essay, planning out your college finances, and more.

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