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A Quick Guide to the University of Charleston

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Beth Wolfe, an admissions officer at the University of Charleston, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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Are you interested in going to the University of Charleston but want to know more before adding it to your college list? In this post, we’ll provide a quick introduction to the University of Charleston and discuss its location, academics, and admissions. 




Not to be confused with the College of Charleston in South Carolina, the University of Charleston is located in Charleston, West Virginia, just across the Kanawha River from the West Virginia Capitol Building. 


There are many benefits to attending college in this capital city. For students interested in healthcare majors, such as nursing, radiologic science, occupational therapy, or public health, there’s a Level I Trauma Center close to campus, which is part of a major hospital system. 


There are many internship opportunities available in Charleston as well, whether with businesses throughout the city or inside the state capitol. A downtown business area by the West Virginia Community Development Hub, known locally as “The Hub,” will be launching soon. It believes in social entrepreneurship driven by investing in community leadership and projects, building impactful partnerships across sectors, tackling system-level challenges, and defining a new story of positive change and development for the region. 


The Hub houses business incubators as well as coworking and networking events and spaces. It also provides volunteering and internship opportunities to support West Virginia communities and help small businesses get off the ground in Charleston. University of Charleston students and faculty will be connected with businesses in the area to help them grow and give students real-world, practical business experience. 




The University of Charleston is a small, private school offering undergraduate and graduate-level courses. The total enrollment is around 3,000 students, which includes online students and those at a smaller campus in Beckley, West Virginia, about 45 miles southeast of Charleston.  


The University of Charleston has a close-knit learning environment where students can expect lots of mentoring from faculty. There are also many scholarship opportunities, physician assistant and pharmacy schools, and post-baccalaureate programs available to University of Charleston students.  




The University of Charleston is a test-blind school, meaning it does not require SAT or ACT scores on your admission or scholarship applications. You can also apply with an “undecided” major and, due to the university’s small size and dedicated advisors, most incoming freshmen choose a major by the end of their fall semester.


The admissions office at the University of Charleston wants to work with its prospective students. Admissions counselors are always available to help applicants work through the admissions process. Remember, they’re looking for reasons to admit you! Take everything one step at a time and know there’s a place for you at the University of Charleston, a beautiful place with wonderful people and great opportunities.