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The List of All U.S. Colleges With a Data Science Major


Data science is a hot topic in the workforce but a relatively new field in academia. Data science is all about using programming languages, statistics, and other advanced tools to gain insights from data. When you’re doing data science, you have the tools to unlock truths about the world in any field, from proving institutional inequality to finding out which ice cream flavor is the most popular in the United States.


If you’re looking into a data science major for college, you have made an excellent choice. To see which colleges have been forward-thinking and offer a data science major, keep reading.


Why Should You Study Data Science In College?


Data Science is a fantastic interplay of many different fields. Through this major, you will learn key computer science techniques and coding languages, the ins and outs of data analysis, and the proper application of statistical methods. From your first introductory data science course, you will have the power to take a set of numbers and plumb it for insights about the world around you.


In addition, you will find that Data Science is incredibly lucrative and employable these days. Overwhelmingly, the world is becoming data-driven, with companies employing entire department just to collecting and analyzing data to help them make business decisions. The type of jobs in these fields are some of the highest paying jobs in the market right now, so a Data Science major will certainly set you up for financial success later on in life.


How Can You Increase Your Chances of Acceptance?


Develop A Specialized and Competitive Academic and Extracurricular Profile:


As always, to get into a well-ranked school in the United States, you will need to show colleges that you can handle a heavy academic and extracurricular workload. This is especially important for students who are applying for a Data Science major, as data science is one of the more rigorous and analytically challenging STEM fields. In order to prepare yourself and show admissions committees that you can handle an intense workload, you’ll need to dig into advanced courses that specialize in STEM fields, specifically math and computing. You should make sure you’re taking calculus, statistics, physics, and any coding class your school offers.


You can further demonstrate your commitment to Data Science by participating in extracurricular activities that will further develop your coding background and let you work with numbers. Some clubs that qualify include, robotics clubs, computer science courses, or mathletes.


Finally, the best way to set yourself up for success as a Data Science major is to get some coding experience. Most students who enter Data Science courses struggle as much with the coding basics as they do with advanced theory and statistics. So if you have the opportunity to learn various coding languages, you’ll be doing your future-self a favor. Some popular languages you ought to look out for are Python, R, Java, and MatLab.


Focus on Your College List:


As you begin your college research, you may find that not all colleges offer a data science major. Keep in mind as you’re looking, however, that you don’t need to pursue a data science major to be doing data science. You can pursue Computer Science, Econometrics, and other similar majors that let you work with datasets in different ways.


If you’re set on going to a college with a data science major, however, make sure to do your research. Some data science programs are more developed than others and therefore have more resources like tutoring and access to software than others. Most data science students utilize the resources offered to them, so it’s important that you research and find programs with as much institutional support as possible.


Finally, when you’re doing your research, pay attention to the location of the university. Most university based recruitment programs have direct ties with businesses and industries in the surrounding area, and you may want to attend a school in an area with a large tech industry. That being said, this is not required. You’ll be able to find tech jobs in most companies and areas around the country.


What Colleges Have a Data Science Major?

Aquinas College (Michigan)
Arizona State University | ASU
Arkansas Tech University | ATU
Assumption College
Auburn University
Babson College
Bellevue College
Boise State University | BSU
Boston College | BC
Brigham Young University–Idaho | BYU–Idaho
Buena Vista University | BVU
California Institute of Technology | Caltech
California State University, East Bay | CSU East Bay
California University of Pennsylvania | Cal U
Calvin College
Carlow University
Carroll College
Chaminade University of Honolulu
Champlain College
Chapman University
Chatham University
City University of Seattle | CityU
Clarkson University
College of Charleston
College of Mount Saint Vincent | CMSV
Colorado State University | CSU
Columbia University
Concordia College (Minnesota)
Daemen College
Daytona State College
Delaware State University | Del State
Denison University
DePaul University
Drexel University
Duke University
Eastern Michigan University | EMU
Eastern University
Eastern Washington University | EWU
Edinboro University
Elizabethtown College | E-town
Fisk University
George Mason University
Golden Gate University | GGU
Husson University
Immaculata University
Iowa State University
John Carroll University | JCU
Lipscomb University
Luther College
Marist College
Marquette University
Maryville University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | MIT
McKendree University | McK
Mercyhurst University
Metropolitan State University
Millikin University
Mills College
Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute
Montana Tech of the University of Montana | Montana Tech
Montclair State University | MSU
Neumann University
North Carolina Central University | NCCU
North Dakota State University | NDSU
Northeastern University
Northern Arizona University | NAU
Northern Kentucky University
Northwest Missouri State University
Ohio Christian University | OCU
Olivet Nazarene University | ONU
Pennsylvania State University | PSU
Presbyterian College
Purdue University
Regent University
Robert Morris University | RMU (Pennsylvania)
Roosevelt University
Rutgers University–Newark
Saint Louis University | SLU
San Jose State University | SJSU
Simmons College
Smith College
St. Catherine University
St. Michael’s College
State University of New York at Potsdam | SUNY Potsdam
Stephen F. Austin State University | SFA
Suffolk University
Temple University
Tennessee Technological University | Tennessee Tech
Texas Woman’s University | TWU
The Ohio State University | OSU
The State University of New York at Albany | SUNY Albany
Tufts University
University of Baltimore
University of California, Berkeley | UC Berkeley
University of California, Davis | UC Davis
University of California, Irvine | UC Irvine
University of California, San Diego | UCSD
University of Cincinnati
University of Evansville
University of Georgia
University of Houston–Downtown | UHD
University of Iowa
University of Kansas
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth | UMass Dartmouth
University of Michigan
University of Michigan–Dearborn | UM-D
University of New England | UNE
University of New Hampshire | UNH
University of North Dakota | UND
University of Rhode Island | URI
University of Rochester
University of Saint Joseph
University of San Francisco | USF
University of South Florida | USF
University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)
University of the Sciences
University of Wisconsin–River Falls | UW–River Falls
Washington State University | WSU
Westmont College
Winona State University | WSU
Xavier University of Louisiana
Yale University


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