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5 Scholarships

10 College Scholarships for Catholic Students

What’s Covered:


Scholarships play a valuable role in the strategy many college students employ when it comes to paying for college. One of the best ways students can improve their odds of winning an award is to apply for scholarships with a narrow scope, like scholarships that are intended for students of a specific religion, such as Catholic scholarships. 


Do Catholic Scholarships Exist?


Catholic scholarships exist and are plentiful. Organizations ranging from large national groups to smaller local orders to financial institutions offer assistance to students attending college. There are numerous benefits to these organizations in providing scholarships. For example, it’s an investment in their community, garners goodwill with customers, and ensures educated leadership in the future. It’s also a way for the church to engage younger members—a group that is declining in religious affiliation.  


Typical Requirements for Catholic Scholarships


Every scholarship has a unique set of parameters an applicant must meet to earn an award. That said, there are some characteristics that are common in college scholarships for Catholic students. First and foremost, most Catholic scholarships will require the applicant to be a practicing Catholic, which is often demonstrated by participation in a Catholic organization or having a clergy member provide a recommendation. Traditionally, the Catholic religion has highly valued service, and work in the community will go a long way toward grabbing the attention of scholarship committees.   


10 College Scholarships for Catholic Students


1. Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship


Amount: $300-$500 

Deadline: April 30

Eligibility: Member of Catholic United Financial and entering any year of your first degree program post-high school

Application Requirements: N/A


This scholarship is open to members of Catholic United Financial—a faith-based financial services organization—pursuing their first degree or certificate post-high school. Catholic United Financial has given out more than $4 million in scholarships since 1955. Recipients attending Catholic colleges, universities, or institutions are eligible for a $500 award, while a $300 award is available to those attending non-Catholic colleges, universities, or institutions. 


2. Italian Catholic Federation


Amount: $400-$1,000 

Deadline: March 15 

Eligibility: Roman Catholic graduating seniors of Italian descent in Arizona, California, Illinois, and Nevada with a minimum GPA of 3.2

Application Requirements: Transcript and a personal statement 


The Italian Catholic Federation has long supported Catholic high school students pursuing higher education. The organization has awarded more than $2 million in college scholarships for Catholic students since 1964. The scholarship is renewable and grows in value annually:


  • First-year award: $400
  • Second-year award: $500
  • Third-year award: $600
  • Fourth-year award:1,000 


The Italian Catholic Federation awards about 200 first-year scholarships annually. 


3. Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship For Women Discerning Priestly Ordination


Amount: $2,200  

Deadline: April 29 

Eligibility: Women and non-binary people who wish to be ordained Catholic priests (including Ecumenical Catholic and Roman Catholic Women Priests)

Application Requirements: Response to a prompt—with a 1,000-word essay, a piece of original artwork, a video, or an audio file—and two letters of recommendation


This unique scholarship supports women and non-binary people on their academic and spiritual paths, discerning ordination. The primary focus of the Lucile Murray Durkin Scholarship For Women Discerning Priestly Ordination is women and non-binary people who wish to be ordained Catholic priests (including Ecumenical Catholic and Roman Catholic Women Priests). However, it will also consider those who are seeking priestly ordination in other denominations.  


4. Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) Scholarships


Amount: $1,000

Deadline: March 31

Eligibility: Member of the COF and do one of the following: host a Feeding God’s Children event, participate in COF’s Alternative Break, or serve as a religious education instructor   

Application Requirements: N/A


This award is open to members of the Catholic Order of Foresters, an organization that provides life insurance and other financial solutions. Up to 100 scholarships are awarded annually and payment is sent directly to the recipient’s college or university. Applicants who don’t win a scholarship are encouraged to apply again the following year. 


5. First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA Life) Fraternal Scholarship Award


Amount: $1,250 

Deadline: February 8 

Eligibility: Hold a qualifying policy with FCSLA Life and full-time enrollment in a program leading to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree  

Application Requirements: Transcript and a 500-word autobiographical statement 


This generous award is provided by the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, a fraternal benefit society that embraces Catholic values and Slavic traditions. To be eligible for this award, applicants need to possess a qualifying policy with FCSLA Life. Recipients are chosen using the following criteria: 


  • Academic standing
  • Church/community value 
  • School involvement/essay


First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Fraternal Scholarship Awards can only be used to cover tuition. 


6. Kolping Society of America Scholarship


Amount: $1,500-$3,000 

Deadline: March 15 

Eligibility: Kolping society member—or the immediate family of a member—who is a junior or senior in high school or enrolled at an accredited college, university, or trade school  

Application Requirements: Respond to three short-answer questions 


This award is offered to support Kolping Society members—and their immediate family members (spouse, child, grandchild, or great-grandchild)—pursuing educational aspirations. The Kolping Society is a Catholic, educational, and action-oriented organization and high schoolers are eligible for a $1,500 award, while current college students qualify for a $3,000 scholarship. Five $3,000 awards and four $1,500 awards are given out annually and recipients can reapply each year.


7. National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) Scholarships


Amount: $2,000-$5,000 

Deadline: March 1  

Eligibility: Practicing Catholic high school senior; involved with a Scout Troop, Venturing Crew, or Sea Scout Ship; earned the Ad Altare Dei, Pope Pius XII, or Light is Life (Eastern Rite) Religious Award; and earned Eagle Scout, Summit Award, or Quartermaster Award 

Application Requirements: High school transcript and four letters of recommendation 


The National Catholic Committee on Scouting has nine scholarships totaling $25,000 available to Catholic scouts heading off to college. To qualify, applicants must have demonstrated leadership in four areas: 


  • Church
  • School
  • Community
  • Scouting 


To prove merit in these sectors, applicants will need to submit a recommendation letter from a representative in each one.  


8. Catholic College Info Catholic College Scholarship


Amount: $1,500 

Deadline: May 31  

Eligibility: Enrolling as a first-time, full-time student at a Catholic college or university 

Application Requirements: Complete a short questionnaire 


The Catholic College Info Catholic College Scholarship is one of the easiest Catholic scholarships you can apply for. Simply fill out a short questionnaire on the Catholic College Info website to enter to win this generous award for college. Winners are selected at random and the scholarship is paid directly to the institution.


9. Catholic College Admission Association (CCAA) Scholarship 


Amount: $1,000

Deadline: April 4

Eligibility: College-bound high school senior accepted and enrolling at a National CCAA member institution

Application Requirements: Complete application 


The Catholic College Admission Association is open to college-bound high school seniors planning to attend one of the CCAA’s 124 member institutions. The organization awards 16 of these one-time scholarships annually and applying is easy—all you need to do is complete a short application. 


10. Polish Roman Catholic Union of America (PRCUALife) Education Scholarship 


Amount: $1,000-$2,000  

Deadline: June 1

Eligibility: Undergraduate sophomores, juniors, and seniors of Polish heritage with a minimum 3.0 GPA   

Application Requirements: Transcript and two letters of recommendation 


This renewable award varies in value from $1,000 to $2,000—$25,000 in total is awarded annually—and is given to aid Polish American students to help cover the cost of earning a degree. To qualify for this award, applicants are required to have successfully completed their first year of college and submit four letters of recommendation showing their Polish heritage and their community service. Selection criteria include academic success, Polonia involvement, and community service.


11. CollegeVine Scholarships


Amount: Up to $500

Deadline: Weekly

Eligibility: High school student and US resident

Application Requirements: Create a free CollegeVine account

CollegeVine provides weekly scholarships of up to $500! You don’t have to be Catholic to qualify, but you will need to join our free admissions platform and earn karma, the free CollegeVine “currency.” You can earn karma by reviewing essays through our Peer Review tool and answering questions in our Community Forums. After earning that karma, you bid it to enter the scholarship drawing (if you don’t win, that karma is returned, where you can “spend” it on essay reviews and expert advice). Awards are paid out directly to students to help them cover any educational costs. Learn more about the CollegeVine scholarships.

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