• How to Keep Your Cool During the Heat of Finals Week

    When work begins to pile up and responsibilities seem overwhelming, it’s important to have some coping strategies to help you stay organized, focused, and sane during these especially busy weeks. With so much going on concurrently, it’s easier to overlook smaller events or projects. But if this happens, you’re bound to be even more stressed out than you were beforehand.

    In this post, we’ll outline our top five tips for staying on top of finals week or any other high intensity week, so that you can not only survive, but come out shining on the other end. To learn more about how you can maintain sanity and still take care of all your important responsibilities that seem to stack up around this time of year, keep reading.

  • High School Quiz Bowl: How Trivia Can Help You Get Into College

    For many students, extracurriculars are a defining part of their high school experience, and one that is highlighted heavily on their college applications. For students who want to pursue a somewhat competitive activity but who are more interested in academics than athletics, there are several extracurriculars to choose from. Students interested primarily in the STEM fields might consider Math or Science Olympiad, or science and engineering fairs. Students more interested in rhetoric and persuasion might choose Mock Trial or the Debate Team. And students who find that their knowledge is more general in nature may consider Quiz Bowl.

    In this post, we will outline what exactly a high school Quiz Bowl is, the format of competitions, and how to get involved if you’re interested. We’ll also provide some of the top resources for Quiz Bowl prep. If you’re interested in learning more about high school Quiz Bowl, keep reading for our comprehensive overview.

  • Model UN: Ideal Extracurricular for the Future International Relations Major

    For some students, it’s easy to find an activity that you’re passionate about pursuing. You might have a sport you’ve played since childhood or a long-standing interest in the visual arts. For other students, you may pursue Math Olympiad or a specific language club.

    If you have an interest in international relations, your options will be fewer, but you aren’t out of luck completely. Model UN provides the opportunity to learn more about international relations through education, collaboration, and simulated UN sessions. If you are interested in learning more about Model UN, including what exactly participating in it entails and how you can get involved, read on.

  • How Using a Planner or Calendar Can Make Your Life Easier

    If you want to ensure that you’re prepared for the work ahead and that you don’t drop any of the important balls you’ve got in the air, you’ll need to come up with a foolproof organization system. This means using your time wisely, developing stress management techniques, and, of course, staying organized.

    One critical key to your organization should be the use of a planner or calendar. Using a planner or calendar will help you to visualize the many commitments you have made and will also aid you in keeping track of them. Having a visual reminder of what is happening when can also deter you from biting off more than you can chew.

  • How to Write a Convincing Science Fair Research Proposal

    If you are considering entering a project in the science fair, you will need to think carefully about your subject matter, your experimental design, and the relevance of your work before committing to a project. Many science fairs will even required that you complete a formal research proposal to demonstrate the level of thinking you’ve put into your experiment before beginning it.

    In this post, we will outline the purpose of a research proposal for the science fair, the common elements of such a proposal, and how you can go about writing a comprehensive research proposal that is sure to impress.

  • 5 Things to See on your Campus Tour of Columbia

    It is a known fact that college tours on their own can be intimidating, and it is likely that touring schools in New York City might feel even more daunting. When it comes to touring schools in New York, you might find yourself confused as to what you should even be looking at. Luckily, CollegeVine is here to help!

    Columbia University is an Ivy League school in New York City. It is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in Morningside Heights. This post will focus mostly on worthwhile spots to visit on Columbia’s campus, but if you are interested in learning more about this school, be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Applying to Columbia, A Day in the Life of a Columbia Student, and How to Write the Columbia University Essays 2016-17. For a guide to the top 5 spots to visit on your campus tour of Columbia, read on!

  • Prestigious STEM Competitions for High School Students

    Introduction to STEM Fields STEM, an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, encompasses a group of some of the fastest-growing industries and career opportunities in the world. Because these fields have such a huge impact on the world—in terms of the environment, technological advances, the economy, and many other sectors—many organizations, businesses, […]

  • 4 Things You Can Start Doing in High School to Make College Easier

    After all the work and stress of the college application process, actually starting college may seem like a comparatively easier and more positive experience. However, college life is a lot different from the lives of most high school students. Going away to college is a different experience for everyone, but for most students, it will involve making major adjustments.

    Once you’re on campus, you’ll typically be expected to handle most aspects of your life much more independently, from academics to social activities to everyday practical concerns. Balancing all these new responsibilities can be a challenging task.

    However, it’s a challenge that can be met, and millions of college students do exactly that every year. One strategy that can help tremendously to ease this transition is to start working on the skills you’ll need while you’re still in high school. While people often focus on the academic side of preparing for college, the more personal and practical skill sets that college also requires are just as important.

    Read on to find out what areas you’ll need to consider as you get ready for the demands of college life, and how learning these skills early on will improve your college experience.

  • 12 Things to See On Your Campus Visit to Brown

    Originally founded in 1764, Brown is one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution. It’s also well-known as a member of the prestigious Ivy League, and it maintains its reputation by offering rigorous coursework, cutting-edge resources, and an open curriculum that encourages intellectual exploration.

    As with any college, if you’re interested in applying to Brown, it’s a good idea to visit the campus if you’re able to do so. Brown’s admissions website offers a bevy of resources for potential applicants, but visiting the college in person allows you to get a better understanding of what life at Brown is like and whether Brown is a good fit for you.

    Whether you’re taking a tour, attending an information session, exploring on your own, or shadowing a current student, there is simply too much to see at Brown to fit it all into a short visit. However, we can offer a few highlights.

    In this post, you’ll find a list of interesting sights on and off campus that you should consider making part of your visiting schedule. These aren’t just fun attractions, though—they’re also windows into the student experience that can help you to decide whether life at Brown is a possibility that you’d like to pursue.

  • How Competitive Dance Can Give Your College Applications an Edge

    While some might think of dance as a sport and others might think of it as an art, how you perceive and present your participation in it will depend largely on your personal approach to it during your high school years. Some students will pursue competitions actively, while others will find different meaningful ways of participating. Regardless, one thing is certain. If you have spent significant time and energy pursuing dance during high school, your commitment and success should be highlighted on your college application.

    To learn more about the many outlets for pursuing dance in high school, and the various ways in which you make sure that your avid pursuit of it shines through on your college application, keep reading.