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  • What Are SAT Subject Tests?

    Most likely, you are accustomed to hearing about the SAT as a singular test that is used by college admissions committees to gauge your college and career-readiness. In actuality though, the SAT isn’t just a standalone test. In fact, there is, as the College Board refers to it, an entire SAT Suite of Assessments, beginning with the PSAT 8/9 and progressing to the singular SAT test that you’ve undoubtedly heard so much about. SAT assessments don’t end there, either.

    Beginning in 1937, the College Board began to offer a series of subject-specific standardized tests. First known as Achievement Tests, then as SAT II: Subject Tests, they are now simply called SAT Subject Tests. Each SAT Subject Test is a multiple-choice test administered over the course of one hour, of which there are 20 to choose from. When taken strategically, these tests serve to improve your chance at admission to colleges by highlighting unique subject-specific knowledge that might otherwise not be apparent.

  • The Application Process Through a Parent’s Lens

      Oftentimes, the application process can be almost as stressful for parents as it is for their son or daughter.  Granted, we don’t have to write essays or take standardized tests or AP exams, but as we go through the process with our sons and daughters, we develop empathy for them. As parents, we want […]

  • Don’t Make These Mistakes on College Applications

    College application season certainly isn’t a walk in the park. With the Common App, supplemental essays, letters of recommendation, interviews, and more to worry about, even the most diligent student might feel overwhelmed by this daunting process. Considering the amount of pressure you might be under, along with the novelty of the process. That being said, you should be aware that some mistakes on your college applications are more severe than others. Whereas one mistake might actually turn out to be an easy fix, others can have long-lasting consequences. Read on to learn about what mistakes you should try to avoid making on your college applications.

  • What is a Good SAT Score?

    If you’re considering taking the SAT or you are preparing for an upcoming test date, you may be wondering what exactly counts as a “good” score on the SAT. Maybe you want to know so that you can weigh your chances at college admissions. Maybe you’re trying to set a realistic target score for yourself. Whatever the case may be, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

    To learn more about the factors weighing into the strength of your SAT score and how you can determine what a good SAT score will be for you, read on.

  • How Your Social Media Presence Affects Your College Applications

    In your experience with social media, you’ve probably already learned a few lessons about what to do and what not to do online, and much of this advice sounds like common sense. However, it’s always a good idea to check in with yourself and make sure that you’re keeping your college goals in mind as you build your online presence.

    Read on for tips on how to manage your social media presence before and during the college application process in order to maintain your privacy, put your best face forward, and make effective use of the networking opportunities that social media offers.

  • A Parent’s Guide to College Planning

    Here on the CollegeVine blog, most of our posts are directed at high school students. However, parents play a major role in the college planning process, too. They help students make decisions, offer encouragement, provide reminders, and support their children throughout the process, in addition to contributing financial and other practical assistance.

    Are you the parent of a high school student who hopes to attend college? This post is for you! We’ll go over various elements of the role you can expect to play in the college planning process, as well as advice for how to be a well-informed and well-prepared ally to your child as they plan for college.

  • How to Spend Your Summer As a Prospective Math Major (And Why Math is a Great Career Path)

    If you’re a student who’s interested in pursuing a career in math, it’s likely that you are taking challenging math and science classes, juggling a math club or two, and participating in any other extracurriculars that make you tick. But when summer rolls around, how can you carry this momentum forward? After all the hard work you put in during the school year, you might be tempted to land on the couch for a 3-month Netflix binge. But don’t be fooled.

    You can continue to build a strong college application and grow as a person over the summer, even while stepping back from your usual rigorous schedule. Read on for more information about a career in math and CollegeVine’s advice for how you prospective math majors can make the most of your summer vacation.

  • Ultimate Guide to the New SAT Math Test

    The SAT Math test has been a central component of every SAT since 1941, when it was first included in a multiple-choice format. When the most recent changes to the SAT were announced in 2014, many students, parents, teachers, and test prep experts experienced the anxiety that comes from not knowing what to expect. Many students who had spent countless hours learning the most effective preparation strategies for the last iteration of the SAT may have even felt a little panicked at the thought of potentially starting again from scratch.

    Released in March of 2016, the new SAT is no longer a mystery. The experts here at CollegeVine have spent the past six months pouring over data and materials from the College Board and official study materials from Khan Academy, all the while pooling private resources and insights to create what we believe is the best prep program in the industry for the new SAT. And we are happy to be able to share some of our insights here with you!

  • Guide to the American Legion Oratorical Contest

        While there are many great opportunities for students to enhance their public speaking skills, there are only a few that offer monetary compensation for doing so. The American Legion Oratorical Contest is one such opportunity, and it also gives students the chance to learn more about the United States Constitution and duties of […]

  • An Easy-to-Use College Planning Checklist for Sophomores

    Congratulations! The awkward adjustment year of high school is behind you. College applications and acceptances are getting closer, so it’s time to get serious about some of your commitments while letting some of the less useful ones go. We at CollegeVine have developed a comprehensive checklist to help you allocate your time effectively so that you maximize your sophomore-year potential.