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Frequently Asked Questions About New College of Florida

This article was written based on the information and opinions presented by Sharon Alcock, Associate Director of New Student Recruitment, in a CollegeVine livestream. You can watch the full livestream for more info.


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In this post, we answer a few of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about New College of Florida, a public honors college in Sarasota.  


Academic and Mental Health Support


How often do students meet with their academic advisor?


Students usually meet with their advisors once a week, but you can email them with questions or concerns at any time. The faculty at New College of Florida is not only at the top of their fields, but they’re also incredibly dedicated, supportive, and caring. They’re members of the community who want to see highly motivated students succeed, so they’re always there to support you.


What resources exist on campus for emotional and mental health support?


The college has a counseling and wellness center that most students utilize. Professors and academic advisors also keep mental well-being in the conversation with their students, making sure to check in with how students are doing beyond their academic performance.


Meeting with your academic advisor is another way to check in about your mental and emotional health. At a larger school, students may get only 10 minutes with their advisor. However, at New College of Florida, more quality time is available between students and advisors, enabling advisors to gauge how students are doing. Advisors and professors care about their students’ mental health and want to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed and are aware of any services or programs that can make their experience at New College easier. 


How can prospective students address how the pandemic affected them in their application?


Many students use the additional information section in the Common App to talk in more detail about anything that may have affected their academic journey, especially the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, if there was a dip in your grades due to a family emergency or something similar, that section is the place to disclose and explain it.  




Which admissions resources should students take advantage of?


New College of Florida’s website, ncf.edu, is a wonderful resource and has a complete list of offered majors, specific information about academics, how to apply, and what the school is looking for in its applicants. 


How are homeschooled applicants considered for admission?


There has been a recent increase in homeschooled students, so their applications are becoming quite common. There is no significant difference in how homeschooled applicants are considered, as long as the admissions committee receives the materials that would accompany a typical application, such as transcripts and details about extracurricular activities.




What are some of the most popular majors at New College of Florida?


Marine biology is a popular major because the New College of Florida is located right on the water. There’s a marine science lab on campus and a boat dedicated to the program. Students perform experiments right in the bay, including tagging dolphins and sharks. They also participate in dive trips in locations throughout Florida and beyond.


Are students able to create their own customized majors?


Yes, students can work closely with their academic advisors to create their own majors. One example is a student who created a major in activism because that was their passion.


What if students need a GPA to apply to law school or medical school?


Since New College of Florida doesn’t have a traditional grading system, some students wonder what to do if they plan to apply to law school, medical school, or another program that will require a GPA. Many students have no problem getting into prestigious programs without a GPA because New College of Florida is a well-known and highly ranked school. But if students do need a GPA, the registrar’s office can calculate and provide one for them.




What are students doing to facilitate environmental sustainability?


The New College of Florida is doing a great deal of work to make sure it’s as green as possible. For example, most of the buildings on campus have sustainable, environmentally friendly lighting. There is also a concerted recycling effort on campus.