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Links To Every SAT Practice Test + Other Free Resources

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In order to prepare for the SAT, you not only need to review key concepts, formulas, and test-taking strategies, but you also need to practice putting these skills to use in a real SAT test setting. The best way to do that is to take an SAT full practice test to go through practice questions and tests designed to mimic the actual SAT test.


It’s no simple task creating SAT practice questions. After all, there are few different types of SAT questions, and they’re usually very carefully worded in order to trick you. Therefore, when you’re practicing for the SAT, you need to make sure that the questions are constructed exactly as the actual exam questions will be.


There are some free online SAT full practice tests and resources that are guaranteed to give you the best and most accurate practice questions. This is our one-stop shop for all of your free SAT practice resources.

CollegeVine’s SAT Practice Tests


Here are 3 full-length, printable practice tests from our SAT curriculum, developed by test experts and top SAT scorers.


Test 1: Questions | Solutions Manual

Test 2: Questions | Solutions Manual

Test 3: Questions | Solutions Manual

Answer Sheet (where you can bubble in/fill in your answers)


10 Other Free SAT Resources


1. CollegeBoard’s Online Practice Exams


CollegeBoard has partnered with Khan Academy to provide paperless, online SAT full practice tests that are automatically scored at the end of the exam and keep you on track with section time limits.


These exams are perfect for anyone who is looking to practice time management and get real-time feedback on their exam. This the easiest way to simulate a real SAT testing situation without having to go through the hassle of timing yourself and grading your own exam at the end. You don’t have to make an account or pay any subscription for this service. It is completely free.


2. Paper Practice Exams


If taking an online SAT full practice test isn’t your thing, or if you really want to take a paper exam since that’s how it’ll be on the actual test day, CollegeBoard also has some great SAT Practice Exams that can be downloaded and printed out for your convenience. There are 8 exams you can go through, all in the new SAT format (on a 1600 scale).  


It’ll be up to you to print out the exams, time yourself on each section, and score the exam afterward. However, CollegeBoard has provided all of the rubrics, instructions, and feedback so that you can use these exams to adequately study for the SAT.


Want to give these paper exams a try? You can print them out here.


3. The Princeton Review’s Paper-and-Pencil Practice Exams


The Princeton Review is best known for their standardized test prep books, but they also offer SAT classes and resources. A pretty awesome free resource are their paper-and-pencil SAT full practice tests, held in their testing centers and proctored by their SAT teachers. You’ll also get a free score report following the exam, so that you know which concepts need improvement. This is a great option if you really want to simulate test-day conditions.


4. CollegeBoard’s Sample Questions


CollegeBoard also releases some sample SAT questions from every SAT section on their own website, not in the form of a practice exam. These stand-alone questions are presented in a quiz-format. You will be presented with the question online and will have to choose an answer. There is no time limit imposed. Only after you have answered that question will you be told whether you were right or wrong and why. Then, after releasing the feedback on that question, they will move on to the next question.


The SAT sample questions cover Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay sections. If you just want to get used to the kinds of questions that are asked on the SAT without stressing about taking an entire practice exam, this is perfect for you.


Ready to try this? Find SAT sample questions here.

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5. Daily Practice App


This helpful app, created by CollegeBoard, gives you one SAT question a day to work through and answer, along with hints and in-depth answer explanations to help you improve. It also gives you instant scoring and answer explanations by scanning your completed answer sheet with your phone.


The Daily Practice app is free and is a great resource to have when you have a few spare minutes and want to get some light SAT prep done.


CollegeVine’s Free SAT Resources and Tips


In addition to the resources that CollegeBoard offers, we at CollegeVine also have some excellent free resources for students looking to have an edge in their SAT prep.


Here are some of the resources and tips that you might be interested in:


1. Free SAT Prep Checklist


Our convenient and comprehensive SAT Prep Checklist walks you through the best way to go about prepping for the SAT. It’s perfect to keep in your study binder or to use on your computer. In this checklist, you’ll find helpful information on how to interpret your PSAT scores, ways to create a useful study outline, advice from our expert SAT Tutors, and more!


2. SAT Prep Blog Posts


On the CollegeVine Blog, you can find multiple helpful posts on anything and everything you need to know for the SAT. From basic study strategies to detailed practice questions with answer explanations, the CollegeVine blog is likely to have all the answers you need.


3. CollegeVine YouTube Channel


We offer many free standardized testing videos. You’ll find support and tips on everything from mastering the reading section to boosting your math score. We’re adding new videos weekly, so be sure to subscribe to get updated on our latest content.



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How to Get the Most Out of Your SAT Practice Tests


Taking SAT full practice tests is one of the best ways to prepare for the real thing. However, if you want to maximize your scores, it’s crucial to take these practice exams seriously. Here are some tips for getting the most out of a practice test:


1. Watch the Clock


It might be a practice exam, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to linger over questions or take breaks to text your pals and play video games. On the contrary, students who want to get the most out of these practice sessions pay attention to timing. By adhering to the real SAT testing times, you get a better sense of your true scoring ability. Additionally, following the SAT timetable ensures there will be no surprises on the big day. 


Here is a chart showing official SAT time limits, including breaks between testing sections:


Section Time Questions Time Per Question
Reading 65 minutes 52 75 seconds
Break 10 minutes
Writing 35 minutes 44 48 seconds
Math No Calculator 25 minutes 20 75 seconds
Break 5 minutes
Math Calculator 55 minutes 38 87 seconds
Break 2 minutes
Essay (optional) 50 minutes


2. Simulate the Testing Environment


Students sometimes feel intimidated when they sit down to take the SAT for real. After all, they’re accustomed to taking SAT full practice tests in their own homes with music blaring in the background and plenty of breaks for snacks. A big, silent classroom full of students can be intimidating by comparison. If you want to feel more comfortable on testing day, aim to mimic testing conditions by studying in a classroom or library rather than your bedroom. Additionally, you should turn off your phone and try to avoid taking unscheduled breaks.


3. Review Your Mistakes


It’s not enough to take practice SAT tests. If you want to improve your performance, you should spend time reviewing both the questions you got wrong and the ones you answered correctly. Not only can you determine what areas require improvement, but you can also figure out where your strengths lie. That way, you won’t waste time studying subjects in which you’re already adept.


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Preparing for the SAT? Download our free guide with our top 8 tips for mastering the SAT.


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