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How to Write the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Essay 2023-2024


Worcester Polytechnic Institute is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, which is home to nine institutions of higher education, so the central Massachusetts area has closer to 36,000 students. This unique dynamic offers the individualized attention of a small institution while still providing the social perks of a larger university. 


Another unique facet of this college is its distinctive “project-based” learning model. This approach emphasizes experiential learning to optimize real-world impact. Additionally, the grading system has no failing grades, which encourages students to experiment with an interdisciplinary approach to their education.


Writing a strong essay can certainly improve your chances of acceptance, so read on to learn how to answer WPI’s supplement!


Want to learn what WPI will actually cost you based on your income? And how long your application to the school should take? Here’s what every student considering WPI needs to know. 


WPI Supplemental Essay

Worcester Polytechnic Institute seeks students who are the right fit for its academic and campus community. In what ways are you the right fit for the distinctive educational and campus experience that Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers? (500 words)

This prompt is an example of the “Why this College?” essay type because it asks you to explain why you would be the right fit for Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In this essay, you will highlight how your interests, values, personality, and goals specifically align with WPI and its offerings. A successful response to this prompt will give your essay’s reader a strong idea of who you are and how you’ll make the most of your time at WPI, both in and out of class. 


Before writing this essay, take the time to do some research on WPI and what makes it special. First, consider what initially drew you to WPI and research it in greater detail. For instance, if you were intrigued by WPI’s noteworthy project-based approach to learning, you might research more about how the approach is applied to your desired field of study. 


During your research, also make note of specific, unique aspects of WPI, like individual courses, teachers, student groups, extracurriculars, and campus traditions. Let’s say that during your research you come across WPI’s Livable Cities Seminar. With some reflection, you might realize that you can relate the seminar to your own life—like the time you helped plant a community garden near public housing in your city. Writing about this connection will demonstrate your genuine interest in WPI’s offerings while crafting a compelling account of your passions and experiences.


When it’s time for you to start outlining and drafting your response, keep in mind that there are really two parts to this prompt: how you fit in academically and how you fit in socially.


  • Academically — Discuss in depth why one of WPI’s specific academic programs/courses matches your learning goals. What unique instructors or program attributes catch your eye? How do they further the learning you’ve already done? Maybe you became fascinated with the Human Genome Project after learning about it in biology class. In this case, you should focus your response on WPI’s Bioinformatics & Computational Biology program, and how the program will train you in the computational techniques necessary to share your own genome research with the world.


  • Socially – WPI wants to know about your values and interests outside of the classroom to gauge if you’ll be a good fit for the campus community. Be selective about what you choose to showcase here—feature those attributes that make you unique and/or demonstrate good character, especially as it relates to specific aspects of campus life at WPI. For example, if you participated in Bhangra dance competitions growing up, you might discuss your excitement to join WPI’s Rangeela: Bollywood and Bhangra Fusion Dance Team as a way to meet new people and celebrate your culture through dance.


This essay’s 500-word limit gives you plenty of space to explain how you’ll fit in at WPI, with 

multiple specific details supporting each point. One way to keep your thoughts organized is by separating your academic reasons and social reasons into two different paragraphs. A strong essay will then bridge the two paragraphs with an underlying theme that perfectly encapsulates what you intend to contribute to WPI. 


For example, academically, you may express an interest in learning about artificial intelligence (AI) through WPI’s Computer Science program, and socially you may state your intention to join WPI’s Gender Equality Club. You can link the two by explaining your goal of improving gender bias in AI by increasing women’s representation in the field. When you link your reasoning with an underlying theme, you create a clear statement of intention that will better capture your character than if your reasoning was entirely unrelated.


Keep in mind that this is only one way to organize your essay! You may find that your response flows better when it’s organized by college and career goals, for example, and you may combine academic and social reasons into the same paragraphs. 


Here are some mistakes to avoid when writing your response:


  • Focusing on stats. Don’t focus your response on reciting the school’s accolades and ranking, even if they are major reasons behind your decision to apply. Admissions officers are well aware of their school’s stats, so this contributes no new information to your response. Admissions officers want to know that you want to attend WPI for reasons beyond its superficial qualities. 


  • Not being specific. Ensure that your reasoning for why you are a good fit for WPI is specific; in other words, your reasoning shouldn’t be something easily applied to many colleges (e.g. a low student-to-faculty ratio) or college-bound students (e.g. a desire to meet new people on campus).


  • Leaving out your goals. College admissions teams value students that are driven by passion and determined to achieve their dreams. The admissions team at WPI wants to know why you want to attend their school beyond just earning a degree. Be sure to discuss how WPI can help you reach your goals.


Where to Get Your WPI Essays Edited


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