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How to Write the Texas Christian University Essays 2021-2022


Students applying to TCU must answer two supplemental essay prompts about their interest in the college and creating an inclusive college environment. They can also answer an optional prompt to further showcase their personality and creativity. We strongly encourage you to write the optional essay, as this will provide more admissions officers with more background and insight to your personality. 


With how competitive college admissions have become, essays are one of the most important parts of your application because they help admissions officers distinguish between qualified candidates. If you’re planning to apply to TCU, keep reading for an in-depth look at how to write accurate, thorough responses to this year’s essay prompts.


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Texas Christian University Supplemental Essay Prompts


All Applicants


Prompt 1: What makes TCU a great fit for you? (100 words)


Prompt 2: Describe how you plan to contribute to an inclusive college environment. (100 words)


Optional Prompt 3: TCU values individuality and believes that students are more than just a GPA and test score. To help us get to know you even better, consider this opportunity to further express yourself. The only limitations are the boundaries of your imagination. Please upload an essay, poem, work of art or a URL that showcases another side of you.


Since TCU’s supplement essays have a maximum of just 100 words, it’s important to give a straightforward response without too much elaboration. You’ll want to focus on incorporating details and concise thoughts into a few sentences rather than maintaining a narrative-like quality.


Prompt 1

What makes TCU a great fit for you? (100 words)


The “Why This College?” prompt is a way for admissions officers to learn more about your interest in their specific school. Because you only have a few sentences to demonstrate your desire to attend TCU, you should pick a couple of TCU-specific offerings that you genuinely look forward to experiencing. 


A common mistake many students make is mentioning the school’s accolades or generic qualities like a low student-to-faculty ratio. Instead, choose specific offerings like unique fields of study, research opportunities, and extracurricular sports and clubs. Whatever you choose to write about, be specific enough that your essay content can only apply to TCU.


Try connecting the school-specific elements to your current and future self to generate a comprehensive narrative that is easy to follow and interesting to read. Here is an example of a potential response:


“As the proud owner of two corn snakes and a Caiman lizard, I have been passionate about caring for reptiles since I was young. As a future veterinarian, TCU’s Human-Animal Relationships minor will help round out my knowledge of how animals enhance our world. I can help Dean Williams with local species preservation, driving out to the desert to play matchmaker for horned lizards. Furthermore, I know that TCU will nurture my love for nature. After volunteering at my city’s community garden, I look forward to opportunities like joining TCU’s Frog Camp and working in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens to fully immerse myself in the beautiful scenery right near campus.” 


This response connects aspects of TCU to the student’s current passions, and then goes on to name specific resources that will signal to admissions officers that they have done ample research into the school. 



Prompt 2

Describe how you plan to contribute to an inclusive college environment. (100 words)


This prompt is an example of the Diversity Essay. Typically, colleges ask this question because they want to build a diverse class with unique perspectives. They also want to understand how your background has impacted your approach to life, and in this case, how your background will impact their college environment.


In this essay, you’ll need to identify how your experiences have equipped you to create an inclusive environment. This begins with identifying the communities you belong to that hold personal significance to you. These communities may include groups who share the same ethnicity, gender, country of origin, language, income class, disability, or hobby, just to name a few.


Since you only have 100 words, you’ll need to choose just one community from your background to highlight in your essay. Once you’ve selected a community, ask yourself these questions:


  • What is the strongest emotion you feel about your background?
  • Is there a skill or talent you have developed because of your background?
  • Is there a personality trait that has been strengthened because of your background?


When answering this prompt, you should use a few sentences of your essay to explain your background, then use the rest of the essay to explain how your background will contribute to an inclusive college community.


For example, a female student may choose to focus on her background with Women in STEM. She may share her experience of growing up in a single-mother household and watching her mother persevere as an engineer in a male-dominated field to provide for her and her sister. This student may share how her mom’s drive inspired her to pursue a career in STEM as a software developer. Then, this student might talk about her desire to join a network of like-minded women by participating in the “Women in Science and Engineering” group at TCU. As a part of this group, she will share her perspective on what it means to be a woman in STEM to hopefully inspire her peers to stay dedicated to the field. 


When writing your essay, avoid making these common mistakes:


  • Writing about cliche topics (sports injury, tragedy, immigrant story)
  • Making general statements about how you’ll contribute to the inclusivity of the college (like showing kindness, practicing anti-racism, staying open-minded, etc.). Instead, try to specifically tie your background to an actionable step you’ll take in college (joining a group, volunteering, educating yourself with certain classes, etc.)
  • Talking about more than one community you belong to (remember, you only have 100 words).
  • Writing only about negative experiences. If you do write about a negative experience, be sure to focus on how it inspired positive change.





Prompt 3 – Optional

“TCU values individuality and believes that students are more than just a GPA and test score. To help us get to know you even better, consider this opportunity to further express yourself. The only limitations are the boundaries of your imagination. Please upload an essay, poem, work of art or a URL that showcases another side of you.”


If you’re not an avid writer, then we have great news! TCU’s optional prompt doesn’t require an essay, and it’s an awesome opportunity to showcase your creativity, personality, and interests.


Even though this prompt is optional, it’s important to submit a response to show your interest in the school. It’s also a great way to show TCU something you’re skilled at—whether that be poetry, painting, graphic design, or something else!


Here are some ideas of things you can upload, according to TCU’s specifications:

  • Essay: If you’re a comprehensive writer, you may want to submit one of your essays from high school, like a book analysis about a novel you love, or a persuasive essay on a topic you’re passionate about. You can also write a brand-new essay that showcases a quality about yourself you think is important that you didn’t get the chance to talk about in your other essays.
  • Poem: If creative writing is your passion, then consider uploading an original poem you’ve written. If you’re a songwriter, consider uploading song lyrics that you’ve written. Or, if you love to write short stories, upload a chapter or two from your book.
  • Work of Art: If you’re skilled at art, upload a watercolor painting, piece of abstract art, or photo of a clay sculpture you’ve created.
  • URL: With a URL, the sky’s the limit with what you can upload! Maybe musical theatre is your passion, so you want to upload your solo from the spring musical in high school. Perhaps you play a unique instrument, like the mandolin, and you’d like to share a video of you playing a song you’ve performed. Maybe you’re athletically gifted, and you’d like to share a video of you scoring the game-winning goal during your hockey game. Or, maybe you’ve been learning graphic design, and you’d like to share a link to the logo you recently created.


Whatever you choose to upload, make sure that it’s an accurate reflection of your personality and values. It’s not wise to upload something because you think it will make you look “smart” or “talented.” For example, suppose you played drums in the school band during your sophomore year, but you decided to quit before your junior year because you didn’t enjoy it. In that case, you probably shouldn’t upload a video of you playing a drum solo, even if you were the best drummer in your band.


It’s also helpful to use this prompt as an opportunity to showcase a unique side of you that your application didn’t fully capture. For example, if the majority of your application discussed your interest in becoming a doctor and TCU’s pre-health enhancement program, but you also love to compete in poetry slams, use this as an opportunity to showcase your creative interest in poetry.



How to Get Your Texas Christian University Essays Edited for Free


Sometimes, it’s challenging to evaluate your writing objectively after re-reading your essay so many times. That’s why it’s helpful to use our Peer Essay Review tool, where you can get a free review of your essay from another high school student! Your editor will ensure that you’ve accurately answered the prompts, and they can also determine if your personality and values shine through in your essay.


To improve your writing skills, you can also use this tool to review other students’ essays. We highly recommend giving this tool a try!


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