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10 Summer Programs in Wyoming for High Schoolers

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Gearing up for college admissions season? It’s never too early to start thinking about what will make you stand out among other talented applicants. Summer programs are a great way to do just that — and if you live in Wyoming, you have plenty of options.


10 Summer Programs in Wyoming for High Schoolers


1. Black 14 Social Justice Summer Institute


Dates: July 17–23

Location: University of Wyoming

Application deadline: N/A

Cost: Free


Honoring the legacy of the Black 14, the Black 14 Social Justice Summer Institute gives rising 11th and 12th-grade students the opportunity to research contemporary issues related to and important to the Black community at the local, state, national, and worldwide levels. The program also seeks to have a positive impact on the college completion rate of Black students.


2. Blue Sky Music Camp


Dates: July 11–15

Location: Star Valley

Application deadline: rolling

Cost: $249 (register by 4/30)/$350 (by 3/31)/$395 (after 3/31)


Set in the Rocky Mountains, this music camp welcomes students of all ages to learn and improve their skills in multiple instruments. Students will learn how to perform improv and play with a band from professional musicians, as well as arrange and perform on their own. Advanced musicians will learn techniques and prepare for a final performance in a bluegrass band. 


3. Engineering Summer Program


Dates: June 19–25

Location: UW

Application deadline: March 31

Cost: $350


ESP is an opportunity to work closely with faculty and advanced students while developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills. They will work in some of the top lab labs in the West, where they will explore engineering topics and careers in a range of fields, including medicine, law, business, and, of course, engineering itself. The program is selective — only 36 students will be chosen to participate.


4. Go Art


Dates: July 26–29/July 25–28

Location: Sheridan YMCA

Application deadline: N/A

Cost: $120 (facility member)/$160 (non-member)


Learning under a professional artist, middle- and high-school students will explore the world of visual art. Over the course of one week, they will learn various ways and techniques for expressing themselves through a variety of materials and methods. 


5. Jackson Hole Science Expeditions


Dates: July 5–29

Location: Teton Science School Kelly Campus

Application deadline: rolling

Cost: $4,995


Hosted by Teton Science Schools, this residential program is a science immersion in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Participants will go on front-country camping overnights in Yellowstone National Park and a backpacking trip in Grand Teton National Park. They will also conduct their own inquiry-based field research projects and present their findings to peers, faculty, TSS community members, and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem land managers.


6. Native American Summer Institute


Dates: June 5–11

Location: UW

Application deadline: April 1

Cost: Free


The 5th annual Native American Summer Institute is an opportunity for Native American high schoolers to get a taste of college by staying in residence halls, attending academic workshops, and participating in activities both on and off-campus, including cultural activities to promote and maintain their cultural identities. Along the way, students will build leadership skills and develop relationships with peers, faculty and staff, and Native American college students.


7. Snowy Range Summer Dance Festival


Dates: July 6–16

Location: UW

Application deadline: May 1

Cost: $525 plus room and board


The Snowy Range Summer Dance Festival (SRSDF) offers professional-level training and performance opportunities for dancers ages 13 through adult. Over 10 days, dancers will work with faculty, culminating in a final Gala Performance. They will take classes in areas like ballet and modern dance, along with jazz, tap, pointe, and more.


8. SOAR Camp: Academic Adventure


Dates: N/A (18 days)

Location: SOAR’s Eagle View Ranch plus additional locations

Application deadline: N/A

Cost: $4,800


The ADHD and LD Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp, sponsored by SOAR, helps youth with ADHD develop self-confidence, social skills, and life skills. Students can participate in many different programs, including Academic Adventure, where they will work with highly trained staff who have skills specific to working with the population.


9. Summer High School Institute


Dates: July 10–30

Location: UW

Application deadline: February 13

Cost: $250 activity fee


Experience college life at HSI. Scholars from across Wyoming will spend three weeks at UW, taking college classes, staying in dorms, participating in community service, and attending events on and off-campus. Activities are designed to push the limits of the “whole” and help rising juniors learn more about themselves.


10. Yellowstone Summer Music Camp


Dates: June 19–24

Location: Northwest College

Application deadline: N/A

Cost: N/A


At Northwest College, young musicians will have the opportunity to perform in concert and jazz bands and choirs. They will explore topics like music theory, computer composing, conducting, harmonica, digital art, fun & fitness, and more. High school participants will also attend a college orientation, where they will learn about financial aid, college applications, scholarships, and more.


How do Summer Programs Impact Your College Chances?


Summer programs are typically not the most impressive extracurricular activities, although they can still be enriching and rewarding. According to the four tiers, with Tier 1 representing the most impressive rare activities and Tier 4 indicating the most common activities, summer programs are usually Tier 3-4. However, some particularly selective (and usually free or low-cost) programs may fall into higher tiers.


To find out how summer programs affect your chances of admission to hundreds of colleges across the country, check out our free chancing engine. You’ll also receive tips on how to improve your profile!

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