14 Fashion Internships for High School Students

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From New York City designers to fashion capitals like Milan to Paris runways, it’s easy to see the appeal of a career in fashion. An internship in the fashion industry can provide insight into what a career in the field looks like, bolster your resume, and build an industry network. If you’re interested in putting fashion forward in your career, check out the opportunities for high school students.


14 Fashion Internships for High School Students


Finding a high school internship in the fashion industry is not easy, yet there are opportunities available if you are persistent. The following section is broken up into internships and programs for high schoolers to gain a glimpse into the world of fashion.




1. URBN Internships 


URBN, the umbrella under which brands like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People fall, is home to a 10-week, paid internship. URBN internships are located at the company’s office in the historic Philadelphia Navy Yard or virtually and allow students to receive hands-on experience in a specific area of interest. Over the course of the program, URBN interns will develop the leadership and skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced retail environment. Students can apply for the spring, summer or fall internship. 


2. N’omose Couture Internship 


N’omose Couture, the brand known for its vibrant and colorful African-inspired clothing, is looking for two remote (unpaid) social media interns passionate about fashion to increase their online community and improve engagement. Interns will work between five and ten hours a week at tasks such as creating online content, coordinating online advertising campaigns, and collaborating on other digital marketing efforts. See more information about the application here. 


3. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Freshman Forum


High schoolers getting ready to graduate will want to put this awesome internship with A&F on their lists. This week-long virtual event brings college freshmen from across the country together to get hands-on experience with a customer insight case study, and learn how to generate data, insights, and actionable business solutions from it. Hit the books, because a 3.0 GPA is required to participate in this program. 


4. YaYa Publicity PR Intern 


New York-based YaYa Publicity is in search of a summer intern. YaYa Publicity specializes in fashion jewelry, accessories, and swimwear and handles a variety of client needs, including press placement, digital and print editorials, celebrity/VIP relations, and new brand/product launches. Interns will gain exposure to the fashion industry and undertake projects such as pulling samples, tracking media placements, and updating press lists. This is an unpaid internship, but interns are given a stipend to cover transportation and food.


5. Prounis Jewelry Summer Internship 


Boutique jewelry creator, Prounis Jewelry, is offering an internship to a highly organized individual with an interest in jewelry production in New York City. The intern will help with a variety of tasks, including fascinating pick-ups and drop-offs of products, pulling orders, and quality control. The position requires a two- to three-day commitment—and pays between $15 and $18 an hour—through the summer and could potentially extend into the school year. Find more details about the internship here. 


6. Posse.io Social Media Intern 


This internship is an excellent opportunity for high schoolers with an interest in digital marketing and a passion for fashion and beauty. Interns will share with readers the latest news and happenings in skincare, cosmetics, and beauty. Assignments include content creation and curation, managing a social calendar, and working directly with customers. The internship is a three-day-a-week commitment for a total of 18 hours, pays up to $20 an hour, and is a combination of working remotely and in the company’s Encinitas, California office. 


7. à pois BY ARIA Social Media Intern 


à pois BY ARIA, an LA-based swimwear and lifestyle brand for women and girls, is looking for an intern to assist with social media strategy, content creation, and managing influencer relations while gaining exposure to all aspects of operations. This opportunity is fully remote, and although it’s unpaid, it offers an invaluable chance to gain first-hand experience in the fashion industry. 


8. EDITE Showroom Warehouse Intern 


EDITE Showroom, a boutique fashion agency that represents luxury and contemporary designers, is looking for an intern to assist with a variety of duties—including preparation of collections and sales materials, assisting during selling appointments, and general collection upkeep. The ideal candidate for this New York City-based internship will have three days of availability, excellent communication skills, and a desire to learn about the fashion industry. A bachelor’s degree is preferred, so high schoolers are going to have to really wow to earn this internship. Apply here. 

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9. Rhode Island School of Design’s Pre-College Program


Rhode Island School of Design’s Pre-College Program isn’t a traditional fashion internship for high school students, but an excellent opportunity nonetheless. This program introduces students interested in studying art and design in college to a network of like-minded creative high schoolers, challenges them with collegiate-level coursework, and helps them produce portfolio-level work. However, unlike paid internships, participants pay to take part in this program. This summer the program is being held online. 


10. Fashion Institute of Technology’s High School Summer Live Program


This program might not fit the bill as a traditional internship, but it is a great way for high schoolers with an interest in fashion to build their portfolios, explore different fields in fashion, and get a feel for college-level coursework at one of the most prestigious institutions. Courses range from Drawing for Designers to Fashion Business and are taught by FIT instructors. This is a paid program, and each course costs $525. Registration is open between April 14 and June 2, 2021.


11. Intern Abroad Fashion Marketing Remote Internships


Recent high school graduates interested in gaining marketing experience and learning about the fashion world will want to pursue this remote internship opportunity. Through this program, interns will assist Italy-based brands, designers, and showrooms through the creation of digital assets such as blogs, social media posts, videos, and photographs. Internships are customized to match the participant’s unique skills and interests with companies in need of them. Three, eight, and 13 week internships are available and students must pay to participate. 


12. LIM College Fashion Lab Program


LIM College’s Fashion Lab Program provides students the chance to pursue college-level coursework, build their portfolios, connect with industry professionals, and gain an understanding of what a future in fashion will look like—all before ever setting foot in a college classroom. Topics covered over the week-long session include fashion media, e-tailing, and styling. It costs $150 to participate in this program. There are two sessions, beginning July 12 and July 19.


13. Parsons Online Summer Intensive Studies—Fashion Design 


This four-week-long summer program offered by Lower Manhattan’s Parsons School of Design/The New School—one of the top design schools in the world—is a fantastic chance for high schoolers interested in a career in fashion. Participants get hands-on experience with both traditional and non-traditional design methods under the supervision of world-renowned faculty and collaborate with students of similar interests. In addition to coursework, participants will hear from guest speakers from the fashion industry and go on virtual field trips. It’s not a traditional internship and costs $3,475 to take part in this program. 


14. Drexel University’s Merchandising: Re-imagining the Business of Fashion


This week-long course isn’t exactly an internship, but it is an amazing opportunity for high schoolers to learn about the field of fashion merchandising. Participants are exposed to a variety of roles in the fashion industry, learning about positions such as buyers, product developers, marketing professionals, fashion writers, event planners, and retail managers. Furthermore, participants will gain an understanding of the relationship between the fields of design, development, merchandising, and marketing. This course costs $900, but provides invaluable insight into a career in fashion. It is being held from July 11 to 17 this summer. 


How Much Do Internships Impact Your College Chances?


Internships are an important part of admissions decisions. Extracurricular activities are valued as much as 25% in decision making. An eye-catching internship at a well-known brand or participation in a prestigious program can set you apart from other candidates. Even an unpaid internship demonstrates your interest in the field and shows your commitment.


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